The career outlook for data scientists with a Postgraduate degree in Data Analytics

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Data science is one of the most buoyant fields with myriad career opportunities and lucrative pay now. As the world is progressing towards big data and metaverse, the role of data and artificial intelligence will impact our lives more than ever before.

However, individuals must note that the role of data science includes a legion of disciplines and include multiple job titles such as data analyst, data engineer, program analyst engineer, and machine learning specialist. Therefore, to stay ahead of the pandemonium concerning job seekers, a PG in data science in India can significantly boost the chances of employment.  

big data analytics courseFuture of Data Science Jobs

Businesses and other allied sectors have now realized the importance of big data; thus, the demand for data scientists is soaring. As per a report by the Times of India, the volume of global data is projected to touch 180 zettabytes by 2025. To manage this enormous volume of data, the skilled workforce is bound to surge more in the upcoming years. 

LinkedIn’s Emerging Job Report has ranked data science as the fastest-growing field in the world and has estimated the market to reach USD 230.80 billion by 2026. Also, 'The Humans of Data Science' reports that data science will create around 11.5 million jobs by 2026. So, a data scientist career will reach new heights soon, and for new professionals, this might be the correct time to step into this booming field. 

Data Scientist Salary in India

India currently holds the second position as the most prominent recruiter in the field of data analytics and data science, next to the United States. In India, the average salary of a data scientist is approximately INR 698,412 per annum. But, for freshers, the salary hovers around the INR 500,000 mark per year. Also, an early-level data scientist can earn around INR 610,811 per annum with around 1 to 4 years of experience. Additionally, with experience and expertise, the salary increases significantly and might reach around INR 1,700,000 per year.   

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist 

Although the job responsibility might vary with the sector, in general, the responsibility of a data scientist remains the same. A few of these are: 

  • Analyzing large amounts of information and data to discover underlying patterns and trends 
  • Pre-processing unstructured or structured data
  • Building predictive models and ML algorithms 
  • Identifying valuable data sources for automating the collection process 
  • Provide impactful solutions for business challenges
  • To form an ensemble modeling by combining models

Skills Required for Data Scientists 

Individuals looking to learn data science online must understand that the job role of data scientist demands specific skills. So, they must enroll in a course that will provide adequate knowledge and skills that will allow them to sustain themselves in this field. Nevertheless, a few of the most demanding skills are: 

  • Knowledge in data mining
  • Skills in Python, SQL, and R 
  • Familiarity with Java, Scala, or C++
  • Understanding operation research and machine learning 
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Strong communication skills 

In case individuals are looking to pursue a career in data science, it is always important to know the employer's perspective. A master's or diploma degree with prerequisites skills is often demanded. Hence, a postgraduate degree in data science in India might help secure a job.

And, to proceed with this career, individuals need to acquire skills with time. Also, as more and more businesses incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence into their systems for better productivity, the jobs will soon expand to new horizons. Hence, this is clearly the most suitable time to jump into data science.

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