How To Implement An Easy and Effective Digital Onboarding Solution

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Employee onboarding is a crucial part of firm success. However, employees fail to find out that it can also benefit their workforce by increasing sales productivity.

The rate of employee turnover at work is at an all-time high of 19.3%. Many employees are left behind in a room alone with a pile of paperwork to finish. They have no idea what to do next. If they don't have a good experience with the firm, most employees won't think twice about finding another job.

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They are moving towards firms that provide digital, quick, and lovely onboarding experiences. Creative Firms find ways to improve their current systems. However, finding the best employee digital onboarding solutions can be complex. So, the right technology can help in tackling any difficulty.

What is Digital Onboarding?

Onboarding is crucial in every job process. This vital step in hiring a new employee introduces them to the company's culture, business aims, and goals. If approached effectively, it can train a new employee for future success.

However, poorly structured onboarding processes are one of the main reasons why so many new employees quit the firm within a few months.

In the modern era of technology, firms are using digital tools to create and run their digital onboarding process. Digital onboarding is entirely online, unlike traditional onboarding. It usually involves management and the team in person.

How to Implement Digital Onboarding Solutions?

Online onboarding may seem simple, but it requires some level of attention when put into effect. It can have adverse effects if done incorrectly.

An employee onboarding process involves much more than just printing out some documents and giving them to new employees.

Let's look at some employee digital onboarding training solutions for this approach.

  • Before they begin, plan a call with the new team member

It is best practice for HR teams to plan a brief call after providing a welcome email to go over all paperwork, benefits, and business policies. It keeps new members inspired. It also comforts them that picking the offer was the proper choice.

  • Provide an Online Employee Digital Training Program

Companies need to develop the right training program for their new employees. The program should ideally consist of many modules that an employee must slowly understand. They should have the option to pause, rewind, and move at leisure. Also, they should have full access to these lessons throughout their journey.

  • Prepare the workstation for the new hire

An employee's first impression of the business depends on having a "home base" prepared for arrival. Nothing is worse for a new employee than not having the means essential for success. New employees may feel valued if their computer, email, and phone numbers are set up beforehand. Also, they should be given access to any necessary office materials. The new employee now has the resources needed to deliver their best work.

  • Make connections

On the new hire's first day, schedule some meetings and discussions with key people and departments. It will offer them a solid idea of where to go to receive what they need, even though they might not remember everyone's names. They will gain a better understanding of the firm's process.


Simple digital onboarding cannot satisfy the demands of today's employees. More optimised processes produce better sales outcomes and overall experiences. The crucial query, however, is how to choose the best provider for employee onboarding solutions and other operations that might benefit a firm.

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