The Emergence of Big Data In The Field of Agriculture

The recent couple of years have been witness to this huge amount of buzz created all over the IT world by the concept of ‘big data’, with it more often than not being related to in the print and electronic media. One of the most phenomenal discoveries was that all the data that has been rapidly generated was stored in the entirety of the past decade. For instance, it was in the year 2000 when 25% of the world’s information was being stored in the virtual format. Cut to the current year, more than 98% of information is stored in the digital format in our daily lives. Believe it or not, today, the entire world is generated more than 30,000 gigabytes of data that is almost being generated every second of every day. When you sit to carefully think about this, the change seems to be of almost astronomical proportions. This as it would, in the progression of all things IT, has led to the creation of huge data sets and in a way there has also been the whole issue, about how and where and especially in what manner would the data be stored.
More important than that is the question of what. The answer to what of this data, more specifically the answer to what exactly can be done about this data, lies within two words: Data Scientist. These are professionals who are basically given the responsibility of extracting value out of these huge data sets, thus in a way, assisting in making valuable decisions, for the growth and development of the companies. Today there is no field left that, has not been penetrated by the. The various fields that have been developed, in terms of their efficiency and their functioning, mostly due to the presence of big data are, health, IT, finance, oil and gas and many more.

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The newest addition to this ever increasing list, is the field of agriculture. The National Research Council, is of the opinion that something known as, precision agriculture can come into existence due to the introduction of big data. It basically refers to a management strategy, which will be making use of information technologies to collect data, from multiple sources in order to facilitate various quality decisions, when it comes to anything and everything related to crop production. While so far the system of precision agriculture and big data are a little different from each other, in terms of the technical aspects, there are chances of inculcating these two concepts in the near future.
Precision agriculture is still involved, with graphical representations of the field maps, wherein the main purpose is to just identify the areas which would be less nutrient deficient in order to sow seeds. As this concept already has a lot of generation of data in place, it surely will help with the process of data analytics, thus these two fields being complementary. This promises a lot of development in terms of job opportunities for all those great Data Scientists out there.
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