What is a supply chain analytics certification all about?

supply chain management and analytics courses by IIT, Roorkee

A supply chain is a network that connects a firm and its suppliers in order to manufacture and deliver a certain product to the end user. This network consists of many activities, individuals, entities, information and resources. The supply chain also symbolizes the steps involved in getting a product or service from its initial state to the customer.

Companies create supply chains in order to minimize costs and remain competitive in the business world.

A supply chain is a series of processes that must be followed in order to provide a product or service to a consumer. Moving and processing raw resources into finished products, transporting those items and distributing them to end users are among the procedures. Producers, vendors, warehouses, transportation companies, distribution hubs and retailers are all part of the supply chain.

 What is supply chain analytics?

 It is the study of data from a range of supply chain applications, such as supply chain execution systems for sourcing, inventory management, order management, warehouse management and fulfilment, and transportation management, known as supply chain analytics. A supply chain is like a domino effect: each step in the network impacts the one after it, and any faults at any point might have an influence on the ability to satisfy consumer needs.

Companies can use supply chain analytics to collect, analyse and act on data created by their supply networks. It enables them to make not only short-term adjustments but also long-term strategic improvements that will provide the company with a competitive advantage. A supply chain management certification online can be a saviour if you want to pursue this as your career.

 What is a supply chain analytics certification all about?

 A supply chain analytics certification is all about learning the nitty-gritty of how a supply chain functions. Keep reading to know the benefits of enrolling in a certificate course in supply chain management.

 This six-month certificate course in supply chain management has been specially prepared by IIT faculty and industry professionals to assist you in learning. During this era of the trend of e-commerce, the number of products in transit has also increased. The number of SCM employees has increased disproportionately across industries. This training will prepare you to capitalise on this opportunity.

 Areas that a good supply chain analytics certification cover:

  1. It must teach you real-world examples of how analytics may be applied to many domains of a supply chain, such as selling, logistics, production and sourcing, to have a major social or economic effect.
  1. You should also be taught about the employment market, job requirements and preparation.
  1. It should teach you about supply chain analytics employment options, qualifications and how to go about with its preparation.
  1. CVs should be taught to be redesigned and updated with the expertise of an insider to help you bag your desired job.
  1. Role-playing interviews and model interview responses should be provided so that you succeed in any technical interview round.
  1. It should cover technologies like Big Data, AI and IoT. These technologies are dominating the world and must be taught.
  1. It should teach you programming languages like R and Python.
  1. It should teach you how to manage uncertainties in the supply chain.
  1. It should teach you to design the supply chain and the distribution network.


The IIT Supply chain management course is one of the most desired courses. This

IIT Supply chain management is one of the best courses available and teaches you most of the important skills and prepares you for the industry. If you want to save some money, yet want to learn the relevant skills required to have a fulfilling and successful career, then go for a supply chain management certification online.

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