How to Set Up a Digital Onboarding Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The adoption of remote and hybrid working models by companies has reached 84% in 2023. The report states that this data shows a rise of over 30% from 2022’s data. This study indicates the growing preference for flexibility among employees. They look for the same flexibility when it comes to the onboarding process.


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New hires want to access learning material from anywhere and at any time. They also need a system that can help them by answering basic queries at all times. Moreover, they like to embrace their own speed when it comes to learning. The digital employee onboarding process meets all the demands that this generation of new employees has.

That is why digital onboarding is currently in trend. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to setting up a digital onboarding programme.

Understanding employee onboarding

An onboarding programme is a structured approach to welcoming new hires to the team and getting them productive. During the training, new employees learn about the company, its culture, their teams and organisational processes. They also gain the knowledge and learn the skills and tools required to perform their job.

A step-by-step guide to creating a successful digital onboarding programme 

  1. Start with a plan

Whether the company is new to an onboarding programme of any sort or they have a traditional onboarding programme in place, it’s crucial to have a plan. If the organisation already has an onboard programme, learn the challenges with digital onboarding and look for areas of improvement. And, in case they are starting onboarding for the first time, they should prepare a list of goals and outcomes they would like to see.

  1. Deliver engaging content

Provide engaging video content, podcasts, interactive quizzes etc. Avoid boring content that doesn’t achieve the goals set out by the company. Add a gamification element to make it more enjoyable and engaging.

  1. Talk about the company and culture

The employees’ values must align with that of the company. If the employee is working remotely, they don’t have the chance to be in the office and experience it. Make sure they know the vision and mission of the company.

  1. Ensure they have all the required tools

Before the new employee commences, make sure they have all the required equipment and software delivered. Also, ensure they are added to relevant communication channels so that they don’t miss out on any important information.

  1. Encourage new hires to network

Having a mentor is crucial in making the new hires feel comfortable. This individual will be their go-to person to approach with doubts and concerns. Establishing a network of new hires and encouraging them to interact with each other will also help in building healthy work relationships.

  1. Foster a sense of belonging 

Apart from the team meetings and projects, have peer-to-peer interactive sessions with the team. Since it’s remote working, employees can easily forget names and faces. Create an online organisational chart with pictures, names, positions and contact details of each member. This will make them feel valued.

  1. Provide job-specific training

By creating job-specific training modules, the company can show employees what exactly they expect them to do. Send video training content for them to learn via pop-ups. Set milestones and test their knowledge using quizzes.

  1. Check in and get feedback

Schedule one-to-one chats regularly and ensure they feel comfortable. Answer their concerns and doubts. Then, ask about their likes and dislikes concerning the programme. Use this information to improve the programme.

Final reflections on digital onboarding

Employee onboarding is much more than just training individuals for a new job. When done right, businesses will be rewarded with loyal and dedicated employees equipped with the right skills. Additionally, an effective employee onboarding process will help in building company culture.

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