What You Need To Know About IIMs Online Courses For Working Professionals

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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is among the top business education institutions in India, with a solid track record. Few people know this, but they also have online courses for professionals. The job market today has become very competitive. Owing to this, working professionals have to upskill and stay updated in their field. One way to do this is through IIM online courses.

However, people still need to be more confident about taking online courses. A recent survey shows that 70% of employers accept online education as equal to an offline degree. Moreover, 50% of students now take at least one online course during their learning phase. Therefore, IIM online courses for working professionals are becoming more popular. Moreover, as we head into a more digitised environment, it will continue to multiply.

How IIM Online Courses Affect Organisations?

IIMs have recently started providing online courses for working professionals. Various IIM certificate courses can have a positive impact on the organisation. By taking this course, they can:

  • Improve skills and knowledge
  • Keep their position
  • Boost company reputation
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Boost revenues

IIM online courses certainly impact any organisation's workforce.

About Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is one of the best educational institutes in the country. It has various courses that are popular among working professionals in the finance and business domains. Moreover, Imarticus Learning has centres in several cities throughout India, It also offers online courses.

The company designs its courses with industry experts in various fields. The relevant courses are based on the present market. It recently announced a new course in collaboration with IIM Raipur. The course will begin on February 18, 2023.

The 10-month programme is best for professionals in the mid to senior-level positions. The course's main aim is to help them counter the various market challenges.

How Will Imarticus Learning Help Organisations?

Imarticus Learning can benefit organisations in many ways. It provides opportunities for employee education and development. This helps organisations to adapt to current industry trends. It also enhances the organisation's competitiveness in the marketplace.

These are the reasons for choosing Imarticus Learning's IIM online courses:

  • Industry-focused courses: Courses in financial services and business analytics promise better jobs.
  • Practical experience: They provide students with practical experience through internships and projects. It can prepare them for real-world scenarios and job market challenges.
  • Industry partnerships: Imarticus Learning designs its courses with the help of industry experts. This ensures that the curriculum is current and relevant to industry trends.
  • Flexibility: Imarticus Learning has centres in several Indian cities. They provide IIM online courses to give students location flexibility and the mode of study.

How Successful is Imarticus Learning?

Imarticus Learning has partnered with titans of industry. During the last decade, the company has partnered with various leaders like Capgemini, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank, to name a few. The company claims 85% of its students get jobs in the world's largest and most well-known companies.

It has partnered with as many as 500 firms, and the list is growing yearly. This is due to cutting-edge innovation and a robust staff of mentors.

Final Thought

The IIMs are India's top business schools. They offer a wide range of online management and related courses. Working professionals can advance their education and careers through Imarticus Learning. Imarticus helps to upskill and succeed in chosen fields.

So, if you are looking for a way to upgrade yourself, then IIM online courses for working professionals are an incredible choice.

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