Why should Java Developers learn Hadoop online in 2023?

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Java is a programming language that has flourished so much over the last few years that it has attracted most students to take computer applications over commerce. As the world keeps on evolving digitally, students are considering building their career in data analytics or a career in Java programming.

Many students are choosing to learn Hadoop online to improve their computer application skills and stand out from the crowd. Since Hadoop specialises in handling huge data, it makes the developers capable of taking various challenges to improve the overall software.

Advantages of learning Hadoop online

  • Better job opportunities

IT industry requires individuals who have acquired specialised knowledge in Java and those who are well-versed in Hadoop. For developers to have specialised knowledge of Hadoop, it is essential for them to master Java. 

  • Better salaries

Once you have struggled enough to become a part of a big industry and have switched to big data Hadoop, you can earn a salary of a staggering $150,000 which is more than triple the amount of what an average American earns annually. In addition to this, once you have switched to the big data Hadoop sector, you will be tackled with bigger, harder and more complex projects, which will boost your career as a developer. You will be required to enhance your quality of work, giving you a higher scope to make a difference and prove to the company that you are a valuable resource to them.

  • Increasing demand for Hadoop professionals

In 2021, there were many investors who invested in the big data industry, upscaling the demand for Hadoop developers. Looking at these predictions and the analysis report of MRFR (Market Research Future), the sector is set to show a promising growth rate of approximately 37.30% by the end of 2023. Amongst all this, the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) segment has also predicted that the Hadoop big data analytics sector will ensure the top position all across the global market.

  • Disruptive technology

In all its glory, Hadoop has proven to the entire world that it is better in every domain than its competition. It is better than the traditional systems of warehousing, data analysing, cost management, etc. The entire Hadoop ecosystem goes through continuous changes and innovations, which lets it stay updated with other competitors. 

  • The king of the industry - Big data

data analytics courses

Big data has transformed itself into a domain, and Hadoop is the stepping stone to entering that domain. To have your career boosted in the big data sector and get elite jobs like big data architect and big data analyst, you are advised to learn Hadoop online. Big data has left no stone unturned. It is present in each and every domain, making organisations realise its capability and business values.

The future of Java industries

The big data segment of the IT industry has crossed the $50 billion mark, witnessing exponential growth in the past few years. Java developers have increased chances of a high payroll if they shift to big data jobs. Being a Java developer, you must have heard of big data Hadoop and how learning Hadoop increases the chance of high salaries by 250%. Most Java developers have already switched to the big data Hadoop segment to push their careers consistently, gaining expertise.

When you know the Java programming language, it is easy to acquire big data knowledge from firms which makes it a potential advantage for future Java developers who are planning to step into this field.


As the world keeps advancing towards digitalisation, the role of Java industries and the digital sectors related to it will only flourish. However, making progress is an essential task. Java developers need to upskill and learn Hadoop online courses to get a better career in Java programming. Imarticus offers a postgraduate program in data science and analytics, which helps students learn practical applications in data science and analytics. 

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