Which Is the Best Artificial Intelligence Course of 2021?

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In today’s technological era, machines are everyday partners of humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a crucial role in determining the intelligence of machines.

In 2021, many businesses and public services rely on AI for day-to-day operations. College graduates and young enthusiasts are learning AI to build a successful career. There are many AI courses in the market and, it can get difficult to choose one. Read on to know the best AI course of 2021 and why one should learn AI.

Why learn artificial intelligence?

 The reasons one should look for an artificial intelligence course are as follows:

  • Many organizations and businesses are adopting an AI strategy. The rise of automation in the industry processes has fuelled the demand for AI experts. By opting for an artificial intelligence course, you can future-proof your career.
  • Since AI is a new-age technology, there is a shortage of expert individuals in the industry. An AI professional earns a handsome salary and will always be in demand.
  • Gone are the days when AI was only used by robotics and the space industry. Nowadays, AI has become a versatile technology that is used by numerous industries. Some popular sectors that use AI are healthcare, logistics, finance, banking, and legal sectors. You will open multiple future career prospects for yourself by learning AI.

Why go for online training?

Educational institutions usually do not provide certification courses to students. They offer a complete degree program in which AI is just one of many subjects. If you are willing to only study AI, you would have to go through the whole degree program. It is where online training is a boom for AI enthusiasts.

Also, the recent pandemic (COVID-19) led to the suspension of classroom lectures. Online training has helped AI students during the pandemic period. Working professionals can also commit to an online program easily while continuing their job. However, you need to choose industry-oriented AI ML courses that make you job-ready. Imarticus Learning is a reputed EdTech platform that offers AI ML courses with an industry-oriented curriculum.

 Why choose the AI/ML course of Imarticus Learning?

Imarticus provides a Certification in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that is 9-month long. In association with IIT Guwahati, this AI/ML course is a blessing for AI enthusiasts amidst the pandemic. Besides this certification program, Imarticus offers many other artificial intelligence and machine learning courses like PG Program in Data Analytics & ML. The reasons one should choose the certification program in AI/ML from Imarticus are as follows:
artificial intelligence and machine learning courses

  • This course is offered in association with one of the most premier institutes in India i.e., IIT Guwahati. You will get to learn from academic professors and industry experts.
  • Imarticus strictly follows an industry-oriented curriculum that makes you learn job-relevant skills for the AI/ML industry. During the certification course, you will work on 25 real-life industry projects that will make you job-ready.
  • Some of the top languages and tools covered in this certification course are NumPy, TensorFlow, OpenCV, Spyder, Pandas, and Jupyterhub.
  • Imarticus also offers career services at the end of the certification course. Professionals trained by Imarticus in the past work in some of the top organizations of the globe like Accenture, Standard Chartered, Oracle, Deloitte, KPMG, Infosys, and Tata.
  • This course will also offer a 3-day campus immersion program where you can interact with the peers and faculty members of IIT Guwahati.

In a nutshell

Imarticus provides some of the best artificial intelligence and machine learning courses in India at affordable rates. You can also get a scholarship of up to 40% for the certification course in AI/ML offered by Imarticus. Start your online artificial intelligence course now!

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