An Overview on Natural Language Processing

An Overview on Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence is a coherent system calibrated and fabricated in such a fashion that it resembles an epitome of analogy with that of natural Intelligence with an escalated structure and functionality where the room for evolution eclipses the natural intelligence by a cosmic margin. Germination and Evolution of Artificial Intelligence is a constant that establishes and sustains through a fundamental variable that is technology. As AI is disseminating the modern era through its nurtured growth there seems to exist some congruity in its caricature with respect to natural intelligence which needs to be comprehended to get the crux of this aborning technology.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one such approach used by the AI technology which renders the AI with a competency to interact with other foreign intelligent system using a common language so as to amalgamate and match the counterpart on a same altitude and platform.
Artificial Intelligence has garnered technological advancements such that harnessing said attributes becomes a convenient process in the future. Hence NLP process is designed with such a foundation that would enable and aid a robot to comprehend the language postulated by the user. To further cognize NLP, it certainly becomes imperative to assimilate components of NLP that aid in sufficing such functionalities.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

This domain deals with mapping a language into its comprehensive structure which can be assimilated conveniently. This rendition and mapping integrate a language with the desired language that could be deciphered by the machine.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

NLP is not just a process that catalyzes the accumulation of words that a machine understands to get a certain task done, it is, on the other hand, a process that provides a meaningful structure to the word which than machine follows in the form of language. This meaning is exhibited by NLG which basically comprises three phases.

  • Text Planning – Extraction of useful information out of the whole bank is introduced under this spectrum.
  • Sentence Planning – This initiates the most crucial process where a proper meaning is formulated out of chosen words so as to form a phrase and an abstract structure which the machine takes into account to follow a certain paradigm.
  • Text Realization – This phase marks the final script and formulation of a systematic structure is aggregated in this phase. This phase finally lends meaning to a command in the form of a language for the machine to follow.

NLP portrays a functionality and utility in a system by transitioning through various stages which fabricates the whole process into one spectrum. Hence bracketing those transitions is of critical importance as and when the process proceeds.

Lexical Analysis

Useful data is mined from certain sources which exist in an unstructured format in large chunks and pose a shallowness in comprehension by the machine. Hence to make the study easier the large chunk of data is segregated in the form of paragraphs, sentences and words which would further me oriented in a more orderly fashion so as to designate a meaningful outcome.

Syntactic Analysis (Parsing)

A Mere collection of words would not suffice a meaning to the accumulated data resulting in the desired output and a meaningful analysis of grammatical forefront is also of immense importance so that a proper communication is established for a smooth outcome.

Semantic Analysis

Post checking the sanctity of grammatical soundness in acquired data set further analysis is carried out to monitor the contradictory phrases and bifurcated them clearly.

Disclosure Integration

Final integration of sentence is carried out so that subsequent meaning arises out of sentences for the machine to assimilate.

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