How is the supply chain management course from IIT Roorkee different from other institutes?

supply chain management courses

Supply chain management is now a critical component of business operations and is a major factor in determining an enterprise's success. Thus, there is an increased need for qualified individuals who can efficiently manage intricate supply chain networks. 

The global supply chain has experienced disruptions over the past few years. Manufacturing facilities struggled to keep up with the rise in demand for delivered goods. Restrictions slowed transit, and worker shortages resulted in a backlog of port deliveries.

A CAGR of 11.2% is anticipated for the global supply chain market between 2020 and 2027. Therefore, the market value will rise from $15.85 billion in 2019 to $37.41 billion in 2027. 

Given the constantly changing landscape of technology and data, staying current with the most recent trends and developments in your chosen field is essential. So, if you are looking for a training program that will help you to develop an idea about the dynamics of an industry and help you understand how businesses operate, IIT Roorkee's supply chain management course will get your mind working! 

Explore Your Career Potential: Join the Fascinating Field

IIT Roorkee is one of the best universities in the country. The institute has been imparting high-quality education for over five decades, producing some of India's most distinguished engineers and scientists. In the list of Best Global Universities, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Roorkee is ranked #896. 

With the help of this program, you will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the operations and supply chain sector and to excel in positions that are in high demand, including demand planner, data scientist, supply planner, and supply and operations planner. You can also gain a competitive edge in the job market by using Supply Chain Analytics to teach you how to use data to make strategic, operational, and tactical decisions. 

What Makes IIT Roorkee's Supply Chain Course So Impressive?

  • Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the latest industry standards and has been designed to give you a good foundation in supply chain management. This includes core topics like operations management, inventory management, procurement, and sales.  

The IIT Roorkee curriculum also ensures that students understand how their knowledge applies to real-world business problems today. In this sense, students need to learn how best to use their skillset when they leave the institute--and you can only achieve this by studying in an environment where there is a constant focus on the practical application of theory into practice!

  • Faculty

The faculty at IIT Roorkee is a mix of industry practitioners, researchers, and academic experts. They have been part of the supply chain management course for several years and have developed much expertise in this field.

The faculty members at IIT Roorkee are experts in their respective fields who can teach you about various topics related to supply chain management so that you get a good grounding before moving on to your internship.

  • Industry Interaction

Industry interaction is a significant part of IIT Roorkee's curriculum. The students get to interact with big companies and small businesses in their area, which helps them gain real-world experience.

The faculty members are also involved in these interactions, so you can expect them to actively engage in discussions with your classmates on a range of topics related to supply chain management. 

  • Placements

Placements are a great way to get your foot in the door, learn about the industry and company, and network with professionals. In this course, you will be placed in companies across India interested in hiring you for your skills and knowledge. 

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Students can prepare for in-demand positions like demand planner, data scientist, supply planner, and supply and operations planner with a logistics and supply chain management course. Supply chain and logistics management professionals should pursue certification to give leaders the tools to drive tactical, operational, and strategic decisions.

Enroll in our supply chain management course with analytics now if you don't want to miss out on this wonderful chance to advance your career!

Course Benefits For Learners: 

  • You can get ready to assist in developing more creative and tactical global supply chains by combining a logistic management course.
  • You can advance your career and become a supply chain analyst through IIT's supply chain program. Take advantage of this opportunity to launch a successful demand planner or data scientist career!
  • Students who study Python acquire a data-centric mindset, which will enhance their supply chain decision-making.

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