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Supply chain analytics certification

Supply chain management is a useful process for any organisation that wants to boost its ROI (Return on Investment). Businesses have to keep track of their services and products in the supply chain for more insights. With more insights, businesses can take better decisions related to the supply chain. To extract meaningful insights, data analytics is used by supply chain experts. If you want to upgrade your career in supply chain management, you can go for an online course that covers the analytical aspects. Read on to know more about building a career in supply chain management and analytics.

What is SCM?

SCM (Supply Chain Management) helps businesses in understanding the flow of goods and services. All the processes that convert the raw materials into finished goods come under the supply chain. SCM enhances the transparency of day-to-day business processes and you can make better decisions. When a firm knows the cost of its supply chain processes, it can make better decisions for slashing the costs. From the movement of products to the storage of raw materials, everything comes under the supply chain.

What are the pros of SCM?

The benefits of SCM in the current business scenario are as follows:

  • Supply chain management helps in meeting the supplies as per the customer demands. SCM helps a business in steering through market challenges and fluctuating economies.
  • You can enhance your inventory system with SCM and reduce damages in storing products/services.
  • With better SCM, a business can have better relationships with vendors and distributors. Better communication between different points of the supply chain adds to overall productivity.
  • You can gain insight into day-to-day operational costs incurred by your organisation with better SCM. Cutting overhead costs is one of the major advantages of SCM.
  • With SCM, you can reduce the delays in your business processes. Customers can receive finished goods and services in less time with better SCM.
  • You can optimise the space at your sales outlets with better SCM. You can highlight products according to the demands of customers in your sales outlets.

Due to the numerous benefits of SCM, firms need expert individuals who can enhance their overall productivity. Firms are hiring individuals who have completed a supply chain management course for better results. At present, data analytics is being used heavily for the supply chain management. With data analytics, you can know the demands of the customers and can forecast market situations.

What are different job roles in supply chain management?

Job roles in the supply chain management industry are as follows:

  • Production Manager: It prepares the staff schedules and ensures all equipment is working fine.
  • Supply Chain Manager: A supply chain manager interacts with vendors and distributors to ensure continuous supply/sale.
  • Logistics Manager: The logistics manager is concerned with the supply of products/services to the customer.
  • Purchasing Manager: Major purchase contracts are overseen by purchasing managers in respective firms.

How to learn SCM and analytics?

Young enthusiasts can go for the Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management & Analytics offered by Imarticus Learning. This supply chain management online course is sponsored by IIT Roorkee, one of the premier educational institutions of the country. You get to learn from industry experts and faculty members of IIT Roorkee. Not to forget, this course provides hands-on learning with numerous real-world SCM projects.


At the end of the IIT supply chain management course, Imarticus will offer extensive placement support. You can kickstart your career in the industry with an online course. Working professionals can also uplift their careers by completing an SCM online course. Start your IIT supply chain management course now!  

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