The Rise of Data Science in India: Jobs, Salary & Career Paths in 2024

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The Rise of Data Science in India: Jobs, Salary & Career Paths in 2024

Read on to find out about the increasing demand for Data Scientists in 2024 as per the latest study by Analytics India Magazine and Imarticus Learning.

Data science is in demand, with 80 percent of companies investing in it worldwide. Organizations widely adopt data science, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence in the current market scenario. That makes data science important in preparing for changing job markets.

Technology, healthcare, automobile, education, etc., use data science to get ahead in business. They explore unknown data, identify data patterns, and predict future trends.

India's share in data science and analytics jobs worldwide has increased to 11.6 percent due to the digital transformation across domains. That makes data science a lucrative career.

What is data science?

Data science is a discipline that sizes, shapes, and analyses data. Machine learning in data science is a subset of data analysis. The field is primarily concerned with discovering patterns or making predictions from data. That is the reason businesses interpret data to make efficient decisions. 

Data science is a compatible career choice for people who want to pursue a professional career in dealing with data. It also provides opportunities for people with a business background to apply their knowledge from past jobs to solve problems in different fields of work.

Why should you choose data science as a career?

There are numerous advantages to pursuing a career in data science. We've compiled a list of reasons why you should opt for a career in data science and analytics.

A lot of work opportunities.

As we enter our second pandemic year, we have seen people laid off from renowned companies worldwide. Yet, data scientists are in high demand in workplaces and earn the highest median salary out of all the data science and artificial jobs. During the pandemic, the data science sector also saw a remarkable growth of 30.1 percent in April 2022. 

High-paying Salary

Whether you're just starting in data science and artificial intelligence or have some experience, a competitive remuneration package is critical to your success.

Data science and machine learning job profiles are among the highest-paying job roles in the current market scenarios. 

As per the AIM and Imarticus learning report, India has seen a significant jump in the salary brackets. The number of jobs falling in more than 50 lakhs salary bracket has increased to 20 times. As a result, more professionals are opting for data science and machine learning courses.

Data Scientists are in demand

Data science has become an in-demand skill, and many organizations are adopting it. Data analytics has been adopted by nearly every industry on earth due to its ability to predict trends for customers and employees within the company itself.

From data scientists to data analysts to machine learning engineers, companies need them to apply data science in the company. With more companies adopting data science and more people learning about the potential, the demand for data scientists has been rising.

Easy Career Advancement

Data science is not only restricted to being a data scientist. You can also explore other branches like deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Climbing up the ladder is easy if you deal with any data interpretation role. 

Extracting information from data is the foundation of taking important decisions in the company. So, when handling any data interpretation role, you play a vital role in strategic decision-making. That's how you could quickly grow in different business functions and advance your career.

The scope of data science and machine learning is clear. High-paying jobs and career growth are appealing. Everything contributes to data science's positive outcome, from the salary to job roles to growth. 

Undergraduates or even experienced professionals can learn data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence by enrolling at an institute. 

You can register for Imarticus learning’s data science and machine learning course and can learn the concepts quickly.

Their program is designed to address industry-relevant learning needs and help professionals build successful careers in data science.

Download the full report here. 

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