What Is a Real-time Processing in a Big Data Use Case?

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Breaking down Real-time Processing

In today’s digital era, people are accustomed to real-time information that helps them make more informed decisions by factoring in the latest updates. Businesses in contemporary need real-time information to remain competitive in the market and improve their offerings.

best Data Analytics courses in IndiaLeveraging big data has become indispensable for businesses as it helps them provide valuable insights into the market. A big data career is also considered one of the most sought-after career choices given the demand for the same.

Real-time data processing systems help to factor in rapidly changing variables and relevant data to provide instant output so that any unnecessary delays can be avoided.

Some of the most prominent examples of real-time processing include order management for e-commerce websites, online ticket booking, financial fraud detection, radar range system, etc. A continuous stream of data is required to produce instant output in real-time. The most prominent benefit of real-time processing is that it helps to provide instant results and ensures that everything is up to date.

Real-time Big Data Processing Applications

Some of the most prominent applications of real-time big data processing in the contemporary include the following.

Online Commerce

Online commerce or e-commerce platforms heavily rely on real-time big data processing given the nature of business. It helps to solve issues related to customer service, inventory management, purchase pattern detection, personalized offerings, reduction of churn rate, etc. E-commerce companies also use real-time data processing to improve their logistics; they identify the nearest warehouse to effectively reduce delivery rates. It also helps to optimise the price and increase the sales volume by analyzing tons of data in real-time.

Social Media Networks

Gone are the days where people used to receive news the next day after the occurrence of a particular event. Social media networks have improved the flow of information and one can instantly receive any new update in real-time avoiding any delay in communication. Given the flow of information on social media platforms, real-time processing of data is almost a necessity. Some of the important functions performed by real-time data processing in the case of social media networks include classification of user-generated data or content, speeds up real-time trending, server functionality analysis, etc.


The healthcare industry also heavily relies on the use of real-time data processing systems. Some of the most common applications in this sector include real-time patient monitoring to assess crucial changes, wearable sensors and devices help to make life-saving decisions using real-time data. A majority of the data in the healthcare domain is usually unstructured and real-time big data processing helps to provide a detailed overview. It also assists in prescribing relevant medicines and avoids any unnecessary expenses.


Real-time big data processing has become popular in the last decade and is almost a necessity for a business that wants to create a sustainable brand in the long term.

best data analytics certification courses in IndiaThe big data career is also gaining traction with the growing demand for data analysts who can assist in the real-time processing of big data.

One can opt for data science courses from reputed institutions like Imarticus Learning to boost their job prospects and build a career in this field.

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