How Can You Learn About Healthcare Data Analytics?


Data analysis positions are becoming more and more hard for the organisations to fill, thanks to the skyrocketing demand for data professionals. With a tons opportunities lying ahead, the time and effort spent to learn data analytics is worth every penny. Wondering how to start learning it? keep reading the article.

What is Data Analytics?
In simple words, data analytics is the process of sorting massive chunks of unstructured data and delivering important insights. The insights play a crucial role in making important decisions in business. Be it a small or large organisation, the service of a data analyst is vital to their operations.

The Data Scientists are an entirely different job than Data Analyst. The former one is involved with more programming, creating algorithms and building predictive models while analytics is much less complex. With proper knowledge and certification in data analytics, you will be able to pursue careers such as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Digital Marketer and Quantitative Analyst.

Learning Data Analytics
Data analytics demands problem solving and communication skills to be successful. However, you will also need some technical skills to perform the jobs relating data analytics. Some most common skills you will need are the following: 

Excel (Spreadsheets)- Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program widely used for complex data analysis. The built-in pivot tables in Excel are one of the most popular analytic tools.
SQL (Database Language) - SQL or Structured Query Language is used to add and retrieve data quickly from a database. It allows operations on millions of rows of data.

R (Programming Language) - R is a programming language built for statistical computation and graphics. It is a popular tool among statisticians, data miner, data scientists, data analysts and business analysts. It is an essential tool for developing statistical software, machine learning and data analysis. Many high profile companies like Google and Facebook have adopted R as their preferred language to analyse data.

Data Visualization - Data visualisation is an important part of communication in data analysis. It helps the key decision makers of organisations to identify the insights and trends easily and understand the complex information. With a touch of creativity, this skill is comparatively easy to have.

Other few important skills you can consider for a better leg in data analytics role are:
• Google Sheets - It is similar to Excel but a Cloud version.
• Tableau - It is a GUI data visualization tool. allows easier data visualization.
• Data Studio - A Data Visualization Tool from Google
• Google Analytics - It is a free web analytics tool from Google.
• Math Skills - Linear algebra and multi variable calculus are an added advantage.
• Primary understanding of Machine learning.

With companies flooding with data, there is a large gap between the demand and availability of people who can use data right. With technologies like the Internet of Things coming up, the demand for such people will only go up.

So, it is the best time to start learning data analytics. Imarticus Learning is providing a data analytics course to help those who aspire a career in this field. Be sure not to miss this opportunity.

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