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Firms want to make their employees feel in charge. Thus, they do not rely on their managers for every decision. Being empowered helps them lead in the future. It is not easy. It needs confidence building. Firms need corporate training solutions. Global Talent Trends did a study in 2022. It said that firms spent 61% more on helping employees get new skills. 40% of firms rewarded employees for doing certification programs.

Role of Certification Programs in Empowering Employees

Corporate learning platforms help people learn new things. Employees gain the needed skills. Major institutes recognise these programs. They improve employee skills. They also help in constant learning. This allows employees to do high-quality tasks. They need less guidance and time. They do better work as a result. Being empowered makes employees more committed to their firm.

Choose the right corporate learning platforms. They have useful certificate courses. The top institutes in India offer such courses. Examples are IITs and IIMs. These corporate training solutions give the right tools to inspire workers.

IIM and IIT Certificate Programs for Empowering Employees

IIM Calcutta - Executive Programme in Capital Markets and Investment Banking

This course teaches employees the basics. They learn about the following topics:

  • Capital markets
  • Banks
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Portfolio management
  • Debt and equity
  • Sales and trading
  • Security regulations

The program talks about new tools. They use new-age tools such as Capstone. They can talk to industry leaders. This is a part of the learning experience.

IIM Indore - Postgraduate Certificate Programme for Emerging CFOs

This corporate training solution teaches finance. It deals with financial management and services. The program helps create new-generation CFOs. Employees can develop finance skills in this course.

IIM Lucknow - Advanced Management Program In Capital Markets and Financial Services

The program gives middle management the ability to take charge. They can boost their financial services careers. It opens new paths for learners. They learn about compliance and handling risks. They also learn about capital markets and FinTech. It also has valuation and equity research.

IIT Guwahati - Certification in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Imarticus Learning has joined hands with IIT Guwahati to build this course. It helps you pick up foundational skills in AI. Employees can get good career roles. They can work in data analysis and machine learning. It is a suitable course for data science and AI engineering roles.

IIT Roorkee - Supply Chain Management and Analytics

This course teaches people about operations and supply chains. It is meant for middle management employees. They can improve their decision-making skills. It also sets up employees for job roles in demand. Examples are data scientists and supply and operation planners.


The corporate learning platform of Imarticus Learning helps people take charge. The courses help employees learn and develop skills. They can stand out from the others. Learners can make the best use of key features. Imarticus offers program mentors, career help and tips. They help make employees into skilled professionals.

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