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Python is a powerful open-source language that is extremely versatile and has the potential to build
web applications and act as a data analytics tool, making it extremely useful for aspirants who wish to enter the E-Commerce arena.

Python Online Course with Certification: Imarticus

Instructor Led

40 hours of live interaction on our state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom


Industry Mentorship

Dedicated industry mentor guides you on upcoming trends and challenges


E-Commerce Arena

The open-source Python tool is ideal for aspirants in the E-Commerce arena

Certification in Python: Imarticus


Python is a multi-purpose language that can be used to build web applications


Attractive Pricing

All this, for an introductory price of Rs. 24,000


Python is a production-ready language that has the capability to build web applications such as websites and software. It can also be used in the field of Data Science and Analytics, making it extremely useful for aspirants who wish to enter the E-Commerce and start-up arena.

In this program, you will learn about the practical knowledge of Python as a tool for effective data analysis, which will enable aspirants to apply the learning in their respective careers. Python is useful in data analytics because it has a rich library for reading and writing data, running calculations on the information and creating graphical representations of data sets.

About this program
Career Assistance

The Imarticus Career Assistance Services (CAS) team provides a rigorous industry mentoring process that is customised to your needs. Additionally, the team conducts interview preparation sessions, resume building workshops, 1-1 mock interviews while also providing you access to our extensive corporate network and recruitment teams.

Get access to our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you continued and on-going support. All our content, in the form of presentations, quizzes and assignments is hosted on this LMS and delivered to you on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone – anywhere, anytime!

24×7 LMS access

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Mentorship is unique to the Imarticus Learning where industry experts from leading Analytics firms will advise and mentor you in your journey towards job-readiness. A dedicated senior level industry professional, with over 10 years of work-experience is assigned to every student.

Why Do You Need a Mentor?

Get inspired, help relieve your doubts and anxieties, and develop a long-term personal relationship with an industry expert who can teach you what it takes to succeed. Mentors are excellent soundboards and can help aspiring aspirants climb the management ladder more effectively.


Role of an Imarticus Mentor

Knowledge sharing, Q&A and Guest Lectures

Evaluation of Project work

Career Guidance and Mentorship through frequent one-on-one interactions


Benefits to Students

Thorough and practical understanding of the subject matter and continuous review attention with detailed feedback

Practical know-how and guidance on succeeding in the industry

Career Assistance

The Imarticus Careers Assistance Services (CAS) team provides you assistance throughout the program to guide and navigate ample career options.



Refining and polishing the candidate’s resume with insider tips to help them land their dream job



Preparing candidates to ace HR and Technical interview rounds with model interview questions and answers



Preparing candidates to face interview scenarios through 1:1 and panel mock interviews with industry veterans

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This Certification in Python (CIP) program is ideal for:


Working Professionals – Candidates from business intelligence, data warehousing and software programming functions.


Career Changers – Candidates with some basic background of engineering, looking to enter the analytics domain.

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LMS Video (Pradeep – new LMS video) Pradeep Khanapure discusses how the Imarticus Learning Management System (LMS) empowers your learning.

Why Imarticus Online?

  • 3x


    Our online courses are highly impactful and engaging. While the average industry completion rate hovers around 20%, our online programs have significantly higher completion rates of greater than 50%

  • qc

    Quality Content

    The curriculum is designed in consultation with leading companies and industry professionals with over 10 years of experience, ensuring that both content and delivery mechanisms are niche and highly relevant

  • ic

    Industry Connect

    Our faculty comprises industry and training professionals from prestigious firms such as Accenture, SAS, KPMG, Fractal, Genpact and Mu Sigma. What’s more? You also get your own industry mentor!


  • Dr. Rahul Shroff
    “I was quite apprehensive about learning via the online platform initially.However, Imarticus Learning’s LMS portal and Virtual Classroom setup is intuitive and extremely friendly. I had a great experience undertaking my Data Analytics program on their platform.”


  • arun

    Arun Upadhyay

    Over 14 years in Information Technology and has conducted SAS training for Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Genpact, ICICI Bank, Reliance Mutual Fund, A certified, accredited IT professional who has successfully trained more than 10,000 students in different technologies like SAS and R. He has cleared many Microsoft international certifications such as MCAD, MCPD, MCTS etc. and is also a Microsoft-certified trainer.
  • Deepesh K

    Deepesh has 7+ years of experience in the
    analytics industry. He has worked at Absolutdata Analytics and Mu Sigma as a consultant. He has worked on several projects across various elements of the analytical supply chain. These include interactive business dashboards, advanced predictive modeling and statistical analyses.

Speak to a Career Advisor

LS General Form


What is the format of the program?
The Certification in Python (CIP) Python is a powerful, flexible, open-source language that is easy to learn, easy to use, and has powerful libraries for data manipulation and analysis.
Is an online training program right for me?
Virtual learning is recommended for candidates if:

  • You are comfortable with self-study
  • You want to learn at your own pace, anywhere and anytime
  • You do not require constant monitoring or follow-ups by instructors

What are the key topics that get covered in CIP?

  • Statistics using Python
  • Predictive, Text and Multivariate Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Forecasting

What study material will be provided to us for the program?
Instructor led virtual classes form the bulk of your study material. In addition, you will also be provided with additional reading material like recordings of previous virtual classes, PowerPoint Presentations, data sets, case studies and eBooks on the learning portal.
How can I access the study material?
You will be given life-long access to a fully integrated online learning portal where all your learning materials will be uploaded. You will need to log in to the learning portal using the credentials provided and navigate through the portal as required.
What are Webinars?
Webinars are live virtual classroom sessions that involve you, other students and an instructor. During these real time webinars, instructors will review concepts with the aid of case studies. There will be real-time participation on the part of students who can also use this time to get their doubts clarified.
How often do I need to visit the Imarticus center?
The CIP program is virtually conducted via the Internet. You will not be required to be physically present at the Imarticus center under normal circumstances.
What certification will I receive on completion?
Upon completion of the program, you will need to clear the certification exam with a minimum of 60%. Imarticus will then issue you a Certificate of Merit for successful completion of the CIP program.
How do I pay for the program?
You can pay by Credit card, Debit Card or Net banking from all the leading banks. In the event you are unable to pay, please contact 18002677679 for further assistance.
What are the fees for the program?
The CIP program costs Rs. 24,000

Industry Overview

Business Analytics makes extensive use of statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management to drive decision-making.

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