How to Get a Data Science Job After A Career Gap?

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Deepti recounts her journey from a career gap to be a stay-at-home mom to a landing a data science job after Imarticus’ data science course.

It’s always challenging – getting back into the job market after an extended break. A business venture that went bust, prolonged illness, family responsibilities, the possible reasons are many. In my case, I wanted to take a career break for a couple of years to focus on raising my child who is now 9 years old.

My name is Deepti, and I am a mathematics graduate with 6 years of experience in the IT industry, specifically Oracle applications and data warehousing. After my break, I experienced first-hand the challenges involved in restarting my IT career. The jobs I wanted were out of reach; the available jobs didn’t pay enough, and the jobs that paid decently pronounced me as overqualified.

Imarticus’ data science course fit my needs perfectly! 
In the midst of all this, I came across data science and realized that this industry is growing and, considering my background in IT and mathematics, would be the perfect fit for me. I began researching institutes with the right curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and other pre-requisites you’d generally look for. I zeroed in on Imarticus’ data science course because it was the perfect blend of theoretical learning and hands-on industry-relevant practical experience.
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One worry at the back of my mind was ‘how do I juggle between a full-time data science course and taking care of my 9-year old son?’ A quick call with Swapnil, the head of Imarticus’ Thane center, put my mind to rest. I spoke to him about my concern, and without a second thought, he offered to let my son accompany me to class. With my son in the room beside me, I was able to concentrate entirely on my lectures and complete the course successfully.

The course itself is outstanding and warrants a 5-star rating.
What I liked most about the course was a learning management portal – Learntron – that I was given 24/7 access to. I remember going back home at the end of a day of classes to put in some time working on the day’s assignments. I could always log on to the online platform, re-watch the lectures & videos, refer to the notes and clear any doubts & queries that arose. The learner was a great aid to my entire learning journey.

I also want to make special mention of the faculty, Ms. Ritu Singh and Ms. Prachi Samant, who are amazing trainers. Being data science professionals themselves, they are incredibly proficient in every aspect of the industry and were able to help me relate the projects and case studies I worked on to real-world data science business problems.

The final step was crucial: building my resume and preparing for interviews.
Because of my career break, my resume was outdated and needed a complete overhaul. Imarticus’ career services team helped me hone my resume to reflect my new skills and turn it into a job-magnet. They also helped me run through the most probable data science interview questions through mock interviews.

The professional transformation I’ve undergone is a testament to Imarticus’ data science program, and I am thrilled that I took up the course.

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