Indian Institute Of Management Raipur

Executive Certificate Programme for

Strategic Chief Executive Officers

Batch No.2

Guiding Your Professional Journey in Becoming the Firm's Visionary backbone

12 Months

Live Online + Campus Immersion

Strategic Chief Executive Officers Course by IIM Raipur

About the Strategic Chief Executive Officers Program

A path to know backwards is the right way to move forward. The Executive Certificate Programme for Strategic Chief Executive Officers from IIM Raipur is the perfect way to enhance your leadership skills to the next level. This 12-month program is meticulously designed to teach you to think strategically, build a high-performing team, and effectively manage change and function with a growth mindset. In today's convoluted and ever-changing business environment, you will also learn to lead your way with integrity and purpose.

Curated for C-Suite Learning

Our meticulously curated program's comprehensive curriculum encompasses cutting-edge business, leadership, and strategy topics. We facilitate experiential learning experiences designed to empower CEOs with the requisite skills to lead effectively amidst the challenges of turmoil.

Learn from Experts

Learners will get to engage with chief industry and academic experts, like the Director of IIM Raipur and other senior faculty members, sublimating decades of experience into compelling strategies and frameworks ready for implementation at your place of work.

Mastering CEO Essentials

Immerse in enriched IIM Raipur classes led by senior academicians. Gain hands-on CEO experiences and insights from veteran leaders and industry experts enabling you to gain mastery in essential strategies for challenges ahead.

Networking with Global CXOs

The program arrives with a 6-day campus immersion at IIM Raipur. It allows learners to collaborate with peers from various organisations, academic and professional backgrounds. At the same time, they also actively engage with their faculty in person.

Immersive CXO Experiences

The zenith of this CEO program is conducting experiential learning, which allows learners to experience functional areas such as operations, finance, HR, marketing and the like with the help of engaging GameStudio’s CXO Simulation thereby applying your learnings.

IIM Raipur Executive Alumni Status

Upon completing the program successfully, learners will be eligible to join IIM Raipur’s distinguished Executive Alumni Network, where they can access benefits such as the official alumni portal, the nearest alumni chapter and invitations to alumni events.

Tread the Boards as a Successful CEOs

Value Creator

Classic Visionary

Out-of-Box Thinker

Driver for Innovation

People Leader

Consumer's Champion

What makes this program at IIM Raipur exceptional?

What Makes IIM Raipur Strategic CMO Course Exceptional

Program Curriculum

This program blends IIM Raipur's leadership education expertise with Imarticus' competence in providing learners with future-focused, outcome-oriented learning experiences.

This module helps CEOs understand the critical components of their role such as finance, marketing and operations that are critical components of ensuring success of their business' day-to-day functioning


Rasing Capital

Allocating Capital & Managing Risks

Building Stakeholder Value & Firm Valuation

Understanding Customers & Markets

Mastering Science of Marketing Acumen & Strategic Branding

Art of Sales & Distribution Excellence

Quantitative Methods & Quality Management Techniques

Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Cost Management & Driving Profitability

Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Contracts, Network Design

S&O Planning, Inventory Mgt, Transportation Planning

Supply Chain Analytics, Sourcing & Procurement, Supply Chain Finance

In this module, explore the role of the CEO in talent management, setting direction and enabling innovation for the firm as a whole and also across stakeholders.


Talent Management

People Strategy & Organisation Design

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Networking

Performance Management

Learning & Talent Development

High Performing Teams

Change Management

Conflict Management

Leadership Development

As a CEO, one is expected to be the visionary who understands the business landscape and sets direction for future growth of the firm. In this module, don the strategic hat of the CEO and learn essential tools and techniques critical to the CEO office.


Business Intelligence: Know your Business, Customer, Market Demand & Supply

Market Intelligence: Guaging Competition & Building Competitive Advantage

Business Planning: Short term P&L vs Long term Vision

Strategy Implementation: Organic Growth, M&A & Alliances

Business Strategy vs Corporate Strategy

Global Mindset

Strategy Toolkit

Explore different factors that enable CEOs to be drivers of innovation within the firm. Learn different strategies and frameworks that you as a CEO can leverage to enable firm to be relevant in this age of disruption.


Design Thinking: The key to innovation for CEOs

How to apply Design Thinking to your own business

Empathizing with the User: Key to understanding their needs

Surfing Technology Disruptions

Enabling Digital Transformations

Platform Strategies: Do's and Don'ts for CEOs

Barriers to creativity and innovation

CEO Toolkit for Creative Thinking

Applying and Measuring Impact of Creativity and Innovation

The CEO office in a firm is one of the most influential positions within the firm. This module explores different aspects the influence that a CEO exherts within and outside of the firm.


Integrated Marketing Communication

Branding Building & Communication

Business Situations & Communication Strategies for various Audiences

Executive Presence, Leading without Authority

Leadership Styles, Negotiation, Conflict Management

Leadership Coaching

Integrity & Authentic Leadership

Corporate Governance

Foundations of Investor Communication

Corporate Responsibility

Crisis Communication

PR & Media Relations

Why Does IIM Raipur Inspire Confidence?

Established in 2010 at Raipur, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) by the Government of India, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (now known as the Ministry of Education) is the pioneer in its leadership programmes.

IIM Raipur's Executive Education programme aims to develop, broaden the horizon, and strengthen the skills of professionals, preparing them to face the challenges of global business and forming them into heroes for changing domains.

Program Directors

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani - Director, IIM Raipur

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani

Director, IIM Raipur

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani, a leading figure in the field of management, holds a management doctorate from IIM Calcutta. His extensive teaching experience at XLRI Jamshedpur, LBSNAA Mussoorie, IIM Kozhikode, and Lagos Business School has been instrumental in shaping his research in finance, performance, strategy, and leadership, which has resulted in numerous books and ... See More

Prof. Kamal Jain - Ex-Dean-Academic, IIM Raipur

Prof. Kamal Jain

Ex-Dean-Academic, IIM Raipur

Prof. Kamal Jain is a distinguished academician with 30+ years of experience in management education. He has held the esteemed Professor and Dean (Academic) rank at IIM Indore. Prof. Jain's areas of expertise include human resource management, organizational behaviour, and knowledge management. He has authored several scholarly publications and was honoured with the... See More

Prof. Satyasiba Das - Professor, Strategic Management & Information System

Prof. Satyasiba Das

Professor, Strategic Management & Information System

Prof. Satyasiba Das is a renowned academic in strategic management and information systems. He has received numerous accolades, including the Dean’s List International Student Scholarship and the European Union Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship. He has authored several books and publications in the field of strategic management. He holds a First Class First Univer... See More

Learn with Multi-Dimensional Simulations

An innovative simulation that accurately captures the intricate dynamics and complexities of a 21st-century organisation, reflecting the essence of new-age practices and technologies.


Teams operate in a 64-square market, gaining an in-depth understanding of market dynamics.


Every decision made by players directly affects the passage of time, emphasizing the importance of timely actions.


Players prioritise decisions based on budgetary constraints, ensuring resource efficiency and financial prudence.


At the beginning of each gaming year, teams draw a strategic blueprint for informed decision-making.

Dynamic Decisions

Collaboration with peers is crucial as teams make real-time active decisions to achieve collective organisational objectives.


Vigilantly track and respond to competitors' moves, constantly adjusting strategies to gain a competitive edge.


Regularly assess current positions and be ready to adapt actions swiftly, making informed changes for better outcomes.

What Certificate Will I Get?

Upon completing this program, you’ll earn a Certificate of Successful Completion in the Executive Certificate Programme for Strategic Chief Executive Officers by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Raipur.

Executive Certificate Programme For CMO Course Certificate

Admission Process

What Makes IIM Raipur Strategic CMO Course Exceptional

Program Fee

₹ 3,38,000 + GST
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Instalment Schedule
Registration Fee
₹ 50,000 + GST
1st Instalment
₹ 1,00,000 + GST
2nd Instalment
₹ 1,00,000 + GST
3rd Instalment
₹ 88,000 + GST


About The Program

IIM Raipur is one of the fastest-growing B-Schools among the new IIMs. In just 5 years, its ranking in NIRF has jumped from 21 (NIRF 2018) to 11 (NIRF 2023). IIM Raipur is at the forefront of an attractive talent pool from Academic and Industry joining B-Schools.

    The Executive Certificate Programme for Strategic CEOs is the premium offering of IIM Raipur, where for the 1st time in Executive Education for the C-Suite, the Director of the Institution is chairing the program. This program distils decades of experience of senior faculty at IIM Raipur with a blend of experiential learning through Masterclasses and Gamified Simulation to enable learners to transition into / become influential CEOs.

    As an IIM Raipur Executive Alumni, participants can avail of the following benefits

    • Each executive alumni will receive a unique alumni ID
    • Access to a network of distinguished IIM Raipur Executive Alumni
    • Access to the IIM Raipur Campus Library (onsite access only)
    • Access to the program brochures and newsletters from IIM Raipur

    Executive Alumni Fees will be applicable as per institute policy.

    IIM Raipur seeks participants with high intellectual rigour and intent to learn to complete the program.

      Participants will benefit by attending all Sessions of a given course. Upon fulfilling the attendance criteria set, they will be eligible for a participation certificate.

      Candidates will qualify for successful completion only upon fulfilling the attendance and course evaluation criteria.

      A special discount offer exists only for a minimum of five nominations. A discount of up to 10% on the program fee may be offered for bulk nominations of 5 participants or more from a single Corporate. However, the extent of the discount will be determined on a case-to-case basis.

        Classes are conducted over a live online platform. The classes will be tentatively scheduled over weekends, every session timings will be Saturday (1 pm - 4 pm) and/or Sunday (10.00am to 1.00pm). The timings are subject to the availability of the faculty members. The The schedule is defined at the discretion of IIM Raipur.

          The program design is well balanced between the day-to-day commitments of the participants and what is expected of executives in a Strategic CEO role. The curriculum includes a mix of Case Studies, Working Sessions, Masterclasses, and Simulation Exercises.

            Including GameStudio's Gamified Simulation exercise with functional simulations will provide participants with much-needed hands-on experience as a CEO.

            Moreover, our masterclasses from marquee CEOs will help participants relate to the day-to-day functioning of the CEO office under different contexts through a different lens.


            The minimum education qualification for candidates to apply for this program is UG Qualification. Either a Diploma (10+2+3) or Bachelor's Degree or equivalent (10+2+3) or (10+2+4) with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

              Candidates with two years of Master's Degree or equivalent from a recognized University (such as UGC, AICTE, DEC, AIU, State Government, etc.) in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks are preferred.

              Candidates require a minimum of 10 years of work experience post-completion of the qualifying education mentioned above.

              Admission to this program involves a rigorous review of your resume and statement of purpose by the IIM Raipur Admissions team.

                Only participants with demonstrated fast-track career progression and high learning intent required for CEO roles will be admitted into this program.

                Selection is by invitation only and on a rolling basis. We generally overbook our batches. In case of an overbooked batch size, applicants in earlier selection rounds who have received their provision offer letters and paid registration fees to block their seats will be preferred over applicants from later selection rounds.


                The program fee has been split into a standardized instalment schedule to facilitate ease of payments for participants. However, if you still need to avail yourself of a loan, don‘t hesitate to contact our counsellors for more details.

                Any kind of refund of paid installment is not permissible once a participant has been admitted to the program. The fees and other dues, once paid, under no circumstances are refundable, adjustable, or transferable unless approved by the institute. For additional details, kindly refer the refund policy section of the admission letter.

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