Switching careers to data science post-pandemic? A certificate program in data science and machine learning will help

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Switching careers to data science post-pandemic? A certificate program in data science and machine learning will help

We all know how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken social norms and reshaped business practices, impacting some industries more than others.

Moreover, the pandemic has forced us to grow accustomed to learning everything online. So, why not use it to advance our careers in new and exciting ways?

If this sounds interesting to you and you plan to make a career switch to the field of data science, read on.

The field of technology, especially data science, is among the few areas that saw an increase in job opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This increase in opportunities was because all businesses were compelled to go digital. Their dependence on understanding and interpreting data became essential during the lockdowns and work-from-home setups.

Since going completely digital is the ‘new normal,’ the main focus of all businesses now is on ways to revitalise themselves and gain momentum with data's help.

The phenomenon will help them better understand customer behavior and derive meaningful insights from them. 

The demand for data science specialists is thus rising, even though supply is somehow limited. Due to this severe talent shortage, there is a golden opportunity for graduates, software engineers, and even novices to switch to the field of data science. 

For a seamless career shift to data science and machine learning, you can apply to Imarticus Learning's certificate program in data science and machine learning, designed in collaboration with iHUB DivyaSampark at IIT Roorkee. 

Data Science And Machine Learning Career Paths

We have discussed in detail how you can make a career switch from different fields to the sphere of data science and machine learning.

  • For Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

If you have a degree in mathematics, statistics, or computer science, you have an excellent chance to succeed in the rapidly evolving field of data science.

However, even if you have a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, or have basic coding experience because of your computer science background, simply being a graduate will not help you secure a job as a data scientist.

To stand out and advance your career in data science, you must learn and have work-ready experience in different programming languages, including R, SAS, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark.

You should also improve your ability to work collaboratively with other developers on GitHub, learn about cloud-based model deployment, and be familiar with Docker and Docstrings.

Our data science and machine learning course combines comprehensive case studies, theory, and hands-on experiential learning and is ideal for recent statistics, computer science, and mathematics graduates.

With the help of this certification course, you can surely get all the features and facilities mentioned above right from the comfort of your home.

  • For Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in Other Disciplines

Suppose you are a novice with a degree in a course unrelated to data science, such as commerce, business administration, or medicine.

In that case, your odds of finding a data science job are relatively low compared to a computer science graduate or employed software engineer.

However, you can do away with this disadvantage by taking a data science course. All you need is hard work and the ability to learn quickly. You would be happy to know that many technology companies prefer self-taught data, science professionals.

Beginners in the field are also encouraged to join our 5-month online course, as it equips them with the practical knowledge required to make data-driven decisions and secure their dream job quickly.

Benefits of Our Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

Following are some key benefits that our students enjoy after getting enrolled in this course : 

  • The Imarticus Learning Data Science and Machine Learning Course are designed to help you begin your data science and machine learning journey, regardless of your level of knowledge in statistics, analytics, or coding.

  • This programme has been created in collaboration with iHUB DivyaSampark @IIT Roorkee. It will teach you the fundamentals and forms of information science and machine learning. Moreover, it will also provide you with the necessary knowledge to implement and apply these concepts to real-world problems.

  • The course has a holistic curriculum full of projects and exercises to help you get all the necessary practical exposure and hone your job-relevant skills.

  • In this 5-month programme designed by renowned IIT faculty members, you will learn to use data mining and machine learning tools with Python. You will also learn how to use data-driven insights to impact organisational growth positively.
  • You will get additional chat support and undergo online career counselling sessions.
  • The course is scheduled for weekends, so you can complete it at your own pace and with the utmost comfort.

You can advance your data science career by enrolling in our Data Scientist course to make a switch to job roles like data scientist, business analyst, data analyst, or machine learning engineer.

Final words

We at Imarticus Learning have validated and customised applied learning solutions ideal for beginners and working professionals who want to update their skills and data science knowledge.

So, if you are looking for a quantifiable program offering practical knowledge through engaging sessions and project work, check out our course.

This helps make a robust career in the field of data science and make a swift switch to it. To know more, contact us through chat support or visit our nearest training centers in Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Thane, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, or Delhi.

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