Top Universities Offering Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

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Supply chain management and logistics are two essential aspects of businesses, both small and large. Therefore, individuals who are interested in joining and managing these fields as experts must opt for a comprehensive logistics and supply chain management course. Such courses should include not just the basics related to supply chain management but also the integration of various advanced tools and their significance. 

Therefore, let us dive into the top universities offering logistics and supply chain management courses, and why you should sign up for them. 

IIT Roorkee

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Regarded as one of the top IITs in the country, IIT Roorkee has one of the most sought-after logistics and supply chain management courses. Titled ‘Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management & Analytics’, this course is aimed at individuals who want to secure their career in supply chain management. In fact, this certification course covers several essential topics such as supply chain performance, drivers, and metrics, planning and coordinating demand and supply, managing uncertainties in a supply chain, and so on. 

One of the prime benefits of enrolling in this course is the opportunity to learn from both IIT Roorkee faculty and industry experts. Furthermore, students will also be able to learn through real-life industry projects, online discussions with peers and mentors, continual mentorship, and much more. At the end of the course, candidates will receive a professional certification from Imarticus and co-branded by CEC, IIT Roorkee, which will be a permanent symbol of the knowledge they gained.  

IIT Delhi

The ‘Executive Programme in Supply Chain Management and Analytics’ course is offered by IIT Delhi for a period of 6 months. The lectures are conducted live, in online mode and cover 75+ hours of teaching. Needless to say, the curriculum is aimed to be comprehensive and contemporary, covering all the aspects related to logistics and supply chain management. 

A key highlight of this course is hands-on exercises like spreadsheet modelling using Excel, data analysis applications, and R/Python programming. Furthermore, this program also includes a case-based approach to solving real-world problems, using multi-criteria decision-making techniques like TOPSIS, DEA, AHP, and an in-depth understanding of all the fundamentals and advancements related to supply chain management. Last but not least, you will be provided with an official certificate by IIT Delhi once you complete this course. 

IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta’s ‘Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management’ runs for a duration of 12 months and aims to impart advanced knowledge related to supply chain management to individuals and help them achieve corporate success. One of the standout features of this program is a group project where candidates are required to apply their learnings to solve real-world supply chain problems. Furthermore, the course has a multi-disciplinary approach and includes topics like e-commerce, economics, behavioural science, accounting and finance, and so on, to prepare students to assume greater responsibilities in a business environment. 

While this course is specifically tailored towards working individuals, non-working candidates can also apply. However, their selection will depend upon the decision of the program directors only. Once a candidate successfully completes the course, they will receive an official certificate from the institute. 

IIM Bangalore

With the continual advancement of technology, a significant part of logistics and supply chain management now relies on software and various tools. IIM Bangalore’s ‘Certificate Programme in Digital Operations and Supply Chain Management’ aims to simplify the complexities of technology in supply chain management and help students build a solid career with a strong foundation. 

The objectives of this program are to help candidates in making informed decisions regarding digital supply chains, use data for digital transformation that can be used to tackle operational issues in supply chains, and so on. Additionally, the candidates will also be able to gain knowledge about Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, AI, MI, etc. 

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Located in Delhi, the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is one of the premier institutes offering a 6 months live course on logistics and supply chain management. One of the key features of this course is the inclusion of international trade logistics, which will provide candidates with an upper hand if they choose to apply abroad.

Other highlights of this course are real-life case studies, supply chain risks, complexities, and strategies, principles of shipping services, strategic sourcing decisions, and so on. Candidates who are non-working are also eligible to apply for this course. 


In conclusion, all of the institutes mentioned above provide some of the most updated and comprehensive logistics and supply chain management courses. Signing up for any of these institutes will not only provide you with the opportunity to learn from the best, but you will also be able to interact with like-minded people and expand your horizons. With a valuable certificate from any of these institutes, you are bound to get a headstart in your career and establish your expertise in this field. 

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