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Certification in Value Investing

The CVI (Certification in Value Investing) program at Imarticus is designed to teach aspirants some of the “investment secrets” of some of the greatest investors of our generation, along with frameworks and techniques of investing to manage and preserve capital. Value investing is a powerful strategy which investors like Warren Buffett use to earn billions in the stock market. After completing the 2-month skill building program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to actively seek stocks of companies that the market is currently under valuing as well as find and identify attractive investment opportunities to manage your investment portfolio with confidence.
Why Value Investing?
Why Value Investing?
Why Value Investing?

Invest like Buffet!

Investors are often looking for ways to beat the market. Equity is a proven asset class to generate long term wealth. However, portfolio returns are dependent on the stock picker’s ability to maximize gains and minimize losses. If you’re one of those investors, you should consider following a proven strategy that has been implemented by the investment greats: Value Investing. Value investors know how to beat the average annualized returns of the S&P 500 and many have successful track records spanning several decades to prove it.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Value Investing is basically like shopping for a bargain at a garage sale. The idea is to look for something that may have on it some dust, some rust, or even may have been badly beaten up. But underneath the apparent defects is something you think is a gem that will be worth a lot more than the price tag. Put simply, Value Investing, for the most part, ignores current trends in favour of company fundamentals. The basic approach of Value Investing is evaluating fundamentals against the market price to determine the intrinsic value for a long-term buy-and-hold strategy.

Why Value Investing?
Who are the value investors?

The largest wealth creators in the world have been value investors. The most famous value investor, of course, is Warren Buffett, but there are many others, including Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Charlie Munger, Christopher Browne, Seth Klarman, Mohnish Pabrai, and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Certified Financial Analyst Course: Imarticus
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Program Highlights

Comprehensive Coverage

The program includes comprehensive coverage of the frameworks and processes of investing that some of the most successful investors in the world employ to manage and preserve capital along the life cycle of an investment. You will learn about business models of Indian companies, interpreting annual reports, looking for investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, along with tricks and tools to effectively value a company. Concepts are introduced gradually, so that even a beginner will be able to follow along and become a confident investor in no-time!

The program provides an edge through our unique case study methodology, focusing on real life business scenarios. Each module is centered on case studies from the Indian equity markets to ensure learning that will set you apart from your peers during interviews and while investing. Sessions will be peppered with anecdotes from the history of great investors, and followed by group interactions and class room discussions. The program will feature interaction with guest lecturers who are real-life value investors, which will deepen the understanding of the essential Value Investing concepts.

Experiential Learning
Certification & Career Assistance

The program is endorsed by leading Investment Banks and Corporate Finance houses ensuring the content, teaching methodology and faculty have met the highest standards globally. This certification will enhance your resume by showcasing a key skill required in the competitive space of Financial Services. The Imarticus Career Services team will provide development and guidance throughout the program, enabling you to unlock career opportunities. Our practice questions and quizzes will help you dominate your interviews.

Aside from classroom sessions, our state of the art online portal centralizes learning with 24/7 access to study material, learning aids and tests. Faculty and students spread across locations connect, collaborate and share information, with corrective paths for improved learning.

24/7 Learning

The 64-hour program is created in conjunction with industry experts to ensure a curriculum that is relevant and industry aligned.

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The CVI program is ideal for:


like learn how to actively seek stocks of companies that the market is currently under valuing.

Executives at all levels

refine their understanding of value-based investing principles for professional and personal use.



low-risk, proven strategy to consistently grow their wealth.


manage their own money and earn above-average returns.


get a solid understanding of Value Investing.

Admission Process:

Imarticus has a rolling admission process involving an initial assessment followed by a personal interview.

There are two methods by which you can enroll

Physical Enrollment

Walk into our Imarticus centers for a personalized counseling session by our trained counselors, which will be followed by a written assessment and an interview.

Online Enrollment

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Typical Week
Typical Week
Typical Week
I work as an Analyst at one of the top international banks. I work closely with my team to advise our clients on which stocks to invest, which stocks to sell ASAP, and basically how to get the maximum returns on their investments. I usually take about a week to decide on my stock picks, and here is what my typical week would look like.
9:15 am – Observe market opening and specific companies.
10:30 am – Run a financial screener based on metrics such as D/E, ROE, ROCE, sales growth, PAT growth, P/E to shortlist companies.
11:00 am – Go through top 5 companies in the list.
1:00 pm – Break for lunch.
3: 00 pm – Go through next 5 companies in the list.
4:00 pm – Select one company to spend the week doing diligence on.
5:00 pm- Read financial magazines, take a coffee break.
7:00 pm – Leave for home.
9:15 am – Observe market opening and specific companies.
10:00 am – Read all available information on the company selected online.
1:00 pm – Break for lunch.
1:30 pm – Read last 10 years annual report reports.
9:15 am – Observe market opening and follow specific companies.
10:00 am – Draw up excel sheets for the company for last 5 years.
1: 00 pm – Break for lunch.
4:00 pm – Draw up excel sheets for another 5 years.
9:15 am – Observe market opening and specific companies.
10:00 am – Make questions to be answered to analyze competitive advantages of the business.
3:00 pm- Do meetings, calls with vendors, clients, competitors to understand the eco-system better.
7:30 am – Watch CNBC for stock picks by the experts.
9:15 am – Observe market opening and specific companies.
10:00 am – Do valuations of the company.
2:00 pm – Write out short investment thesis.
7:00 pm – Finally take a decision to buy or avoid company.

Invest Your Money Wisely!

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  • Amita S

    Learning with Imarticus was a great experience.

    Imarticus gives students a nice exposure to the finance domain. The learning process here transforms your personality, and helps you upgrade your skills.”
  • Salai Selvakodi

    I had a wonderful experience in Imarticus Learning Pvt Ltd.

    Imarticus doing a great job in training. I liked both the activity and theory classes on training.”


  • Neha Idnany

    CVI Faculty

    Neha has over 8 years of experience in investment analysis and portfolio management services, having worked for organizations such as Angel Broking and Malabar Investment Advisors. She is an Investment Analyst and her domain of expertise lies in value-driven bottom-up stock picking based on fundamental analysis. She has also assisted key functions such as such as operations, marketing and recruitment. Neha is an Electronics Engineer from ThadomalShahani Engineering College, Mumbai and a holds a Post Graduate Diploma from Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

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Learn to Invest the Warren Buffet Way!

Introduction to financial statements: Learn about the basics of financial statements such as Balance Sheets, P&L accounts and Cash Flow Statements. This will enable you to analyze company performance before making investments.

Introduction to ratios: Absolute numbers are not good enough to understand performance. Ratio analysis helps put financial numbers in their context by expressing one number in relation to another.

Equity Research: Read more about the buy and sell side interplay when it comes to equity research.

Value Investing comes in many stripes.

Industry Overview

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