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R is a programming language widely used in data analytics, research and statistical computing. It can be used to retrieve, clean, analyze, visualize data, which makes it a hot choice of data analysts, statisticians and researchers. What makes R so popular is the ease of presenting the results as a presentation or a document.

Its syntax is very expressive, and its interface is very user-friendly which increases its popularity year after year. Here is why you should learn R and what is in it for you. Considered as one of the best tools for data scientists, R is considered as the bridging language of data science.

According to the survey conducted by O’Reilly Media in 2014 to learn about the popular tools among the data scientists, R turned out to be the most popular amongst the programming languages.

Why is R Used in Graphics and Statistical Computing?

  1. R Programming is an Open Source

Most of the R packages are licensed under GNU General Public license terms and you can download it for free and use them even for commercial purposes

  1. Cross-Platform Interoperability

In today’s technology-driven world, it is very important for any program to be flexible and adaptable. The ability to be able to run on popular platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux makes R a popular choice.

  1. Career Prospects

Data science training and proficiency in R is highly desirable for software job openings. It makes you stand out from the crowd when you apply for a job.

  1. Popular Programme Among Tech Giants

Popularity and preference among tech giants show the potential of a programming language. R exhibits great potential this way. Better data analytics makes R a hot choice for many companies to aid them in the decision-making process. Learning R thus increases your chances to work with market leaders.

Companies Using R

As mentioned earlier, R is the hot choice amongst the market leaders. Listed below are some examples of renowned R users and an indication on how it helps them.

  1. Facebook – To analyze user behavior by considering profile pictures and status updates.
  2. Google – To enhance the effectiveness of ads and economic forecasting.
  3. Twitter – To visualize the data and for semantic clustering
  4. Microsoft – Uses R for a myriad of purposes that it eventually acquired Revolution R company!
  5. Uber – To analyze various user statistics
  6. Airbnb – To scale data science.
  7. IBM – The extensive application of R made them join R Consortium Group
  8. ANZ – To create and analyze credit risk modeling.

Real-World Application of R Programming

  1. Data Science

R programming facilitates real-time data collection and thus, makes it an extremely useful tool for data scientists. They can perform predictive as well as statistical analysis with these data. It also helps to create visualizations and to effectively communicate the results to respective stakeholders.

  1. Statistical Computing

R is very simple highly user-friendly that even a non-computer professional can import data from requisite sources and analyze them to create better results. The excellent charting capability of R program helps you to create good visualizations also has charting capabilities, which means you can plot your data and create outstanding visualizations from a given dataset.

  1. Machine Learning

R programming has found its application in machine learning as well. Machine learning professionals use R to implement the algorithms in various fields including marketing, finance, retail marketing, genetics research, and healthcare to mention some.


Most suited for graphics, statistical analysis and data visualization R is the most desirable tool that is leading the world of computer programming. One of the most preferred programs by the market giants, Learning R offers better career prospects.

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