Data Analytics can be easy to learn, here’s how.

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Data Analytics can be easy to learn, here’s how.

In today's world where we're surrounded by data everywhere, the demand for data analytics is limitless. Every industry and sector in the world is utilising data analytics to grow its business. Data Analytics is the process of drawing meaningful conclusions from huge piles of data that can help companies to strategise their business. Learning data analytics will open the doors of opportunity to become a data analyst or data scientist. Knowledge of databases, SQL, SAS, BL tools, Data wrangling, and mining is necessary to learn data analytics for making a career as a data analyst. 

Steps To Learn Data Analytics 

Knowledge of statistics and maths

To learn data analytics one has to be well acquainted with the concepts of maths and statistics as the algorithms and models associated with data analytics are based on statistical problem-solving approaches.

Knowledge of Python and R

Python and R are programming languages used to convert mathematical knowledge into scalable computer programs. Python is used for wrangling big volumes of data and R is used for building statistical models.

Learning about Database 

Knowledge of database technologies like SQL is very important for storing, modifying records, and creating tables and views of the data you're working with.

Data Analysis Methods

Cluster analysis, time series analysis, cohort analysis, and regression are some of the data analytics techniques that are used for analysing datasets.

Data Analytics Courses 

There are many learning institutes in India that provide Data Analytics Online Training courses that aim at providing a high-quality learning experience. These institutes are in conjunction with various premier universities from various corners of the world to formulate a curriculum that can help in preparing and developing a tech-driven society. 

Imarticus is an institute that focuses on providing tech learning to both individuals and as a corporate through its data analytics online training.  They offer programmes like  PGA Imarticus (post-graduate programmes in Data Analytics and Machine Learning), and some of the best data analytics certification courses like IIT Roorkee Professional Certification in Data Science and Machine Learning, Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics.

Benefits of Learning Data Analytics as an Individual 

Identify Career Prospects 

The data analytics institute helps the learners in identifying a suitable career choice that has a high probability of scope of success in the near future. They help in designing a career plan which involves exploration of your skills and interests and enables you to make better decisions for your career. 

Improved Employability 

The data analytics curriculum makes you a desirable candidate and increases your chances of getting a job. It sharpens your soft skills along with your knowledge of data and provides experienced and trusted career advice that can guide you in the process of job seeking. They have a great percentage of placement records and will also assist you in making an impressive cv.

Best Training and Skill Development 

Learning data analytics courses makes you well acquainted with various data science tools and develops your understanding in the areas of machine learning, data mining, and prediction throughout the curriculum. The institutes assign mentors who ensure fast and effective learning and skill development which will help build your career. 

Customized Career Plans

Many data analytics training institutes help in suggesting personalized career plans that will help you in your professional growth. They enable the scope for exploration of one's own strong and weak points, measurement of their progress, and reevaluation of growth to structure a plan that will take them to their goals.

Industry Recognised Certifications 

These institutes also offer the best data analytics certification course recognised by industries. On completing these courses, they provide an industry-recognized certificate that adds value to your portfolio and increases your chances of getting desirable job offers.


Data analytics is a very essential element in every sector and it is important to choose a good institute to learn data analytics as they offer a high-quality learning experience and assistance from an accomplished faculty and experienced management team. 

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