Imarticus Trade Finance Certification (ITFC) | Short-Term Finance Course

Imarticus Trade Finance Certification

The Imarticus Trade Finance Certification (ITFC) is a comprehensive, short-term program that provides aspirants with a thorough understanding of international trade finance for careers in national and global banks, and large export /import firms. A first of its kind in India, this comprehensive 180-hour program is the ideal platform for individuals seeking a high-paced career in the fast-growing world of Retail and Corporate Banking, specifically in Trade Finance.

Trade Finance Courses in India.
Comprehensive Coverage

The ITFC program will equip you with a thorough understanding of the intricacies of international trade and finance including trade finance products, processes and transactions and familiarize you with the nuances involved in critical international trade processes including risk management and regulatory compliance. The program also helps refine your business communication and interview-facing skills to fully prepare you to join as International Trade Finance Specialists specifically across Indian and Global banks.

The program provides an edge through our unique case study methodology focusing on real life business scenarios. Each module and topic will be centered around in-depth real life cases to ensure practical learning which will set you apart from your peers during interviews and on the job. Our core modules will use detailed case studies along with quizzes and tests for self-assessment. In addition to the experienced faculty, the program will feature interaction with senior industry mentors from Trade Finance, whose experiences will deepen the understanding of the course material.

Experiential Learning
Certification & Career Assistance

The program is endorsed by leading Indian and Global Banks and Export/Import houses ensuring the content, teaching methodology and faculty have met the highest standards globally. The Imarticus Career Services team will provide development and guidance throughout the program, enabling you to unlock career opportunities. The program is an ideal springboard for aspirants to kick-start their career in the field of International Trade as specialist practitioners at global banks and financial institutions.

Aside from classroom sessions, our state of the art online portal centralizes learning with 24/7 access to study material, learning aids and tests. Faculty and students spread across locations connect, collaborate and share information, with corrective paths for improved learning.

24/7 Learning


Imarticus Trade Finance Certification (ITFC) Program.
International Trade Overview
International Trade Overview
International Trade Overview

International Trade Finance is a multi-disciplinary facilitation of global trade that assists and intermediates in movement of goods and services and reduces risk for the related counter-parties through a plethora of niche and aggregated financial services.

The International Trade Overview division broadly comprises of the following functions:

CIBOP Certification: Imarticus

India on the Fast Track


  • Steady GDP Growth Rate at ~7%
  • Estimated to be the 3rd Largest Global Economy by 2030
  • One of the fastest growing international trade regions in the world

Growing Demand for Trade Finance Professionals in India
  • Outsourcing of TF back office operations into India by Global Banks
  • New Licenses by RBI
  • Expansion of service providers industry in India
  • Growing realization of ability and skills of talent pool in India
Employment Landscape
Freshers recruitments by Bank
New Age Indian Banks, Foreign Banks, BPOs/KPOs 25% Estimated Growth Rate in Employment
Lateral Recruitment by TF Practitioners
Private Sector Banks and Foreign Banks, KPOs/BPOs, Exporters, Importers 15% Estimated Growth Rate in Employment

ITFC is created in conjunction with industry experts to ensure thatthe curriculum is relevant and industry aligned. Our program is extremely practical and hands-on, and endorses the use of live cases studies and real-life business problems to ensure students are equipped with the needed skillsets to use in the real world.

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Career Path
Career Path
Career Path

Career Path

End-to-End Understanding Across Domains

Develop in-depth knowledge of Trade Finance, combined with Compliance and Regulatory frameworks. Deal with high value transactions, and understand how complex, multi-party transactions are executed.

Niche Career Path

Develop a fast-paced career path, which is both financially and professionally rewarding. The global skill sets acquired through a career in the banking and financial services enable you to take on a variety of roles and leadership positions across banks and financial institutions.

High Impact Career

Become part of one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Trade Finance is of vital importance to the global economy as the World Trade Organization estimates that 80 to 90% of global trade depends on Trade Finance.

Global Mobility and Exposure

There is no better way to see the world than a job in the Banking & Financial services domain as you work with national and international banks and corporates whose operations straddle the globe.

ITFC is ideal for:
Recent Graduates/Freshers
Bachelors or MBA Graduates with 0-4 years of experience in the Banking and Sales
Job Seekers and Career Changers who want to excel at Trade Operations Interviews
Officers/Managers/Relationship Managers in Trade Finance/Credit Management
Officers/Managers working in foreign exchange departments
General banking officers desirous of up-skilling/re-skilling themselves

(*) – No charge if done physically at the center

Admission Process:

Imarticus follows a rolling admission process.

There are two ways to enroll :

Physical Enrollment

Walk into Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai centers to receive a personal counseling and a profile review session, following which you can register for the ITFCprogram.

Online Enrollment

Click below, and fill out the required details in order to complete the registration process. You will be contacted within 24 hours with next steps.


180 Hours, Weekday Batch.

Typical Day
Typical Day
Typical Day

I work as a Trade Operations Analyst at one of the top international banks. I work closely with my team to advise our clients on international trade financing, recognize potential risks and mitigate those risks. There is no such thing as a typical day in this dynamic, exciting job.

10:00 AM
I attend a stand-up meeting to plan the day with my team.
10.15 AM
I review and prioritise transactions andensure accuracy, timeliness and error-free transactions. Then, I process these transactions as per the turnaround time defined by my boss, andensure all process guidelines are followed.
11.00 AM:
I liaise with Branches/Relationship teams for additional information required from the clients on specific transactions, keeping an eye on suspicious transactions.
12:15 PM
I check systems for instructions and circular updates and continue to process transactions.
2:00 PM
I meet with colleagues over lunch and discuss the latest developments in the world of trade finance.
2:45 PM
We meet once again for another meeting to discuss any priority items or critical transactions.
4:00 PM
All through the day, I use my product and process skills to communicate with clients and their local and global management teams.
5:00 PM
I grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich from the cafeteria.
5:15 PM
I sit with my superior to review any critical transactions.
5:30 PM
Next, I re-prioritise transactions and check if other team members require assistance while continuing with transaction processing.
7:30 PM
We believe in having a healthy work life balance and so we sit with our team leader to re-prioritise transaction processing accordingly. I then get to work on any last minute or urgent transactions.
8:15 PM
I wind up my day. A drop home after a long day is an added perk to a day well challenged.

Learn International Trade Finance and its Management from the Best

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Placement Statistics




<2 Yrs
Work Experience
MBA Finance

76% Total Placed

5% CA

65% Graduates

25% MBA Finance

5% Others

73% Work Experience

Areas Placed

Global Trade


Supply Chain Finance

Export Finance


Credit Management

Documentary collection

Risk Mitigation

Factoring and Forfeiting

Foreign Exchange

Global Trade

Foreign Exchange

Supply Chain Finance

Export Finance

Trade Finance

Credit Management

Documentary collection

Risk Mitigation

Factoring and Forfeiting


Understand how complex derivative products drive market volatility


  • Debopriya Bose

    It was a wonderful experience being trained by the best trainers you can get.

    They exalt themselves by imparting the best training anyone can get regarding the field. And the best thing is they motivated me to work hard to achieve my dreams, taught me to think on my feet and when the acid test came I succeeded in taking my career to the next step. “
  • Jangmu Sherpa

    Imarticus offers the best training and teaching method.

    I would surely recommend my friends to pursue a course with Imarticus based on their interest.”


  • harish

    Harish Thakkar

    ITFC Faculty

    Harish is a CISI-certified trainer in Advanced Global Securities Operations. He has over 18+ years of extensive experience in Investment Banking Operations and Training & Development. He has set up training academies for JP Morgan, Nomura and Stockholding Corporation as well as being the lead-trainer for the BFSI Content Development of NIS Sparta.This experience helps him create an experiential training program based around live projects and case studies that sharpen both the analytical and presentation skills of the students.
  • harish

    Ganesh Vishwanathan

    ITFC Faculty

    Ganesh has over 30 years of experience in Banking across SME, Corporate Credit Management, Branch Banking, Syndications, Treasury Management, Regulatory Affairs and many more. He has worked for two of India’s largest Public Sector and Private Sector Banks, with stints in the US in the Credit, Investment, and Trade Finance domain. He has also held positions as Head of Compliance, Anti Money Laundering, Regulatory Reporting, Regulatory Liaison, Regulatory Examinations etc. In addition, Ganesh was also intimately involved in up-skilling trade finance specialists for more than two decades. He continues to be associated as Guest Faculty with leading Banks and Management Associations across India.

Speak to a Career Advisor

LS General Form

Role of Banks in the Financial Sector: Banks perform various roles in the economy. They ensure a proper use of the depositors’ funds, provide smoothing of risk that cannot be diversified, contribute to the growth of the economy and perform an important role in corporate governance.

Banking Terminologies: Banking is full of terms and concepts that can be difficult to comprehend. However, with banking and finance playing such an important role in our daily lives, taking the time to learn some terminologies can be beneficial.

Understanding Foreign Trade Policy: Trade facilitates economic growth and development. Read about how foreign trade policy help build foreign exchange reserves and stimulate of greater economic activity.

Money Laundering: Money laundering is generally carried out in three phases, namely placement, layering, and integration.

Industry Overview

The Imarticus Finance Industry wheel© details the entire gamut of roles in Investment Banking & Capital Markets right down to specific functions. Use the wheel to identify your areas of interest by clicking on the wheel and expanding the specific areas.

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