How Can You Make a Good Career in the Data Analytics Industry? What are the Skills You Need to Develop If You Have to Start From Scratch?

Careers don’t just happen. Especially those in Big Data and Analytics! Let us look at the needed skills and what you need to do to make a happening career in this field. Here are the basic steps in the path to success.
Do the math:
Your game plan and strategy counts! Firstly, research your thoughts, options and why you want a career in this field, what will the payouts be, what is the scope for the job roles you aspire for, which are the top companies, how you plan to put your plan into action and have a great SWOT analysis. Some relevant information here may help.
Some high-ranking companies in Business Analytics to watch for are Cognizant, TCS, IBM, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, HP, Deloitte, Capgemini, Genpact among others and in no particular order. Some startups like Mu Sigma Analytics, Fractal Analytics, AbsolutData can offer you the best opportunities in the field of business analytics.
Top roles are

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Quantitative Analyst

BAs bring analytic and business skills to the table and receive good remuneration. The average annual salary is 859,025 INR/ year for a Senior Business Analyst as per the figures of Payscale. The annual average payouts of a BA is INR 6,44857/year as per Glassdoor.
Plan your career strategy:
BA job roles call for a fusion of project management and analytics. A foundation in engineering and mathematics with excellent communication and analytical skills is essential. However, those who already have some background in business opt to enable a career as a BA by upgrading skills with online short courses and a career in data analytics courses
These aspirants are empowered with a good skill set in business analytics that helps them start a career with some certification. Graduates in engineering tend to move towards the information management and data engineering fields, while aspirants with some business experience easily transform into roles as a Business Analyst. An MBA graduate should enhance skills by doing a business analytics course.
Plan acquiring your skill set:
Here’s a list of technical skills required. A Business Analyst must have proficiency in the application of statistics with conceptual knowledge of suites like   SQL, R, SAS, testing framework, SPSS, Hive and tools in BI such as Tableau, Excel, Spotfire, Qlik, among others. Skill sets required change depending on the infrastructure and organization’s requirements and functional roles needed.
Do a course to acquire them:
The business analytics course in Mumbai offers a good grasp of fundamentals, concepts, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and certifications that could help enhance your resume and career. They also offer boot camps, short term workshops, and basic knowledge of SAS and R. While certification definitely helps you need to be an excellent communicator and work diligently to acquire the best analytical and business skills. Another advantage in such courses is of mentoring by certified and experienced industry aces that helps garner the latest best practices, techniques, skills, and practice on the latest trending technologies in the field of Business Analytics.
Apply what you learn:
Knowledge implies having the ability to translate theory into action. Accumulated skills get rusty in a while. So continue to hit the refresh button on your skills and do relevant courses in garnering additional skills that will set you apart from the aspiring job queues.
Get some experience:
Apply for internships to get some valuable experience on your resume. You can also volunteer and work part-time for some of the larger companies to ensure you have practical skills.
Now that you possess most of the skills required, do an internship and land a job based solely on your skills.

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