Masterclasses From IIM: The Key To Organisational Success

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Organisations should help their employees with learning and development opportunities. This goes a long way in building a productive workforce. Employees are aligned with the vision and mission of the organisation. Training and development were seen as an additional expense in businesses earlier. But the trend has changed now. It is hard to find skilled talent. Business requirements are constantly evolving. Thus, organisations are willing to invest in their existing workforce to upskill them. This helps them meet the changing needs.

According to the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2021, 63% of learning and development professionals agree that learning and development are necessary. They are ideal for upskilling and professional growth. They should be carried out regularly.

There has been a massive rise in learning and development programs. This is because many businesses have shifted to a hybrid working model. An organisation may find it challenging to find the right solution for its learning and development requirements. One of the biggest additions in recent years is the masterclass sessions.

Several EdTech and L&D firms have launched masterclass sessions. They have partnered with reputed institutes like the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Here is how the masterclasses from IIM can help with organisational success.

What is a masterclass session?

A masterclass session is a structured learning program. It is usually conducted by an industry or academic expert who has been working in the field for several decades. These masterclass sessions are different from regular sessions. This is because the level of learning and experience is more advanced and practical. They are called masterclass sessions mainly because the trainer is a master in the field.

What are masterclasses from IIM?

There are a few EdTech firms like Imarticus Learning that offer Masterclasses from IIM. This is part of their corporate learning solutions. These masterclass sessions are conducted by IIM faculty. Thus, they are some of the most talented people available. They are currently teaching at various reputed business schools.

How masterclasses from IIM can help

These masterclass sessions are part of corporate training programs. Thus, an organisation can use these sessions to upskill their talent with the latest trends and solutions. They are available for a vast range of fields. These include IT, marketing, finance and life skills. Imarticus Learning IIM masterclass sessions help build a great learning experience for all departments.

For instance, the marketing program for aspiring chief marketing officers includes masterclass sessions on -

  • customer preferences
  • marketing strategy
  • social media
  • marketing P&L
  • change management
  • GTM strategy

The wide range of topics provides a well-rounded learning experience. This helps employees perform better in their daily tasks. Similarly, other topics can help various departments learn advanced concepts. They can learn from skilled industry professionals to have better practical exposure.


Imarticus Learning Corporate Learning Solutions start with analysing the requirements of an organisation. Then, Imarticus builds a tailored plan. Hence, organisations can redefine their learning and development strategy efficiently.

Today, organisations are finding it difficult to retain existing talent. A lot of technological changes are also taking place. Thus, corporate training programs from Imarticus Learning consist of several masterclass sessions from IIMs. These can prove to be game-changing.

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