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Digital marketing has taken the marketing world by storm and deeply impacted business and audience relations. With the advancement and involvement of technology in marketing, professionals need to upgrade. Those polished by experience need to show some light and guidance to those aspiring to be a part of this new-age industry.

The Future is Digital:

According to a Goldman Sachs report, “digital marketing career scope in India is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025.” This is three times the current value, and with more organizations shifting focus to digital marketing, the scope extends to infinity.

The digital advertising spends are speculated to reach Rs 25,000 crore in India in 2021, with a 10.5% growth rate. This poses a situation with the availability of millions of employment opportunities in this sector, including social media marketing, content creation, online retailing, and online advertising.

A recent report from LinkedIn reflects digital marketing jobs as an emerging career in India. Thus, the need for upskilling and learning is ever-demanding.

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

The demand for digital marketers with finely tuned skills is enormous and growing. Jobs are available in every imaginable industry at a low cost of entry, that is, limited prerequisite knowledge and experience.

Average salaries in the digital marketing sector range from $73,000 to $114,000. There are ample job opportunities for digital marketing managers, SEO managers, SEM/PPC experts, SM managers, Affiliate marketers, content marketers, etc.

Many learning schools offer practical and straightforward learning technique that helps students to gain insights into the digital marketing arena and proper implementation.

An ideal course in Digital Marketing must cover an introduction to digital marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEM, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Video Marketing, Influencer Marketing, e-Commerce marketing, local business advertising, Mobile Marketing, etc.

best digital marketing course near meEnroll in Digital Marketing Prodegree!

Even the so-called ‘best’ Digital Marketing institutes do not offer what Imarticus does. But, partnering with industry leaders like Digitas and a course structured and designed by an elite panel of industry experts, you get a perfectly polished syllabus focused on practical projects and in-depth learning through virtual classrooms.

The Benefits of Associating with Imarticus:

Work on Large Brand Case Studies

Through this Prodegree, you learn how large consumer brands use Digital Marketing. Case studies allow you to learn how marketing strategies are used to retain competitive advantage. In addition, Imarticus partners with industrial stalwarts to understand the decision-making process and its impact.

Simulated Projects

This course gives you a hands-on experience of digital marketing tools. First, the program equips you with a thorough knowledge of marketing concepts like SEO, content, social, paid media, and ORM. Then, you become a professional to apply the theory learned during the program in practical, real-life marketing tasks.

Real Website Capstone Project

Through this program, you get to solve all marketing concerns and issues with specially selected live websites as capstone projects. This enhances the overall experience for aspirants, allowing a better understanding of Digital Marketing through an expert’s perspective while solving live problems.

Approved by an Industry Council

Senior veterans from the industry share their expert opinions to design the program, giving the students the latest verified knowledge.

Online Digital Marketing CourseAdditionally, the cutting-edge curriculum based on current marketing trends promises abundant career growth, leading to excellent job placement opportunities in the new-age industry.

Indeed, your search for the ‘best Digital Marketing course near me’ must end with a Prodegree from Imarticus Learning!

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