Essential Tips to help you nail the Job Interview like a pro

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Essential Tips to help you nail the Job Interview like a pro

Job interviews! Dislike them or fear them as much as you want to, but there’s no having your way
around a job interview if you want to land that dream job. The current market is cut-throat in terms of
competition and you won’t stand a chance unless you are well-prepared to tackle any interview that
comes your way. Luckily, there are multiple ways in which you can up your game and ace that interview.
Read on for the best tips that will help you make a worthy impression on your HR Manager.

Know your route

You should know the venue of your job interview like the back of your hand because the last thing you
want to be is, late, out of breath and disoriented. Plan your route beforehand, check out the map, get an
idea of the possible traffic conditions that might prevail during the time your interview is scheduled, and
figure out what your mode of commute is going to be. Try and plan your schedule in a way s that you
arrive atleast 20 minutes early to your designated time, this way you’ll be able to hang out near the
premises, explore the building or even grab a coffee.

Always dress the part

You should plan what you are going to wear well in advance to your interview. Business formals work
the best for any interview, commonly know as corporate classics. In case you know anybody who
already works at the place you’re going for an interview, ask them for tips and inputs regarding the
dressing culture prevalent in office. However, it is always safe to go for formals for any interview.

Do a thorough research

Dig deep when you are doing your research about the company and your job role. Take the opportunity
to gather as much knowledge as you can about the job description, company values, work culture and
ethics and aims and objectives of the company. This is to prove how enthusiastic and eager you are to
take on the new role and how effective an asset you want to become for the organisation. Additionally,
if you have questions for your employer, this would be a good way to prep for it.

Print your resume

It is always a good idea to carry a few extra copies of your resume even though you’ve sent it via email
and your employer has it right in front of them. This works to your benefit in showing how organised
you re as a person; additionally, this might help if these are more than one HR managers interviewing

Be enthusiastic and confident

One of the biggest skills you bring to the table is confidence. Whether it is a dazzling smile to greet your
interviewer or a firm handshake while introducing yourself, confidence goes a long way in making that
first impression.
Listen intently
Always listen intently to what your interviewer is saying. Sometimes the answer is hidden in between
the lines and sometimes everything is not meant in the same way as it has been spoken. Listening
intently goes a long way in proving your communication skills as well.

Give to the point answers

Make sure you answer what has been asked directly. Often candidates make the mistake of not
understanding and answering the specific question that has been asked. If you have failed to understand
your employer or HR manager’s question, please clarify before you answer.

Follow up

Do not hesitate in following up with your interviewer post the interview. That reminds your employer of
your enthusiasm and your interest in the company as well.
Go walk that interview like cakewalk![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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