Top Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2021

Artificial intelligence Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the global economy like never before. However, people are doing their best to adjust to the current scenario and make the most of their possibilities. For instance, it makes us realize the significance of artificial intelligence, now more than ever. The usage of self-teaching algorithms, coupled with smart machines, will make our fight against COVID-19 easier.

Artificial Intelligence Trends 2021

Even though the focus on AI was slightly diverted because of the delays in development across the lockdown period, there is nothing that can stop the possibilities in the future. Let’s take a look the artificial intelligence trends that will dominate 2021:

  • Efficient Data Analytics and Insights
    Have you wondered how the governments across the world kept a record of the number of growing transmissions? Global health institutions, educational research centers, and governments have collectively joined hands and used advanced technologies to keep regular track.
    Technology is the reason why the pandemic hasn’t been as tragic as it could have been. For instance, the 1918 Spanish Flu killed almost 50 million people globally. Currently, we don’t just depend on scientific development but also on growing communication technology. In 2021, AI will be on the list of such developments and manage epidemics and pandemics more effectively.
    Over 28,000 papers related to COVID-19, on medical and scientific literature, was published by April 2020. A search engine by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms is available online. Thus, anyone searching for AI assistance will get this dataset readily available.
    Solution through AI will also help other severe medical conditions like cancer; there has been a harmful impact on other medical concerns due to the primary importance of coronavirus. AI will dedicate to healthcare in a broader aspect than just tackling a pandemic.
  • Automated Detection for Prevention
    During the lockdown, drones helped the government keep a check on people not maintaining social distancing. Soon, drones will have the ability to detect coronavirus positive patients by reporting people with a high temperature in a crowd. Drones will use computer vision technologies to analyze data caught on cameras. The reports will help local authorities quickly find the possibilities of virus spread.
    Again, using facial recognition technology will become more familiar with the help of computer vision algorithms. Although the concept is controversial due to privacy concerns, the system helped police catch people escaping quarantine. It will also track movements made by people who have symptoms when they are amidst a crowd.
  • Business to Go Through Digital Transformation
    2020 changed the way we work and socialize. While many industries are still in a shutdown mode, digital business growth is at an all-time high. For example, Amazon made record sales going 40% up from last year’s sales.
    With the help of AI tools, businesses can grasp changes in customer behavior. Companies that didn’t understand the impact of digital presence are now switching over to understanding behavioral analytics.
    Tools that give access to self-service will prevail much more in 2021 than what it is not. Thus, AI will be a part of small and medium-sized organizations looking to push their competitiveness.
  • Artificial intelligence Can Stop a pandemic Before it Starts
    Do you know that AI provided us the earliest reports of the coronavirus pandemic? Yes! It is true. A tool by BlueDot, a Toronto-based company, found out about a possible outbreak while scanning 100,000 reports from media sources.
    AI algorithm focuses on the future. Before another pandemic, technology will not only predict possibilities but create ways to combat its spread.

Breakthroughs in the artificial intelligence course will alert us about such dangerous outbreaks and help curtail it. However, along with technological development, global politics will also impact the course of advancement.

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