How do Data Scientists Use Programming?

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There are few fields in the world which have grown in stature as data science has in recent years. As a discipline, the growth of data science has been unparalleled – machine learning and AI are now implemented in a host of large organizations around the world. 

With every passing second, new data is created by millions of users around the world. Companies try to leverage this data by analyzing it, and data science is used to get business value from the findings. This means that using data science as both a business tool and a product, a number of companies have made business decisions which have made them grow quicker than ever. 

With the rise of data science, the demand for capable data scientists has also improved. It is now one of the most lucrative career options and one which is extremely accessible too. However, how do you become a data scientist, and is programming truly required for being successful in the discipline?

The Importance of Programming for a Data Scientist

Programming remains to be one of the main technical skills which any data scientist requires to succeed. In the initial stages of learning, one does not need to know much programming. This is because the focus is one using the tools at hand to implement algorithms, in order to analyse the data at hand. 

However, when you grow in your career, you will find that you need to modify algorithms or even create new ones for analysis. This means that you will have to modify the codes behind them, or even write a new algorithm from scratch. This requires you to have a command over at least one programming language – be it Python, R or Java. 

Knowledge in programming and statistics can go a long way in helping you implement your own algorithms and analyse the data in a more efficient manner. It will help you manipulate the data set, and bring any unconventional ideas you have to life. If programming is something you can't do, you will be forced to use the tools at hand without the option of trying to change those tools themselves. While you may be able to manage with this, it will have an impact on your career in the long run. 

Can Data Scientists Be Good Without Programming?

Of course, if you do not know how to program, the obvious thing would be to start learning it since it can improve your career over the long term. However, there are some other ways in which you can excel at your job too. You should try and master a GUI tool, like Tableau so that you are able to visualize your data in a much more efficient manner. You should become a storyteller, and must be able to convey the story the data tells you in a concise manner to the client. Excelling at sales would also help, since you may have to interact with the client a lot. 

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