10+ Mind-Boggling Facts You Can Learn In Artificial Intelligence As A Fresher

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10+ Mind-Boggling Facts You Can Learn In Artificial Intelligence As A Fresher

With the rapid development in the technology sector, artificial intelligence has already become a part of our everyday life.  A lot of big tech companies have become involved in this development and have already created their unique assistance system. 

For example, Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri and Microsoft has Cortana. Although we have some ideas on what AI can do, you will also become surprised if you find out about some specific skills of AI. You can learn AI by enrolling in a machine learning and artificial intelligence course.

In this article, we will discuss the mind-boggling facts about artificial intelligence that you need to know:

Play games

Artificial intelligence can learn and play games like poker, chess, and Go (which is an amazing feat in itself). Moreover, AI can not only play these games smoothly but they can also compete with fellow human beings as well as defeat them in games.


Through the development of IBM’s Project Debater, we can see that artificial intelligence also can participate in complex debates with human beings and become successful at it. Furthermore, it can conduct research on different topics, craft counter-agreements against human opponents, and produce an engaging point of view.


Different creative processes can also be mastered by artificial intelligence which includes writing poetry, taking photographs, creating visual arts, composing music, etc. The AI of Google was also able to create an AI child of its own that has surpassed its human-constructed counterparts.

Read human minds

Another mind-boggling fact about AI is that it can truly read your mind. Artificial intelligence can interpret your brain signals and then create a speech using those signals. This is a truly impressive feat of AI that can help differently-abled people. For example, this ability of AI can be life-changing for those who have a speech impairment (because of the mind-reading aspect of the skill). To capitalize on the mind-reading potential of AI, big tech giants such as Meta and Elon Musk have created projects that can harness this skill.

Understand emotion

Currently, AI tools that can read people’s emotions are being used for market research. These AI tools can track and gather data from people’s emotions. The tools use a person’s body language, voice, facial expression, etc., and evaluate it against the emotion database to find out what kind of emotion the individual is expressing. Based on their expression, AI can also find out what their action will be.

Listen and understand

Artificial intelligence can analyze and detect the sound of gunshots and warn the relevant agencies about the same. This is one of the most fascinating things AI can do, it can hear and evaluate different types of sounds. People also like the response of digital voice assistants when it comes to asking for a weather report or managing minute things. The convenience, accuracy, and efficiency provided by digital voice assistants are phenomenal.


Artificial intelligence also can speak and interact with human beings. Oftentimes, it is also helpful and fun when Google Maps or Alexa answers your queries and assists you by providing you with directions. Google Duplex uses artificial intelligence to schedule appointments and finishes every task over the phone using a conversation tone or language. It also can answer accurately to the human it is talking to.


Artificial intelligence can also see and analyze visual data using machine vision and it also can make proper decisions. There are multiple ways machine vision is being utilized today, for example, payment portals, self-driving cars, facial recognition, etc. Machine vision also helps out in the manufacturing process which is by enabling product quality control process and predictive maintenance.


There is artificial intelligence that can find out the salient features from any sources and summarize them for your usage. Be it news articles, emails, legal documents, web links, books, images, audio files, etc. can be summarized with the help of artificial intelligence and the specific points can be reported back in the form of essential information. 

Currently, this particular feature of artificial intelligence is being used in slack or Facebook messenger. This particular feature of AI is dependent on machine learning, blockchain technology, and natural language processing.


Nowadays professional news organizations and the journalism industry such as Reuters, Washington Post, The New York Times, etc, are utilizing artificial intelligence for writing. The creating ability of AI is being utilized to create different formulaic pieces depending on ‘who, what, when, how, and where. 

A lot of marketers are using artificial intelligence to create artistic social media posts. Not to mention, even a novel produced by artificial intelligence has been selected for an academic award.


Artificial intelligence is being used in different robots and drones for autonomous movement. For example, Tokyo’s national theatre has a robot that can generate autonomous movement.

Artificial intelligence will probably surpass our abilities in a lot of different fields and if you are interested to learn AI and becoming a part of this emerging industry then you should opt for an artificial intelligence course today.

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