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12 Months

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Introducing the Chief Business Officers Programme at IIM Udaipur

The Chief Business Officer Program (CBOs) from IIM Udaipur is an intensive 12-month program that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in today's fiercely competitive business landscape. In this program, you will acquire quintessential skills in formulating and executing strategic plans, effectively overseeing operations, and cultivating and leading high-performing teams. Moreover, you will stay updated on cutting-edge trends in business and technology, empowering you to make informed and impactful decisions in your professional endeavours.

Curriculum for C-Suite Excellence

Our carefully curated curriculum focuses on the latest trends in business, leadership, and strategy, providing you with hands-on experiential learning opportunities to excel as a Chief Business Officers in this disruptive era.

Delve into Consumer Culture

Explore IIM Udaipur's Consumer Culture Lab which delivers cultural insights on indian consumers. It comprises qualitative research from industry experts and global academia.

Learning from the Best

Learn from the masters themselves! The esteemed faculty at IIM Udaipur will enrich your classes, and you'll have the privilege of engaging in Masterclasses with veteran CXOs, gaining valuable strategies to navigate any challenges that come your way.

Global CXO Network

Immerse yourself in a 3-day campus experience at IIM Udaipur, where you'll collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds and organizations. Interact with senior faculty in person and establish a global network of CXO connections.

Immersive CXO Experiences

Engage in GameStudio CXO simulations and other diverse spanning finance, supply chain, HR, marketing, and strategy, for an immersive learning experience. Our focus on enriched pedagogy empowers deep real-world understanding, elevating education standards.

Join the Elite Executive Alumni Network

Upon successful completion, learners will be eligible to join IIM Udaipur’s distinguished Executive Alumni Network where they get access to benefits such as access to the official alumni portal, nearest alumni chapter and invitations to alumni events.

CBO’s Arsenal for Leading and Growing Business

Strategic Planning

Sales & Marketing Excellence

Financial Management

Operations Management

Talent Management

Risk Management

Business Simulation and Role-Playing Multiplayer Game

An innovative simulation that accurately captures the intricate dynamics and complexities of a 21st-century organisation, reflecting the essence of new-age practices and technologies.


Teams operate in a 64-square market, gaining an in-depth understanding of market dynamics.


Every decision made by players directly affects the passage of time, emphasizing the importance of timely actions.


Players prioritize decisions based on budgetary constraints, ensuring resource efficiency and financial prudence.


At the beginning of each gaming year, teams draw a strategic blueprint for informed decision-making.

Dynamic Decisions

Collaboration with peers is crucial as teams make real-time active decisions to achieve collective organisational objectives.


Vigilantly track and respond to competitors' moves, constantly adjusting strategies to gain a competitive edge.


Regularly assess current positions and be ready to adapt actions swiftly, making informed changes for better outcomes.

Why IIM Udaipur?

Nestled in Udaipur, Rajasthan, IIM Udaipur is a prominent institute established in 2011, offering distinguished management education. It presents diverse programs like PGPM for holistic learning, EMBA for professionals' growth, and DPM for research enthusiasts. With AACSB and EQUIS accreditations, IIMU's academic excellence is renowned. The institute's faculty, known for pioneering research, enhances the learning atmosphere. Graduates are highly regarded by employers for their preparedness and contributions to the corporate world.

IIM Udaipur
IIM Udaipur

What makes IIM Udaipur Exceptional?

Why IIM Udaipur
Why IIM Udaipur
Why IIM Udaipur

Program Curriculum

This program synergises IIM Udaipur's renowned expertise in leadership education with Imarticus' proven track record of delivering future-focused and outcome-oriented learning experiences to learners.

In this module, learners will gain exposure to core concepts of marketing strategy from the perspective of C-Suite and insights into demonstrating value creation in the minds of consumers

The Changing Role of Marketing

Shaping competitive markets

Developing partnerships and strategic alliances

Creating sustainable Competitive Advantage

Essential Business and Financial Metrics

Marketing in a digital environment

Sustainability and marketing ethics

In this module learners will gain insight into sales strategy in different scenarios and how that can be leveraged to grow business organically

Translating corporate strategy to sales strategy

Multi-channel/ Omni-channel management

Sales force planning, allocation, recruitment, mentoring, and incentivizing for success

Demand forecasting, sales planning, and the use of data

Contexts in sales – B2B vs. B2C (and D2C), Urban vs. Rural, KAM, Services, Retailing

In this module learners will gain an understanding of customer life cycle and gain exposure to leveraging analytics for maximizing CLV.

Business impact of customer-centric organizations

Mapping customer journeys

Measuring Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) - Engagement and churn

Leveraging advanced analytics for customer centricity

Emerging Trends in Marketing Analytics

This module explores the nuances of sales and marketing in this digital age. Learn strategies around leveraging digital transformation to grow business

Changing organizations - Digital transformation

Acquainting with the digital marketing landscape

Customer journeys in the digital world

Digital marketing channels and their impact

Measuring success of digital marketing campaigns

This module explores critical areas of Product Management such as design thinking, portfolio management and product marketing

Design thinking / Customer perspective to new product development

Portfolio approach to product lifecycle management

Go-to-market strategies

Strategic Integrated Marketing Communication for the Product Portfolio

Advertising in a digital world & the relevance of traditional media

Ad Agency management

This module will instill learners with a strategic view on portfolio management while covering key areas such as pricing strategy, brand strategy and marketing strategy.

Leveraging innovation in marketing

Moving beyond functions: Leveraging brand portfolios

Pricing strategies for brand portfolios

Implications for B2B Marketing Strategy

This module will provide learners with key insights into finance for the CBO role while understanding critical levers that can impact business outcomes

Decoding Financial Statements

Planning and analyzing business financials

Assessing cost implications

Strategic implications for the Marketing function

This module covers key areas of talent and people management that is critical for C-Suite

Managing large teams

Adopting a Values-Based Leadership approach

Decision Making in the C-Suite

Negotiating effectively

Communicating to persuade

Collaborating Cross-Culturally

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Learn from Industry Adepts

Prakash Satyavageeswaran

Prof Prakash Satyavageeswaran

Professor of Marketing

Renowned for his expertise in Indian consumer behaviour, Professor Satyavageeswaran's research shines in prestigious journals like the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. As Director of IIM Udaipur's Consumer Culture Lab, he leads pioneering research on Indian consumer behaviour, garnering attention from notable media like The Hindu, The Economic Times, and Business Standard.

Learn Before You Leap

Get equipped with the requisite knowledge before you get trained

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Admission Process

What Makes IIM Raipur Strategic CMO Course Exceptional

Program Fee

₹ 3,39,000 + GST
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Instalment Schedule
Registration Fee
₹ 51,000 + GST
1st Instalment
₹ 96,000 + GST
2nd Instalment
₹ 96,000 + GST
3rd Instalment
₹ 96,000 + GST


About The Program

IIM Udaipur is one of the fastest-growing B-Schools among the new IIMs, with a strong pedigree in research. It is ranked #4 among Indian B-Schools for its research work. The Consumer Culture Lab at IIM Udaipur is widely recognized for its efforts in consumer research and is widely sought after by the industry.

    The Chief Business Officer Program is the premium offering of IIM Udaipur, chaired by Prof. Prakash Satyavageeswaran, the head of the Consumer Culture Lab at IIM Udaipur. This program, delivered by experts from academia, industry and research with a blend of experiential learning through Masterclasses and Gamified Simulations, enables learners to transition into / become effective CBOs.

    As IIM Udaipur Executive Alumni, participants can avail of the following benefits

    • Official IIM Udaipur email address
    • Access to a network of distinguished IIM Udaipur Executive Alumni
    • Exclusive invitation to selected events hosted by the Institution
    • Special Alumni Discounts on IIM Udaipur executive programmes
    • Access to the program brochures and newsletters from IIM Udaipur

    Executive Alumni Fees will be applicable as per institute policy.

    IIM Udaipur seeks participants with high intellectual rigour and intent to learn to complete the program.

      Participants will benefit by attending all Sessions of a given course. Upon fulfilling the attendance criteria set, they will be eligible for a participation certificate. Candidates will qualify for successful completion only upon fulfilling the attendance and course evaluation criteria.

      A special discount offer exists only for a minimum of five nominations. A discount of up to 10% on the program fee may be offered for bulk nominations of 5 participants or more from a single Corporate. However, the extent of the discount will be determined on a case-to-case basis.

        Classes are conducted over a live online platform. Classes will be tentatively scheduled over weekends, either Saturday or Sunday, in two sequential sessions of 75 mins each, with a 15 min break in between. The schedule is defined at the discretion of IIM Udaipur.

          The program design is well balanced between the day-to-day commitments of the participants and what is expected of executives in a CBO role. The curriculum includes a mix of Case Studies, Working Sessions, Masterclasses, and Simulation Exercises.

            Including GameStudio's Gamified Simulation exercise with Gamestudio CXO simulations will provide participants with much-needed hands-on experience as a CBO.

            Moreover, our masterclasses from marquee CXOs will help participants relate to the day-to-day functioning of the C-Suite under different contexts through a different lens.


            The minimum education qualification for candidates to apply for this program is UG Qualification. Either a Diploma (10+2+3) or Bachelor's Degree or equivalent (10+2+3) or (10+2+4) with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

              Candidates with two years of Master's Degree or equivalent from a recognized University (such as UGC, AICTE, DEC, AIU, State Government, etc.) in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks are preferred.

              Candidates require a minimum of 5 years of work experience post-completion of the qualifying education mentioned above.

              Admission to this program involves a rigorous review of your resume and statement of purpose by the IIM Udaipur Admissions team.

                Only participants with demonstrated fast-track career progression and high learning intent required for CXO roles will be admitted into this program.

                Selection is by invitation only and on a rolling basis. We generally overbook our batches. In case of an overbooked batch size, applicants in earlier selection rounds who have received their provision offer letters and paid registration fees to block their seats will be preferred over applicants from later selection rounds.


                The program fee has been split into a standardized instalment schedule to facilitate ease of payments for participants. However, if you still need to avail of a loan, please get in touch with our counsellors for more details.

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