Diploma in Big Data Analytics - Career in Python, Hadoop, R Programming, SAS

Diploma in Big Data and Analytics

Diploma in Big Data and Analytics (DBDA) is a 265 hour program that provides a methodical understanding of Data Science and Big Data along with hands-on learning of leading analytics tools such as SAS, Hadoop, Python, Tableau, and specialization in either Python or R. The program offers a one-month integrated internship, followed by placement at India’s leading Analytics firms, to get you closer to your dream career in Big Data and Analytics.

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Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Comprehensive Coverage

The 265-hour classroom training program is delivered by experienced faculty and includes a judicious mix of academics and practical, hands-on learning. The curriculum provides you with deep understanding of Data Analysis, Big Data and Statistics, along with technical & business knowledge and cutting-edge practices. We also train you on Personal Development and Interview Preparation to ensure you are job-ready from Day 1.

Keeping in mind the needs of the industry, the curriculum includes new-age, in-demand tools like Hadoop, Python and Tableau. You also get to choose between R and SAS as your domain specialization to truly customize your Diploma program in line with your market trends and career aspirations. Towards the end of the program, you will also work on a live project, where you get to choose the domain and industry.

Domain Specialization
Experiential Learning

The program is created keeping in mind the needs of an evolving Analytics industry that requires individuals to be “job-ready” from Day 1. We follow the ‘Learning by Doing’ philosophy and place utmost importance to practical understanding of the subject matter. In addition to theoretical inputs from the trainer, we demonstrate using case studies and make you practise using live industry projects. The program will feature interaction with prominent guest lecturers, which will deepen the understanding of the concepts learnt.

Industry experts from leading companies advise and mentor you in your journey towards job-readiness. Mentors are senior industry veterans, with over 10 years of experience in Tier 1 Analytics companies. We have a dedicated mentor assigned to each student, so you can approach your mentor at any time to clear doubts about your career prospects or the industry at large.

Integrated Internship

The program includes a 1-month challenging and meaningful internship at an Analytics firm at the end of the third semester to sharpen your skills and gain exposure to the professional world. The internship offers an opportunity for you to reinforce your domain expertise while you are mentored and evaluated by industry professionals on your business acumen and technical expertise.

Learning does not end when you leave our classrooms! Aside from your designated classroom sessions, our state of the art online portal provides 24/7 access to your study material, data sets, additional reading and assessments. Resolve queries via the portal in real time rather than wait for your next session with the instructor. Instructors and students spread across locations can connect, communicate and collaborate with each other.

24/7 Learning
SAS Training in Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai: Imarticus
Why Big Data Analytics?
Why Big Data Analytics?
Why Big Data Analytics?





projected growth in global data generated each year


of Fortune 500 organizations will need to exploit big data by 2020 to stay in the game




  • Data Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Data Visualization with Tableau

  • Business Intelligence
  • New Tools like R, Python
  • SAS Business Analytics Software


Data Analysis
Predictive Analytics
Data Management
Data Visualization with Tableau
Business Intelligence
New Tools like R, Python
SAS Business Analytics Software
CIAA (Certificate in Advanced Analytics) program

The program offers a right blend of statistics, technical and business knowledge. The curriculum has been designed with multiple industry leaders to ensure that you learn exactly what employers need. In addition to mandatory learning for all on tools like SAS, Hadoop, Tableau and Python, you get to choose between Python or R as your area of specialization. The program is divided into three semesters, with personal development, aptitude and analytical tool-based learning embedded into each semester.

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Valuation Certification Courses.
At the end of the training period, you will receive an industry-endorsed certification from Imarticus.
In addition, the program will also thoroughly prepare you to clear the following external certifications, which will accelerate your career path in the Analytics space:


The ideal certification for those relatively new to SAS programming or new to SAS certification. Successful candidates should have experience in programming and data management using SAS 9.


This certification tests your knowledge of the theory behind and methods for predictive modeling using SAS Enterprise Miner.


This certification is intended for those who have a comprehensive understanding of functionality in Tableau Desktop 9 at least five months of applying this learning in the product.


This exam focuses on the practice of data analytics, analysis and exploring data with R, statistics for model building and evaluation, the theory and methods of statistical modeling, the technology and tools that can be used for advanced analytics, operationalizing an analytics project, and data visualization techniques.



The program includes a one-month internship across many industries such as government, financial and banking institutions and consulting firms at the end of the third semester. The internship will ensure you:


Understand the practical application of concepts learned

Real world

Get real world exposure to the Analytics industry

Gaining experience

Gain unique business perspectives
Excellent performers get the chance to be hired as full time employees at the Firm after the successful completion of the program.
Note: The Internship is optional for candidates who are working or pursuing a weekend batch.
Upon completing the third semester and the internship, eligible* candidates can expect placement opportunities across many industries such as government, financial and banking institutions and consulting firms.

The placement team at Imarticus provides 100% assistance throughout the program to ensure you become completely industry-ready by the time you complete the program. This support includes:

  • Resume Building
  • Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Leads and References
*In order to be eligible for placement, candidates need to clear all Imarticus exams with at least 60% grades and ensure an average attendance of at least 80% in each of the three semesters
Our students have been placed at Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Genpact, Accenture, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Fractal Analytics, and more.
CIAA Program
The Diploma in Big Data Analytics program is ideal for students and professionals who are interested in working in analytics industry and are keen to enhance their technical skills with exposure to cutting-edge practices:
Recent Post Graduates

Bachelors or Masters in science, math, statistics or computer applications/IT

Experienced Professionals in Programming or Related Fields

With Less than Four Years of Experience

Individuals looking for Global Certifications

To enhance their Resume

Admission Process:

At Imarticus, we have a rolling admission process that involves an initial assessment followed by a personal interview. In order to

There are two methods to enroll:

Physical Enrollment

Walk into our Imarticus centers to receive a personal counseling and a profile review session, which will be followed by an assessment and an interview. Upon clearing the assessment and the personal interview, you can register and enroll in the next program.

Online Enrollment

Click below to fill in the online assessment form. After clearing the online assessment, you will be invited to interview with us either physically or via telephone. Upon clearing the assessment and the personal interview, you can register and enroll in the next program.

265-Hour Diploma with Integrated Internship and Placement

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Career Assistance

The Imarticus Careers Assistance Services (CAS) team provides you assistance throughout the program to guide and navigate ample career options.


Resume Building

Refine and polish your resume through individual resume critiques, which provide insider tips to help land dream interviews and jobs.


Mock Interviews

Using an extensive databank of questions and interview prep sessions, we train you to face interview scenarios through 1:1 and panel mock interviews with experienced HR and Analytics professionals.


Placement Opportunities

We ensure that you get opportunities in leading data analytics firms through our extensive corporate network.

Areas Placed




Supply Chain

Big Data Analytics

Risk & Credit

Financial services


Tele- communications




Big Data Analytics


Financial services




Tele- communications

Supply Chain




Risk & Credit

Learn R, SAS, Hadoop, Python and Tableau–the most popular tools in Analytics today


  • sagar-a
    Sagar Ayare

    If I had to give rating to Imarticus it would be 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    The program is excellent due to its practical methodology and use of examples. Each query is solved with multiple examples, making learning very effective. I would highly recommend the program and particularly the faculty, Mr. Arun Upadhyay to all my friends.”


  • Yogesh Parte

    Yogesh Parte

    Yogesh is a research engineer with over 14 years of experience in algorithmic development and proof of concept (PoC) demonstration using MATLAB, C/C++, Python and R. He is the Founder of Y P Consulting Services, which provides specialized services and software solutions in the field of innovation engineering and technology applications. Previously, he has worked as post-doctoral researcher at University of Paul Sabatier and a research & development engineer at Modartt S. A. in Toulouse, France. Yogesh holds a PhD. in Applied Mathematics from University of Paul Sabatier, France and has won over 30 awards for academic excellence.
  • Arun

    Arun Upadhyay

    Arun has over 14 years experience in Information Technology and has conducted SAS training for Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Genpact, ICICI Bank, Reliance Mutual Fund among others. Arun is a certified, accredited IT professional who has successfully trained more than 10,000 students in different technologies like SAS and R. He has previously worked as a trainer for companies such as Aptech, NIIT, Ultramax Infonet Education Pvt. Ltd., and Vistaar Systems Pvt. Ltd. He has cleared many international Microsoft certifications such as MCAD, MCPD, MCTS etc. and is also a Microsoft-certified trainer.
  • Mohan

    Mohan Rai

    Mohan has 8 years of experience in Core Analytics (Sales & IT). His key domain expertise lies in domains ranging from Banking, Construction, Real Estate, Automobile, Component Manufacturing and Retail. He has also worked with verticals ranging from Training, Research, Sales, Market Research, Business Consulting, Sales Planning, Market Strategy and IT.
    Mohan is a Director for S & R Analytics involved in Delivery of Analytics Consulting/Training and SIP Partners of TCS. He is also a visiting Faculty for Analytics at various Colleges and Institutes. Mohan holds degrees in Business Analytics and Intelligence from IIM-Bangalore, MBA in Marketing and BSC in Statistics.

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Industry Overview

Business Analytics makes extensive use of statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management to drive decision-making.

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