Top 9 Supply Chain Management Courses in India

global chief supply chain and operations officers course

Supply chain management stands at the forefront of modern business operations, thus, making it a highly demanded skill with a $27.2 billion market value.

With an expected CAGR of 10.9% between 2023-2032, the employment scope in supply chain management is bright in the coming years.

This blog will look at the top supply chain management courses online for a competitive approach. Simultaneously, we will explain a supply chain management system and why it is essential in the current scenario. So keep reading!

What is supply chain management, and why should you consider learning it?

Supply chain management is a unified area involving goods and services management. It also includes information that links the supplier to the customer. 

It is a wholesome area that integrates and coordinates supply chain activities, from procurement to delivery, including assembling and producing the final product.

Apart from this, other tasks involved in the process include but aren't limited to -

  • Rightful pricing
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Increased visibility in the system
  • Highlighted risk management

The best supply chain management courses

Supply chain management has emerged as an integral aspect of business and is essential for a company’s success. Hence, Here are a few references for the topmost supply chain management courses.

Simply & Easy - Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM) by Udemy

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
This course is designed around supply chain management and its nitty-gritty. The AADINI Basics of Supply Chain Management cover a significant part of the daily supply chain management techniques. These include basic knowledge of supply chain design, inventory management and optimisation, logistics and warehousing, and supply chain analytics.2 hoursRs. 1,999

Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management & Analytics by Imarticus

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
The course on SCM and analytics by Imarticus Learning promotes thorough learning of the latest techniques and developments available in supply chain management. The programme covers various topics, including data analysis and visualisation, project and risk management.6 monthsRs. 1,60,000

Operations and Supply Chain Management by Udemy

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
This course allows learners to create a like-minded space to implement supply chain management principles efficiently. It covers topics like operations, and inventory management, along with operations research. 1.5 hours approximatelyRs. 1,999

Supply Chain Management Specialisation by Coursera

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
The course focuses on a direct approach involving the subject. The programme primarily educates learners on the role of a Supply Chain Manager and introduces them to the basic principles, processes, and systems needed for streamlining the supply chain.6 months / customisableDepending on the duration

Implementing Supply Chain Management by LinkedIn Learning

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
Offered by LinkedIn Learning, this course is for both students and professionals. It focuses on teaching innovative ways to implement successful business strategies in supply chain management. With this course, you can carefully examine the scope in supply chain management.1.5 hours (approx)Rs. 1,357

Supply Chain Basics for Everyone by LinkedIn

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
It is one of the most accessible courses for beginners looking to understand the scope in supply chain management. The course features resources that can be used as a starting point if you want to pursue a career in this field20 minsRs. 1,357

Managing Logistics by LinkedIn

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
Managing logistics is based on an in-depth understanding of the current logistics operations. At the same time, it can inform you about the scope in supply chain management. This course also covers supply chain management, logistics planning and control, customer service, and warehouse operations.40 minsRs. 1,061

Master Control in Supply Chain Management and Logistics by edx

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
The course on master control in supply chain management and logistics equips students with an understanding of principles associated with management and logistics. It also covers modern methods and tools for an effective supply chain.7 weeksRs. 4,007

MicroMasters Programme in Supply Chain Management by edX

About The CourseDurationFee Structure
One of the most beneficial programmes of all time, this online course spans over a year. It also comes with experience from MIT lecturers on topics ranging from global supply chain design to supply chain analytics.1 year and six monthsRs. 1,24,682


Supply chain management courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the supply chain, including logistics, data, materials management, product development, finance, and customer service. 

It is also essential for organisations to be able to optimise their supply chain processes to remain competitive in today's ever-changing market. 

The Global Chief Supply Chain and Operations Officer programme by Imarticus equips students to lead the supply chain. Visit the website for more details!

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