Here's why you should learn Python for your first programming language

learn Python for data science

Here's why you should learn Python for your first programming language

Python is a widely used high-level interpreted language known for its ease of use and readability. It was released on February 20, 1991, by Guido van Rossum, who wanted to create a language accessible to everyone. 

There are so many opportunities in the job market for programmers, and Python is one of the most popular languages out there. It's also relatively easy to learn, which makes it perfect for beginners!

Why Python?

Python is a widely used high-level interpreted language with many modules and libraries, making it an excellent choice for your first programming language. It is easy to learn for beginners due to its simple syntax, and you can use it on Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems. Additionally, you can use Python in web development, scientific and numeric computing, and software development.

Here are the reasons why you should Learn Python as your first programming Language:


  • Python is highly readable


Python is easy to read and understand, making it suitable for beginners. Since the instructions are straightforward, there's no need to memorize complex syntax rules or learn new programming concepts from scratch. As long as you know English, learning Python will be pretty fast since you will spend most of your time understanding the code, not figuring out how to write it.


  • Python is versatile


You can use Python for various purposes, from developing desktop applications to creating websites and web applications. Python has modules and libraries to do complex tasks with relative ease. It made Python an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced programmers alike.


  • Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages


Python has a straightforward syntax for beginners while still allowing developers to write code that runs incredibly fast. 

In addition to its popularity, Python is also one of the most commonly used programming languages in AI and machine learning projects. It means that if you're looking to get into either of those fields, learning Python is a must. 


  • Career-Opportunity


 Python skills are sought by employers all across industries, making it an excellent language to learn for career opportunities. Additionally, Python offers a wide range of libraries and modules that ease you to do complex tasks. So if you're looking for a powerful and versatile programming language, Python is a great choice.

So, there you have it! Four reasons why Python should be your first programming language. It is a universal language that you can use for various purposes, from web development to scientific computing. 

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