What Are the Career Options after Graduation?

Career options after graduation

Once you have completed your graduation, it is time to build a successful career that is also very rewarding in a preferred industry. One can choose a traditional career after graduation like civil engineering services, medical, etc., or can opt for trending and new-age jobs that are in high demand, based on their academic background and interest.


For example, the global data science industry is predicted to grow with a CAGR of 26.9% by 2027. You can choose data science courses to build a successful career as a data scientist. Read on to know some of the best rewarding and trending career options after graduation. 


Investment banking 


Investment banking is concerned with financial advisory services and raising capital for clients. As an investment banker, you may work with a corporate or a governmental organization. Investment bankers act as a mediator between the client and shareholders/investors.

In the investment banking sector, you can start your career as an analyst and will have to work on databases and visualizations. After a few years as an analyst in the investment banking sector, you can upscale to become an associate. 

Financial Online classes 

If you have completed your graduation in finance, economics, or mathematics, it is a good choice to join the investment banking industry.

There are many online courses for investment banking that can help you hone your skills. Imarticus Learning is a reputed source that can offer you industry-oriented courses for investment banking. MBA investment banking courses are also offered by Imarticus Learning.


Data science 


Firms are preferring candidates that have done a data analytics course over other candidates. With more and more businesses going online, the demand for data scientists is more than ever. If you have completed your computer science engineering with a specialization in data science, this is the right time to join the industry. A degree in other streams like statistics, applied mathematics, economics, etc., can also help you in getting into the data science industry. One can opt for an online data analytics course to know about the industry processes. 


Imarticus will offer you data science courses in India led by industry experts. It provides data science courses in India for professionals as well as for recent graduates. Not only will you learn the basic of data analytics, but will also receive placement support through Imarticus Learning’s courses. You can opt for various job roles in the data science industry like data analyst, data engineer, marketing analyst, etc.


Digital marketing 


Consumers have shifted from traditional TV sets to online platforms and, firms need reliable digital marketers to engage with them. There are not many institutions/colleges that offer a classroom course for digital marketing. How to learn digital marketing online if there are no classroom courses?


Financial Analysis courseWell, Imarticus provides the best digital marketing courses in India without compromising on the learning experience. You do not have to search for ‘how to learn digital marketing online’ as Imarticus offers a PG program and a pro-degree in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a vast industry and, you can choose from various fields like mobile marketing, content creation, web design, SEO, SEM, social media management, and many more. 


Machine learning 


Machine learning is another new-age technology that has a successful future. You can opt for an online course in machine learning and can learn about the key aspects of this field. The machine learning industry has various job roles like machine learning engineer, data scientist, NLP scientist, and many more. 




You can find data science courses or investment banking courses via Imarticus that can help you get your dream job. They will also offer the best digital marketing course in India with industry-oriented training. You can do a certification course and can straightway start working after graduation. Choose the right career path after graduation with Imarticus Learning!


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