How ISPs Are Using Analytics To Help Customers?

The world is driven by big data

Big data is everywhere. Businesses of all tastes and flavours are getting their hands on this mega resource to make their businesses competitive and also to gain useful insights that can shoot their operations to the zenith of success. Big data is loaded with multiple benefits. It churns up the data to bring out conclusions hence, giving a huge helping hand in making vital business decisions.

What are ISPs?

ISPs are nothing but people you need for the smooth functioning of your daily necessity: The Internet. Internet service providers are companies that provide internet services across various geographical locations so that people can access and use the web. This market is dominated by both large and small local players. The big players have the internet lines managed independently by them. The big players of this market are companies like AT&T, Netcom, MCI, etc.  These days a new group known as the online service providers has also come into the picture. They manage all of their operations through online mode.

ISPs and data analytics:

Internet service providers like any other sector are utilizing the applications of big data and making the most of it. Big data has become a profit-driving point for these companies. With the help of big data, the geographical boundaries are analyzed and then the reach of the internet and strength of signals and network concerns are also brought into the picture.

Analysis of data is done based on these parameters and then the expansion of business is carried on after several tests on feasibility, accessibility, etc. These providers use online advertisements to advertise their services, hence collect information based on clicks on the ads, their page staying time and their page abandonment time.

ISPs are using big data to have access to a gold mine full of data. Using analytics, possible customers are tracked down and then presented with an ad based on their individual preferences and search histories. These ads are curated automatically with the application of analytics. This data also helps in providing better customer experiences.

These service providers with the help of big data overcome the bottlenecks of Internet services such as network speeds, connectivity concerns, etc. Also, big data helps inefficient capacity planning and brings out operational excellence. Such mechanisms help these providers to foresee any upcoming issues and glitches which can make the users compromise on their user experience hence, solving it beforehand and providing a buttery smooth surfing experience.

ISPs are providing a next-level user experience with the application of big data and analytics. ISPs are using big data to mitigate a lot of problems and extracting the best out of what is available. The area which is compromised on a little is data security. Though the services providers are extracting out all the goodness of big data and giving an upgraded the internet experience to its users the data entered by its users are on huge servers floating, ready to be pounded on.

Data security is one of the biggest concerns which is bothering individual users. Users regularly feed information of personal importance and relevance to their smartphones and laptops. The data thus entered has no specific, safe place to go. It wanders in an unrestricted environment which can be extracted by anyone.

This problem is being tackled by big data to a certain extent but is being worked on so that the improvements can be made at a really quick pace in the area of data security and privacy of the users. Only data can protect data. Thus, these gaps are being filled up gradually by exploring more and more avenues of big data in this dynamic sector.


Internet service providers and big data are moving hand in hand. Both of them together are capturing consumer behaviour and extracting information out of it at an all-new level. Though there are certain limitations the ISPs and data analytics courses are jointly brought into force to eliminate such hindrances and emerge out with more upgrades. ISPs are sailing quickly and analytics is the captain of the boat driving it towards the island of growth dancing along the waves.

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