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About Program

The Certification in R program at Imarticus is a short-term, skill-building program providing you with a thorough understanding of R, the fastest growing data science language, for high-paying careers in Data Analytics. The program comes with a rigorous industry-aligned curriculum with a heavy focus on industry case studies and project submissions and is available in three delivery formats to meet your learning needs.

Certification in SAS Program: Imarticus
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Comprehensive Coverage

The program offers comprehensive hands-on understanding of R, the market leader in business analytics. The curriculum is divided into two modules, Basic and Advanced R, and provides deep insights into Predictive, Text and Multivariate Analytics, Optimization using advanced statistical models, along with resume building and interview prep.

The program is extremely practical and hands-on, and endorses the use of live case studies and real-life case studies to deliver experiential learning. The program is designed and taught by experienced industry professionals who have 15+ years of experience. Their involvement encompasses curriculum design, guest lectures, knowledge sharing sessions and evaluation of student projects & case studies.

Industry-Aligned Curriculum
Delivery Modes

Choose from three delivery modes: 1) Classroom training, 2) Online Instructor-led training, or 3) Self-paced videos to cater to your preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy. The Classroom and Online Instructor-led training formats come with 15 hours of engaging instructor videos. The third mode, Self-paced Videos, comes with 24 hours of engaging instructor videos that you can consume at your own pace.

The Imarticus Careers Assistance Services (CAS) team prepares you for successful careers in Business Analytics through extensive resume building, interview preparation, and group mock interviews with expert faculty to help you land your dream job.

Career Assistance
24/7 Learning

Aside from your instructor-led lectures, we offer a fully integrated learning management system that provides 24/7 access to your learning material, assessments and study aids. This offers the added flexibility for knowledge advancement at your convenience.

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R Training in Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai: Imarticus
Why R?
Why R?
Why R?

Data mining has entered its golden age, and R is the weapon of choice for legions of data scientists. R is particularly useful in data Analytics because it contains a number of built-in mechanisms for organizing data, running calculations on the information and creating graphical representations of data sets.

What are the reasons for its sudden popularity?


Extensive Capabilities

R offers extensive analytics capabilities ranging from Text Analytics, Predictive, Time Series and Optimization.

BAP–R Certification

Zero Cost of Ownership

R is an open source software that is free to download.

Business Analytics Professional – R Certification


R is perhaps the only analytics software to run on MAC.



Data scientists can improve the software’s code or write variations for specific tasks.

  • Integrates with other software vendors: SAS, Oracle, IBM, Teradata, TIBCO, Alteryx, SAP
  • Integrates with HDFS, WEKA, Python, MATLAB
  • RExcel (an add-in for Microsoft Excel) allows access to the statistics package R from within Excel
  • Growing Demand for R, with R as the highest paid IT Skill 2+ Million users worldwide and growing with 70% of Data Miners use R
  • The fastest growing and the most-used data science language after SQL
  • Ranked #1 Google Search for Advanced Analytics Software
Analytics Weapon of Choice

The R certification program at Imarticus is designed for careers in the exciting domain of Business Analytics using R as the programming language. The industry-aligned curriculum remains the same for both the 80-hour classroom delivery and the 65-hour online virtual classes.

Basic Level

  • Introduction To R Software
  • Basic Statistics
  • Linear Regression
  • Case Study For Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Case Study For Logistic Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Case Study For Decision Tree
  • Segmentation
  • Case Study For Segmentation

Advanced Level

  • Association Rule Mining
  • Case Study For Market Basket Analytics
  • Time Series
  • Case Study For Time Series
  • K Nearest Neighbours Algorithm for Classification with Case Study
  • Naïve Bayes Algorithm for Multi Class Predictions with Case Study
  • Artificial Neural Networks with Case Study
  • Support Vector Machines with Case Study
  • Ensemble Models with Case Study
  • Interview Preparation – HR
  • Mock Interviews – HR and Domain


The program is delivered in three modes—Classroom Training, Live Instructor-led Virtual Training and Self-paced Video Learning mode—to cater to your learning preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy.

Option 1: Classroom Training [80 Hours]

  • Classroom training for 65 Hours by expert faculty at a pre-determined time at any of our Imarticus centers
  • The program also comes with 15 hours of engaging self-paced Instructor videos that you can watch before coming to class

Option 2: Live Virtual Training [65 Hours]

  • Live instructor-led online training for 50 hours with expert faculty for real-time learning at a pre-determined time from the comfort of your own home
  • The program also comes with 15 hours of engaging self-paced Instructor videos that you can watch before coming to class

Option 3: Self-paced Videos [24 Hours]

24 hours of self-paced learning videos by our expert faculty to consume at your own pace and convenience

  • Active, self-paced, data-driven learning and convenience and flexibility in learning
  • No dependence on batch timings or class location – Learn when you want
  • Unlimited access to HD videos on our learning portal for a period of 6 months
Career Path


New Age Career
  • Data Analytics: The Sexiest Job of the 21st century
  • Strategic technological trend and competitive advantage
  • Growing demand for skilled professionals
  • Acute shortage of talent in India


Technical and Domain Expertise
  • Learn cutting-edge skills and tools for the entire data lifecycle from basic data reporting to advanced data modeling techniques
  • Apply the skills and techniques across sectors from multiple domains and business functions


Key Business Insights
  • Gain a bird’s eye view of the business life cycle
  • Identify business problems and solve burning issues with data analysis & business insights
  • Participate in key management decision making processes


Fast Track and Specialist Career
  • Specialize in SAS as the tool for Data Analysis and Analytics
  • Hone your analytical prowess, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Fast-track your career advancement through international SAS certifications

The program is ideal for students and professionals who are interested in working in the analytics industry and are keen on enhancing their technical skills with exposure to cutting-edge practices:


Recent Post Graduates

Bachelors or Masters in Science, Math, Statistics or Computer Applications/IT


Experienced Professionals in Programming or IT

With less than 4 years experience, looking to up-skill or change career paths


Job Seekers and Career Changes in the Analytics domain

To enhance their resumes & build a portfolio of demonstrable work

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Master the Fastest Growing Data Science Language

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Career Assistance

The Imarticus Careers Assistance Services (CAS) team provides you assistance throughout the program to guide and navigate ample career options.



Refining and polishing your resume with resume critiques and constructive feedback, along with insider tips to help land your dream job



Honing your interview skills using our extensive databank of questions and interview prep sessions which lay out best practices and dos and dont’s



Preparing you to ace HR and technical interview rounds through rigorous group mock interviews with our faculty


  • Pooja-K
    Pooja-K Certification R

    I would recommend Imarticus unequivocally and it gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of it.

    Imarticus is one of the best schools, focusing entirely on industry-oriented development. The course content and curriculum is designed as per the needs of the industry. The faculty here have an ability to transform students into on-target skilled individuals who can perform in a timely manner and work at multiple sophisticated levels. At Imarticus, I have learnt how to look at the larger picture and act accordingly.”
  • balbir
    Balbir S C-SAS

    Staff is wonderful and tremendously supportive.

    I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. While at the interview, the confidence developed in me by Imarticus was most satisfying. Selected or not, I knew I had given my best with confidence. The knowledge and HR training gained was the main reason I was able to sit for my interviews. Just want to thank Imarticus for everything.”


  • Mohan

    Mohan Rai

    Mohan has 10 years of experience in Core Analytics (Sales & IT). His key expertise lies in Banking, Construction, Real Estate, Automobile, Component Manufacturing and Retail domains. He has expensive exposure to multiple verticals and roles such as Training, Research, Sales, Market Research, Business Consulting, Sales Planning, Market Strategy and IT. Mohan is a Director for S & R Analytics involved in Delivery of Analytics Consulting/Training and SIP Partners of TCS. He is also a visiting Faculty for Analytics at various colleges and institutes. Mohan holds degrees in Business Analytics and Intelligence from IIM-Bangalore, MBA in Marketing and BSC in Statistics.
  • satya

    Satya Srinivas

    Satya has 25 years of experience aligning multi-million dollar Information Technology deployments with business strategy and operational processes for Fortune 1000 companies. In the past he has been a management consultant and a negotiator and has consulted in the areas of performance management in enterprise architecture, data mining & analytics, machine learning, pattern recognition, social media analytics and Big Data management & analytics for several start-ups as well as major corporate houses like Infosys and IBM. Satya is a BE – Electronics and Communication from University of Mysore and a MS – Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic University.
  • yogesh

    Yogesh Parte

    Yogesh is a research engineer with over 14 years of experience in algorithmic development and proof of concept (PoC) demonstration using MATLAB, C/C++, Python and R. He is the Founder of Y P Consulting Services, which provides specialized services and software solutions in the field of innovation engineering and technology applications. Previously, he has worked as post-doctoral researcher at University of Paul Sabatier and a research & development engineer at Modartt S. A. in Toulouse, France. Yogesh holds a PhD. in Applied Mathematics from University of Paul Sabatier, France and has won over 30 awards for academic excellence.

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  • Self-paced instructor video on basics of R by faculty, Mohan Rai

  • A Virtual class in action: Faculty Mohan Rai explains basics of R

  • Amit Pavithran explains the curriculum for the program

  • Discover how our power-packed online programs can accelerate your learning

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  • Certification in R Curriculum Overview

  • Certification in R. Why Learn R?

  • Self-paced instructor video on basics of R by faculty, Mohan Rai

  • A Virtual class in action: Faculty Mohan Rai explains basics of R

  • Faculty Arun Upadhyay explains the curriculum for the program

  • Discover how our power-packed online programs can accelerate your learning

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Industry Overview

Business Analytics makes extensive use of statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management to drive decision-making.

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