Top resources to learn python online in 2022

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Python is currently the most demanding and one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world. This is due to its versatility and numerous usages. Apart from it, Python is also user-friendly, and open-source and for beginners, who want to get into coding and data science, it is an excellent starting point.

Also, Python for data science, web development, and application development is in vogue, and its demand is not going to extinct soon. So, learning Python can provide plenty of employment opportunities in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Top Resources to Learn Python Online

Individuals interested in learning about Python can easily do it online as a lot of resources are available on the internet. Although choosing the right way might be challenging for someone new to this field, a few of the best ways to get started are provided below – 


  • Online Courses 


One of the best ways to get python training online is to look for reliable online courses. However, make sure to opt for courses that give placement assistance and provide an explicit curriculum aligned with industry requirements. Individuals can also look up a self-paced course so that they can learn at their speed. Most importantly, check the curriculum and note if it meets the demands of the industry, such as Python, Data Analytics, and SQL. A PG Diploma in Data Analytics and Machine Learning usually covers all these topics and also provides a certification that acts as validation and can be produced for job opportunities. 


  • Data Analytics Bootcamps


Getting enrolled for a Bootcamp in data analytics focusing on Python is a great option to get started in this field. Also, acquiring a data analytics skillset with a focus on Python is an excellent resource as most industry demands an array of skills. This will allow students to work with complex data, and as Python is one of the fastest-growing languages, they can apply for a legion of jobs.

For instance, with data analytics and Python skills, individuals can apply for job roles such as business analysts, data scientists, and software developers. Apart from it, they can also learn machine learning with Python, which will likely open up a more comprehensive array of opportunities.  


  • business analytics certification courseIndependent Learning 


Lastly, individuals can opt for independent learning also from multiple platforms. There are also free resources available, and they can provide ample knowledge for those who want to learn. But, one of the primary disadvantages of these courses includes the lack of certification, and if they give a certificate, then they might not ensure job assistance.

Hence, to get python training online, it is better to opt for a course with certification validity. However, students must remember that these free resources can be a goldmine for those who want to expand their knowledge and whose sole purpose is to learn about data science. 

Apart from these, if individuals are still sceptical about learning Python, then they must understand the reasons for learning Python.

Reasons to Learn Python

Although individuals can learn machine learning along with Python and data science, the reasons to learn it are varied. The top reasons to know Python is – 

  • Python is easy to learn, read and write. 
  • It is required for high-demand jobs. 
  • Python is highly flexible and has myriad use. 
  • It also has a large supportive community. 

Hence, individuals can learn Python for machine learning and data science to get a multifaceted approach. This will ensure varied skills and open up new job opportunities for them. Also, while choosing the path to learn, keep the goals lucid to clear the way. But, to get a job opportunity, students can opt for a course with certification that validates the course and knowledge. 

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