Types of projects to do in a Machine learning course

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Machine learning, as the name suggests, revolves around technology. It is a set of programs designed by the coders to analyze the data. It is an algorithm where we put the data as input to get predictions. 

AIML is the future and today we are dependent on it for our day-to-day activities. Have you ever thought about how you can track the exact location and date of your online order? Or how does Google voice assistant answer your every query? It is possible through a machine learning program. Siri and Alexa are some examples of machine learning.

Machine Learning Course at Imarticus

As machine learning becomes increasingly prevalent, an increasing number of people are pursuing employment in machine learning analytics. At Imarticus, we recognize the need of this era, and therefore, we have designed post-graduation in machine learning whereby you will learn the real-world application of data science. We also teach you to prepare models to generate insight and make predictions.

Our data analytics course is known for job interviews and placement chances. We teach you Python, SQL, data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization with Tableau. We provide our students with focused sessions with hands-on exercises for easy and effective learning. Our classroom exercises, real-world projects, and case studies help our students in their careers.

Machine Learning Projects

The AIML projects make you familiar with the real-world workflow. They help you to decipher your area of interest and let you focus on the specific career path. 

Here is the list of top 5 projects which at Imarticus, we give to our students:

  1. Loan prediction- Nowadays, many lending and banking apps require a loan eligibility model. For this project, you will need certain financial data such as earning and spending trends. You will learn how to train your model to understand patterns and forecast loan eligibility after receiving new information.
  2. Sentiment Analysis- This project is for those who have a talent for writing. You will categorize or group texts into positive or negative impressions. You will start with text mining to investigate the patterns of the texts in question and then proceed to determine the major characteristics throughout your dataset. This project will introduce you to the fundamentals of text manipulation and how spam detection works.
  1. Logistic Regression Model- It is a simple classification model, ideal for beginners. . It calculates the likelihood of discrete occurrences. You will start with a database that has discreet values like, "Yes" and "No," or "Good" and "Bad". If you wish to forecast more than two outcomes, you can look at multinomial logistic regression.
  2. Image Recognition- This project is for facial recognition and fake image detection technologies. For this, you require a basic understanding of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). This project may appear difficult but it is an easy one. It will give you a good knowledge of deep learning ideas.
  3. Classification and Prediction of Cancer-This project will teach you to apply your machine learning knowledge to medical fields. You can create a model to classify new cancer cases into appropriate surgery categories. You may also create a model to detect cancer.

At Imarticus, we teach our students to become successful data analysts. We want them to excel in their career and desire a successful life for them.

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