Top 7 questions to ask before you hire a digital marketing consultant

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Top 7 questions to ask before you hire a digital marketing consultant

Digital marketing is a complex field with many variables, so hiring the right consultant is essential. Ensure you ask these seven questions before hiring a digital marketing consultant:

What types of services do you provide?

Make sure the company you're considering provides services that will help you achieve your goals.

  • What services are included in the package?
  • Is there anything not included in your package, and if so, why?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • Can they talk about their experience working with other clients to see how they can help make things better than before?

What tools do you use in your business?

When you hire a digital marketing consultant, you must know what tools they use in their business. The right agency will also require the appropriate tools based on its specialty.

Do you have any previous experience working with companies like ours?

Before hiring a digital marketing consultant, it's crucial to ensure they have experience working with companies like yours.

You should ask them whether or not they have worked with other brands in the same industry, size, or geographic location as yours. If so, this is a good indication that they can also help you achieve success!

Are You Official Partners with Top Search Engines?

If your digital marketing consultant is not an official partner with Google, Bing, and Facebook, you must think twice about working with them. Many brands have a bad reputation for hiring non-partners who charge excessive service fees. This can lead to lost revenue and future business opportunities for both parties.

What Are Your Company's Most Significant Achievements?

This question seeks to ascertain how an agency provides value and whether these accomplishments can get replicated in your situation. Look for successful blog posts and case studies of previous clients, preferably from companies similar to yours. Look for phrases like revenue generated, increased sales, cost savings, and marketing costs saved from previous clients. 

Will you have Access to All Team Members Who Work on your Project?

When hiring a digital marketing consultant, you must ensure access to all the team members working on your project. This is also known as "collaboration."

Any conflicts or miscommunications in the planning process could lead to delays or even cancellation of work altogether. It's also essential that everyone is on the same page when it comes time for execution: no one should feel like their opinion isn't valued!

What will be the Metrics to Measure the Success of the Suggested Marketing Campaigns?

When choosing a digital marketing consultant, it's essential to ask them how they will measure the success of the suggested campaigns. You can do this by looking at some of the specific metrics such as:

  • A number of leads were generated by the campaign.
  • Conversion rate
  • The average ticket size for orders placed through your website or email list

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