UAE - Discover Why L&D Managers Should Consider a Certification Course from IIM

In the last few years, the world of work has seen several shifts. Many companies have adopted a mix of remote and hybrid work cultures. They are now in a position to attract employees from several locations. The world has also experienced a phenomenon like 'The Great Resignation', driven by employees expecting more growth opportunities at workplaces. Work cultures are also being redefined by the entry of Gen Z and Alpha generations into the workforce.

Corporate Training

Technology is another game change, accelerating the workforce's pace to upskill and completely reinvent itself. In these scenarios, Learning & Development (L&D) managers will need to play a critical role in enabling workforces to transition and stay relevant to address new market challenges. This is where pursuing L&D managers can benefit from pursuing IIM online courses for working professionals.

Why L&D Managers Need Training

The world of work is changing so rapidly that it can be an extremely overwhelming experience for L&D managers to keep pace. Over the last two or three years, the entire learning and development function has transformed. Professionals today seek a more immersive, interactive learning experience.

They must nurture a culture of self-learning, collaboration, and innovation in the workforce. More employees are also looking to pursue learning as a continuous activity to help upskill and stay productive in their roles. They may also be looking to build leadership skills that can help them to pivot to more challenging rules.

Hence, L&D professionals need to invest in their training to help build the skills, knowledge, and context of the future of work. They also need to get savvier with the latest tech-enabled solutions to help them become more efficient and innovative in their job roles. By pursuing a certification course from IIM, L&D managers can get the correct exposure that will prepare them for the future of work.

Snapshot of IIM Leadership Programmes

Certification courses from IIM are a class apart for several reasons. These institutes have a legacy of churning out leaders who have been at the helm of the business and non-profit world. Their certificate programmes reflect superior pedagogy in terms of the curriculum design and delivery model. Seasoned faculty from these prestigious institutes conduct instructor-led sessions blended with well-designed, accessible online resources.

Certification programmes for L& D managers, specifically, equip professionals with exposure to the skills, tools, and knowledge to conceptualise, design, and deliver training for modern workforces. They will have a deeper understanding of leveraging technology to drive momentum and impact with their initiatives. Nurturing leadership thinking and skills is a core thrust of the programmes. They help promote a pipeline of leaders who can steer the L&D function in the right direction.

In Conclusion

L&D managers will play an important role in the professional development of the workforce. The impact of their work can help boost the productivity of the workforce. It can nurture an innovative work culture. It can also reduce the cost of attrition, directly impacting the business's profitability. Hence, building a pipeline of L&D leaders can be a transformative investment for companies.

If your business is looking to invest in training L&D managers, connect with us at Imarticus to start a conversation. Our interventions come with great attention to deal. We also have the ability to customise courses based on real-time training needs.

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