The purpose of search engine marketing in the digital marketing field

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1.      The purpose of search engine marketing in the digital marketing field

2.      How digital marketing course open new job opportunities?

Want to excel in the world of freelancing? From content writers, graphic designers, influencers, and scriptwriters to translators, the need for Search Engine Marketing in the digital marketing field has become crucial.

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Cutting to the chase, here is why you should know about search engine marketing if you are pursuing a career in any of the digital marketing fields:

What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

In layman's terms, search engine marketing is the marketing strategy used to rank websites higher in search engine results pages. (SERPs).

Doesn't it sound so much similar to SEO - Search Engine Optimization? However, there is a thin line between both.

Wherein, SEM focuses on both ranking websites higher in search engine page results using paid advertisements and ranking them higher up organically, SEO only focuses on ranking them higher organically/naturally.

Organic search engine results are results a searcher sees below the paid advertisements.

In the above image, the top result with the label ‘Ad’ is a paid advertisement, whereas the result below it is the organic search engine result.

Organic search engine results are made to the top naturally by using search engine optimization techniques like using keyword research, SEO tools and so.

Purpose of Search Engine Marketing

Makes a website seen

Search Engine Marketing's real purpose is to make any website reach the top of search results. It would be optimized in a manner to get to the top of search engines when a search query is initiated.

As someone pursuing a career in digital marketing, you should be well-versed in the technical words used in Search Engine Marketing like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, internal linking, etc.

Increase e-commerce conversion rates

The right use of Search Engine Marketing can help e-commerce websites increase their conversion rates. Conversion rates are the rates at which the number of visitors on a website turns into sales. The more the desired action taken by visitors, the higher the conversion rate.

SEM focuses on keeping this rate higher.

Integrate affiliate marketing model

Affiliate marketing has become quite popular in the recent past. Search Engine Marketing enables integrating affiliate marketing into your digital marketing strategy seamlessly. For those who don't know, Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that generates sales through referrals in exchange for a commission. The person who receives the commission is known as an affiliate. A good affiliate knows how to direct users to buy products referred by them.

It’s also a popular medium used by influencers these days to earn extra.

Integration of social media accounts

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable forms of digital marketing. As over 75% of the world’s population are social media users, it has become a prime source of advertising.

Search Engine marketing throws light into the optimized use of social media accounts for any business. Which social media is best for a specific business niche? How to stay engaged with your followers on your social media accounts? How to integrate social media into the website? Where is the best place to put social media buttons on your website?

Search Engine Marketing covers it all.

Using email marketing to your advantage

It is through the right knowledge of Search Engine Marketing that businesses can make the most of email marketing campaigns. Starting from using different techniques to get the mail ids of your prospective customers to sending actionable emails that convert, SEM incorporates it all.

It gives answers to questions like - How to best utilize the newsletters? How to write re-engagement emails? How to onboard new customers using email marketing?

As a digital marketer, email marketing sequence works wonders for brands to increase sales. It lets you know the best ways to send emails. The email shouldn't be too pushy to end up in the spam or too disconnected to lose the interest of your existing customers. The art of email marketing sequence is best learned through a good digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Course with Placement

Do you know, Digital marketing is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% in the next 3 years? It's never too late to start. With layoffs becoming more frequent, taking a digital marketing course will ensure you have additional skills that can help you get jobs in digital marketing fields. From copywriter to affiliate, it has a wide horizon.

At Imarticus Learning, a digital marketing course comes with placement. Not only this, but the applicant also receives a Digital Marketing and Martech Certification to add to a resume. It’s a 4.5-month course prepared by the faculty of IIT Roorkee and other leaders in the industry. The course is carefully designed to cover all aspects of Search Engine Marketing so you can later pursue jobs as a social media manager, social media marketer, SEO expert, Affiliate marketer, graphic designer on Canva, WordPress website developer, content marketer, and lot more.

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