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December 3, 2016By Sohail Merchant
Best Course In Corporate Finance The Finance industry landscape in India, branches out into three categories, namely investment banking, corporate finance and commercial banking. To get an entry into any of the aforementioned fields, just having a generic education in a finance related background is not enough. As the number of finance aspirants increases, the various employers of top firmsRead More »
December 2, 2016By Sohail Merchant
Best Books To Read In Data Science And Machine Learning Now the above title must be really very confusing and contradictory according to a lot of us. The major reason for this would be the fact that, data science in all its singularity, is a field which deals with the entire of virtual space. There are various data analytical tools such as SAS Programming, RRead More »
December 1, 2016By Sohail Merchant
CFA Level 1: How To Crack It? The CFA Program is the most distinguished program, to get a qualification in the world of Finance. The credential that is offered by this program, offers a great variety of choices for finance professionals, in the in the field of investment banking. The designation is granted by the CFA institute and is mainly a greatRead More »
December 2016
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