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The post-pandemic world has opened up new frontiers for employees. A hybrid work ecosystem has become the new normal. Building an efficient workforce in this ecosystem requires a modern approach to hiring solutions. In the current scenario, employers are facing an acute shortage of talent. Additionally, employees are finding it tough to get relevant job opportunities. Thus, it is time to consider redefining the hiring strategy in organisations.

The traditional hiring models are expensive and unreliable. They do not guarantee positive results for businesses in the modern ecosystem. As a result, businesses are opting for better talent solutions to meet evolving requirements.

For instance, consider the hire-train-deploy work model from Imarticus Learning Corporate Solutions. It helps get a trained workforce for various business processes. This happens at much lesser costs as compared to traditional processes. This model allows an organisation to get a trained workforce for positions that impact the profitability of the business. A business can deploy this workforce in any part of the world. This depends on the requirements and end objectives.

What is the hire-train-deploy model from Imarticus Learning Corporate Solutions?

This model involves the hiring of fresh graduates or mid-experienced staff. This is done via a specialised strategic sourcing solutions partner like Imarticus Learning Corporate Solutions. The staff is trained with the required skills for a specific period. After the training is over, the learner is expected to go through a technical test for selection. Once selected, the hired staff can be deployed anywhere in the world. This depends on the business requirements.

Advantages of the hire-train-deploy model from Imarticus Learning Corporate Solutions

The hire-train-deploy solution from Imarticus Learning Corporate Solutions has many advantages for businesses. The key advantages of this model are as follows:

  • Low costs

This model is cheaper compared to traditional hiring processes. The talent solutions partner is responsible for hiring and training the required staff for the role. Thus, the organisation does not need to spend money on hiring and training. As a result, it turns out to be a low-cost, high-value solution for the business.

  • Proven credentials

The hiring organisation works closely with the corporate solutions provider. Thus, the business relies on the credentials of the talent solutions provider. These businesses operate with a proven track record in the industry. Thus, the hiring client is at ease when it comes to meeting future requirements.

  • Specialised recruiters

The strategic sourcing solutions partner is in the business of hiring talent and deploying them anywhere in the world. Thus, it will have the specialised talent to meet the changing requirements of the business. Specialised recruiters have the required skillset to screen and hire the right talent for the job. These recruiters check the prospective talent for the skill set. They also check for the right attitude and background.

Why choose Imarticus Learning Corporate Solutions?

Imarticus Learning Corporate Solutions is the leading provider of specialised talent. The organisation provides a full learning lifecycle for employees. They carry out upskilling and reskilling. Imarticus Learning has partnered with the premier institutions in the country. Thus, it provides a wide range of programs in many areas. These include finance, IT, analytics, project management, business analysis, etc.

Imarticus Learning is known for providing a tailored experience to its corporate clients. It helps in building hire-train-deploy models. It ensures that companies meet their increasing talent requirements with ease.

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