Pros and cons of learning Python online

pros and cons of learning python online

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The rise of online learning

Did you know that the global market of online learning or e-learning was valued at $399.3 billion in 2022? Yes! Moreover, this number is expected to surpass a compound annual growth rate of 14% by 2032! While online learning became popular in the last decade, the COVID-19 outbreak boomed its usage.

Today, online learning has revolutionised the education sector with new and improved learning platforms and delivery systems. Owing to its features like flexibility, affordability and accessibility, online learning is gaining a lot of traction.

Hence, if you want to learn the programming languages like Python, Angular, Linux or JavaScript, you can now do it with the best programmes offered by renowned universities from the comfort of your home. To assist you further, we bring you a list of the pros and cons of learning Python online.

Advantages of learning Python online

Python is an easy and high-level programming language. If you are new to the coding and programming world, Python can be your stepping stone to further acquiring other languages and frameworks.  Here are a few pros of learning Python online:

Suitable for all ages

Given the perks of mastering Python, many people, irrespective of their age or background, wish to learn Python. Thanks to online courses, older people, students with gaps, non-IT professionals or students with physical challenges can learn Python easily.

Personalised instructions

Learning style differs from person to person. Large seminars, lectures or classes might not suit everybody. Therefore, if you learn Python online, your specific needs will be taken care of. A Python module or session can be tailored to your needs and skill level. This flexibility allows you to learn or focus on the topics at your pace.

Quick response and feedback

Real-time assessment is crucial to the progression of Python learning. Online platforms strive to design their structures or study planner to provide instant feedback on your errors or doubts about your code. This helps in fixing errors quickly and grasping the concepts better.

Interactive learning

For a better and easier understanding of learning Python online, several platforms offer interactive quizzes, coding challenges and other exercises. These interactive sessions reinforce understanding and ensure better hands-on practice.

Problem-solving skills

Soft skills play a significant role when trying Python coding. As you learn Python online, you might face coding issues. Therefore, many online institutions keep Python tutors who teach how to develop problem-solving skills. They guide you through problems and help in developing a positive attitude and ability of debugging codes.

Support through community

When you learn Python online, you get to participate in discussion boards, online forums and other social media communities that are indulging in similar programming languages. These platforms help you in getting support from mentors, experts, and fellow learners who can provide guidance or answer common queries.


Learning Python online is cost-effective. Several online Python study materials and resources are either free or inexpensive. Not only that, some crash courses are more affordable than Python based-books or traditional classrooms!

Downsides of learning Python online

Just like any other online course, to learn Python online you need strong dedication and discipline. Also, keeping yourself motivated to continue the course can be challenging. Let’s learn about a few major cons of learning Python online:

Distractions and lack of structure

When you are learning in a non-traditional set-up or at home, several distractions keep your focus away. Python comes with tricky and complex codes. Without a structured environment, learning Python can be challenging for some individuals.

Complete isolation or limited interactions

Some learners thrive in traditional classroom settings or a social learning environment. Given the intricacies of Python, collaborative learning is preferred for quick real-time and face-to-face feedback from instructors.

Quality variation

With a wide array of Python classes online, it is difficult to pick the best one. Not all online platforms design a suitable course. Therefore, you need to invest a lot of time in researching and finalising the course that will give you accurate teaching with up-to-date information.

Final thoughts

After evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of learning Python online, it is evident that you can learn this programming language if you are focused and disciplined. Moreover, with its several pros like affordability, personal instructions, instant feedback and interactive learning, you can become a Python expert if you dedicatedly learn Python online. Lastly, you need to choose a reputable platform that provides the best Python training and the one that can keep you motivated and engaged as you learn Python online.

At Imarticus Learning, it is our mission to bring an unparalleled learning experience closer to you. You can choose a course from us that will accentuate your career graph. You can also visit our blog section to read through vast topics that can guide you in your job trajectory.

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