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July 22, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Investment Management- Career and Scope In the present progressively aggressive world, where different variables – political, financial, focused, social or administrative – always entangle an association’s domain, the interest for appropriately talented supervisors, who comprehend the business and have the vitality and boldness to handle troublesome circumstances, is continually on the ascent. In a nation like India, where the InvestmentRead More »
July 21, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Career After Investment Banking Certification Investment Banking prospects in India are very promising. Planning a shift in careers or a fresher, this is one stream worth considering. Specially, if you are an individual who finds the idea of making money from money exciting. In simple words, investment banking is a profession where you match the expectations of people who haveRead More »
July 20, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Imarticus Learning Introduces the Analytics Week – 20th – 27th July Imarticus learning is turning out to be a catalyst for professionals who wish to kick start their career in the field of analytics, by introducing the ‘Analytics week’. Analytics can be understood as a systematic computational analysis of data or statistics, a.k.a. big data analytics. Isn’t it the in thing? With the given scenario ofRead More »
July 19, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Webinar – Analytics in Social Media & Analytics in Technology As a facilitator to your career choice in the field of analytics, Imarticus learning has planned an Analytics Week, where free one on one counselling will be available by industry stalwarts, to help you take an informed decision on the right path to pursue from the plethora of choice available in analytics. Keeping in lineRead More »
July 19, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Corporate Financial Analyst – Job Demands For Financial Analysis in 2017 Today, it’s elusive a position that is more popular than a financial analyst. Actually, the U.S. Agency of Labour Statistics expects a 12% rate of development in the quantity of money related expert employments in the 10-year time span in the vicinity of 2014 and 2024. That is speedier than the normal development for allRead More »
July 18, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Pros and Cons of E Learning Technology has changed most aspects of our lives. Everything has transitioned and can be done online. Hence it is not surprising that learning is also finding its way online. People no longer need to travel distances to learn, and companies don’t need to spend on travel and lodging to acquire skill sets. So is onlineRead More »
July 17, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Best Short Term Finance Courses After Graduation In today’s competitive world, merely being a graduate or a post graduate is not an impetus enough to begin your career in Finance. One has to acquire more than just the customary degree, to gain a competitive edge over others, further focused and specialised courses are compulsory. Out of the array of courses available, youRead More »
July 14, 2017By Sohail Merchant
5 Top Reasons to Learn Python One should have a good grasp of technology, as its uses and advantages have seeped in almost all spheres of professional setups. If you are working in the field of IT, programmer to be specific, a quick way to upgrade your resume would be to learn Python. Python is considered to be the most commonlyRead More »
July 13, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Objective of Fiscal Policy and Its Advantages What is the meaning of fiscal policy? To put it in simple words, to generate revenue and to incur expenditure, the government structures a fiscal policy or also called as the budgetary policy. In other words, the word fiscal policy is associated with the expenditure and the revenue of the government. There is a flowRead More »
July 12, 2017By Sohail Merchant
How Ratio Analysis helps Modern Age Financial Analyst? Most industries have a set of tools or a path which the professionals in that trade use to deliver the promised outcome. Ratio analysis are essentially quantitative tools used by people working in the financial profession, to analyse sets of financial information. This information is contained in the establishment’s financial statements. Understanding Ratio Analysis RatioRead More »
July 12, 2017By Team Imarticus
CFA Program – All You Should Know About CFA Certification CFA Program is an expert accreditation offered by CFA Institute to Investment and Financial experts. In the wake of finishing and passing the CFA Program one will connect scholarly theory, assess current industry rehearse, and learn moral and expert guidelines to give a solid establishment of cutting edge speculation investigation and true portfolio administration aptitudes.Read More »
July 10, 2017By Team Imarticus
What is Investment Portfolio? How would Portfolio Management Help? A Portfolio Investment is basically a passive investment of securities in a portfolio, done with the objective of returns on investment. As in most cases, there is a direct correlation with the return expected and the risk expected. There is a difference between Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment, while the former means having a substantialRead More »
July 8, 2017By Team Imarticus
Become a Professional in Foreign Exchange Becoming a Doctor, Lawyer or an Engineer requires hours of dedicated approach and clarity of thought for application. The effort is very similar to what it takes to become a professional in foreign exchange. Just like to work in any professional capacity, you need to dedicate time in honing the skills, it is the sameRead More »
July 7, 2017By Team Imarticus
Tips for Preparing CBAP Certification Exam So at long last, you have decided and wanted to take up the most desired confirmation in the Business examination space after much tarrying and thoughts. Most importantly I should praise you on your plans of getting confirmed. That is the best blessing potentially you can give your expert profession. Uplifting news is that anRead More »
July 6, 2017By Team Imarticus
5 Weird Ways How Data is Used Around the World Data is omnipresent, it is available everywhere. We cannot deny the fact that data is changing the world in ways we cannot fathom. We are at a time, where we are witnessing innovation in the way we are collecting and interpreting this data. Big data analysis is a groundbreaking step and it is only becomingRead More »
July 5, 2017By Team Imarticus
How to become Equity Research analyst Equity Research is a standout amongst the most hummed vocation choices for a man graduation in back. Anyone and everybody who needed to make a profession in the field of fund needed to get into value examine and if not value investigate then speculation saving money. The equity research expert commonly assesses budgetary information forRead More »
July 4, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Live Webinar on a Day in the Life of a Financial Analyst Being a financial analyst is perhaps one of the most demanding yet rewarding career options. There are many hats that a financial analyst wears, the roles and responsibilities vary from across industries, banking sectors. How the role shapes up also depends on the level of experience a person gets to the table, if they areRead More »
July 3, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Use of Risk Management in Investment Banking They way most institutions view risk management is changing. There is a fundamental shift in thought, it is not only viewed as a control mechanism but as an advisor or as a critical viewpoint, which could help in an event of a probable risk factor. Now for any banking sector risk management becomes a vitalRead More »
July 1, 2017By Sohail Merchant
How to Start a Career in Banking The finance and banking industry employs a wide range of professionals from brokers, including individual, business, and Investment financiers. While the parts and obligations of these brokers may vary, they all must administer the monetary needs of their customers. Individual brokers may work one-on-one with customers opening private company accounts and administering budgetary exchanges, forRead More »
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