5 Solutions For Maximising Onboarding Of New Employees

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5 Solutions For Maximising Onboarding Of New Employees

Hiring new employees costs time, money, and effort. Once the job offer has been accepted, HR heads must prioritise onboarding. Effective employee onboarding training solutions build a solid foundation for employees. This leads to a company's long-term success.

Brandon Hall Group conducted research on a list of companies. These firms had effective onboarding procedures. It found over 70% increase in productivity in them. They also showed an 82% increase in new-hire retention.

Successful businesses take up to a year to structure employee onboarding training programs. They also provide mentorships to assist new employees. This is done through training and socialising. So, how can one maximise the onboarding of new employees?

Top 5 Employee Onboarding Training Solutions

To reduce turnover and boost early productivity, companies can adopt these 5 best onboarding solutions set by Imarticus.

  1. Help personnel establish relationships

Managers fail to perform successful onboarding because of many reasons. Failure to develop effective working connections is the main cause.

When new team members get their questions answered, and meet their colleagues before beginning work, their desire to continue working at the company increases. A study shows that this rise is as high as 93%. Friendships and professional relationships condition employee retention. These can be encouraged through a new-hire lunch (in-person or virtual). Team-building activities or introductions to team members also have the same effect.

Managers can introduce new hires to coworkers who would make excellent mentors. Giving new hires mentoring support will raise their level of comfort. It also increases the potential of mentor-mentee relationships continuing after orientation. Finally, it increases opportunities for ongoing support, learning, and development as well.

  1. Implement fundamental paperwork, configure technologies, and set up work areas before the first day

As much as 83% of high-performing companies begin with the onboarding process before the first working day of the new employee.

Orientation is frequently confused with onboarding. The former entails reviewing and signing documents and carrying out policy-related matters. They instruct staff members on legal and policy-related guidelines. Managers should send as much paperwork via email as possible. So, the employee can examine it before the first day. The new employees should be invited to come in with any questions.

  1. Set the standard and define the company culture with effective employee onboarding training solutions

Managers should personally explain the company's history and culture to the new hire. The company's guiding principle can also be explained to define the culture and mission. Working together to achieve company objectives will show results in the future.

  1. First impressions are always remembered

The new hire may have already formed a preliminary opinion of the HR and the business. But, fostering a friendly atmosphere among everyone can help. The HR team should announce the joining of the new employee. Conducting a new-hire party acts as an icebreaker, making the recruit feel welcome.

An 'All Hands' welcome meal will have everyone cheering. For the welcome gift, one could use social media to find out the recipient's preferences.

  1. Request feedback, suggestions, and ideas

New hires who participated in the employee onboarding training program should be surveyed. This should happen after 1, 6, and 12 months of their joining. It is one of the most convenient methods to use data to improve the onboarding program. The survey results can be used to identify the program elements that worked. Those that did not work could be improved. This can be done by implementing employee onboarding training solutions.

Summing Up

At Imarticus, we develop an endless capacity for growth. We have used a consistent and comprehensive approach for more than a decade. Our cutting-edge employee training program helps both individual and organisational progress. With Imarticus customer onboarding solutions, you can rest assured to find the best employee onboarding training solutions.

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