Analytics & Data Science Jobs in India 2022 — By AIM & Imarticus Learning

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Analytics & Data Science Jobs in India 2022 — By AIM & Imarticus Learning

India's booming data science sector is changing the scope of the Indian job market. As per the Analytics India Magazine and Imarticus Learning report, the number of open jobs in data science and data analytics grew by 30.1 per cent in April 2022.

India's share in data science and analytics jobs worldwide has increased to 11.6 per cent from 9.4 per cent due to digital transformation across domains. 

Moreover, statistics show that the recent hiring numbers for data scientists, AI/ML engineers, and big data analytics indicate a maximum upward swing. Top data scientist open jobs fall under the salary range of 25 to 50 lakhs, making a career in data analytics more attractive.

Imarticus Learning and Analytics India Magazine have researched to provide more insight into India's data science jobs landscape. The report has collected insights into the prevailing data science trends number of open jobs in the data science pre and post-pandemic. The sectors where data science and data analytics jobs are available, types of companies offering data science and machine learning jobs, and cities with vacancies for data scientists. 

Some key findings include required experience levels, educational backgrounds, data scientist salary, data analyst salary, and key data science roles. Statistics of the report will help the data science industry experts to know the trends of the sector, future opportunities, and how to select suitable candidates for the data science jobs.

The report is apt for recruiters, data science, and data analytics aspirants and stakeholders as it gives insights about open jobs in data science across cities, domains, and the salaries offered. Data science experts and companies can also get the required information from the research report. 

Let's look at the latest data science and analytics trends

As per the AIM and Imarticus Learning report, India has seen a significant hike of 73.5 per cent of open jobs due to Covid-19 from March 2020 to April 2022. However, in the second wave in April - May 2021, data science and data analytics jobs have declined to 3.8 per cent

In the second week of February and April 2022, approx number of open jobs in data science and analytics is 180,468 and 179,470, respectively. In April 2022, renowned companies like Accenture, IBM India, Flipkart, JP Morgan, United Health Group, Wells Fargo, Capgemini, Dell International, eClerx Services, and Shell tops the chart in creating the maximum number of data analytics jobs.

AI/ML engineer, deep learning, big data analytics, statistician, data architect, NLP, data scientist, data engineer, computer vision, and data scientist profiles have the maximum number of openings. 

Here the question arises why does India's share in the data science and analytics jobs increase?

  1. 32.5 per cent increased funding in analytics-based startups. Total financing in these startups is $1.1B, which is the reason for rising in the data scientist and data analytics jobs.
  2. Domestic companies hiked their investments in the data science and data analytics sector.
  3. Companies worldwide have moved their data and analytics work opportunities to India. KPO, BPO, and IT organizations top the charts here.
  4. Technology transformation in the captive centres also contributes to the rise the data science and analytics jobs.
  5. Attractive salaries in the field of data science and artificial intelligence

Data science job markets have touched new heights, and data scientist and analyst salaries have also seen an upward curve. The analytics jobs which fall under the salary bracket of 50 lakhs have increased to almost 20 times from 2021 to 2022.

The table below will explain the trend in data scientist and data analyst salaries.

Salary Range Jobs in 2021 Jobs in 2022
0 - 3 Lakhs 11722 18095
25 - 50 Lakhs 3585 18775
50 Lakhs 276 5472

The statistics above make the data scientist and data analyst career one of the most favourite jobs and the best career choice for the future.

Sector's contribution to data science openings

Data is not something that you can ignore. On the contrary, it is critical in all the sectors. The new-age industries like retail and CPG contribute to the maximum number of data scientist and analyst jobs. The total number of jobs in these sectors in 2021 was 3,143, which rose to 2.5 times in 2022, making it 7,743.

BFSI jobs have seen an upward trend by increasing 19.9 per cents more jobs contribution. In addition, sectors like eCommerce and the internet, with 13,167 in 2022, also show a significant rise. Post covid, travel, and hospitality industries have come up with a 4.4 per cent share in the total number of advertised jobs in the data science and analytics sector. Our report excludes the contribution from the IT sector.

The table below will give a sneak peek into sector contributions to data science jobs.


Sectors Percentage  
Telecom 4.70%
BFSI 26.60%
eCommerce/Internet 18.80%
Energy & Utilities 15.20%
Retail & CPG 11%
Pharma & Healthcare 7.40%
Media & Entertainment 6.70%
Automobile 5.30%

Company type-wise share of data science jobs

Based on the AIM and Imarticus Learning report, MNC IT and KPO sectors are the highest data science and analytics job contributors with 139323 open jobs. However, the domestic firm has shown a remarkable increase of 336.4 per cent and a decline in domestic IT and KPO services providers with 4.7 per cent in 2022.

Top cities offering data science jobs

The top three cities offering data science and analyst jobs with better career opportunities are Bangalore with 28.5 per cent share, Hyderabad with 11 per cent, and Delhi NCR with a share of 19.1 per cent. These three cities saw a good hike in the data science and analytics position, but cities like Pune with 0.5pp, Chennai with 0.3pp, Kolkata with 0.1pp, and Ahemdabad with 0.4pp show a slight decrease in the available jobs.

Core IT hub of India, Bangalore, offered 38,474 in 2021 and 51,149 in 2022, showing a growth of 32.9 per cent. Delhi had open jobs of 34,200 in 2022 and 7,861  in 2021. Mumbai's gain of 40.2 per cent with 23,591 jobs in 2022 places it in the third position.

Hyderabad rules the chart by showing a 42.9 per cent hike in the number of posted jobs for data scientists and analytics

 Experience level

Seven to ten years of experienced professionals are in demand in data science and analytics. 46.4 per cent growth rate is seen in the available jobs for 7-10 years of experienced data scientists and analytics profiles. Job share for 0-2 years and less than one year experienced declined to 11.5 per cent and 8.9 per cent respectively.

Desired education qualification

Engineering graduates and MBA graduates are the first choice of companies for data scientist and analytics jobs. That is why more engineers are opting for a career in data analytics. The engineers are familiar with technology giving them the edge over non-technical professionals. 

The table below will give more insights into the qualification preference of the companies for data science jobs.

Streams Jobs
Engineering 56000
Non-engineering UG 35200
Engineering PG 25900
MBAs 17400
Non-MBAs 14400
PhD 14000
Others 16500

Distributions of Data Science and Machine Learning Jobs

Data engineer profiles contribute to 1/4 of the total data science jobs in the market. AI-related jobs have the highest share of deep learning roles. Data engineers' profiles are more in demand than data scientists due to the need for digital transformation.

The highest number of jobs in this data science and AI sector is the business analyst role, which is 38,974. There are about 34,566 jobs for data engineer roles, 19,457 for data scientist profiles, 10,564 for deep learning profiles, 10,564, and 2,214 for AI/ML engineer roles.

The enclosed report will give more insights to the stakeholders and aspirants who want to opt for a career in data science. For more details, you can access the research report done by Analytics India Magazine and Imarticus Learning. 

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