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March 28, 2017By Team Imarticus
Policy Principles for Fintech: Productivity Potential The financial services industry is considered to be more of an information industry. Here the real value of money is not really taken into account rather, it (money) is a nominal representation of the real value (which would be the goods and services provided). While a majority of industries which follow similar paths have sort ofRead More »
March 27, 2017By Team Imarticus
Do you have what it takes to be an Investment Banker? Quiz! Despite the global financial crisis and fear of layoffs, investment banking remains the most sought after career in Finance. But do you really want to be a banker? Are you prepared for what it entails? Answer our 7 question multiple choice quiz to find out.   1) Imagine you’re late for a meeting and youRead More »
March 25, 2017By Team Imarticus
Industry Report: Data Driven Innovation: Disruption Vs Optimization Any successful innovation is a result of a good measure of disruption. Over this, you must add a very generous helping of talent and a lot of creativity to go into the mixture and finally a splash of intuition and you’re good to go. While this may be the probable recipe for any innovation, but doesRead More »
March 24, 2017By Team Imarticus
Career-hacks: 5 Tips to Rock Your First Job A first job (whatever position it may be) is definitely bound to be extremely daunting. But have you ever wondered how different it would be if you had like a manual of sorts? This way you would know all the tricks which would help ease that anxiety and stress. What if we were to tellRead More »
March 21, 2017By Team Imarticus
Singapore to Use Analytics for Smarter & Greener Transport System In The News Singapore’s second minister of Transport, Ng Chee Ming, in the speech that he gave at the Committee of Supply Debate, mentioned that his team would be making use of Big Data and Analytics. This use is basically in order to ensure the improvement of reliability of trains and also to help theRead More »
March 18, 2017By Team Imarticus
The Promise of AI: Application in Education and Health Care Sector Read the previous part of the report here. The field of Artificial Intelligence is experiencing great advances, both rapidly and on a large scale. The various fields that have successful applications of AI to make them better are namely the accessibility sector, agriculture, business operations, consumer convenience, disaster prevention, response to disasters, education, energy, environment,Read More »
March 17, 2017By Team Imarticus
Life Hacks: 5 Tips to Help You Crack Interviews While we all may be extremely talented and confident in our daily lives, the mention of an interview definitely ends up making us feel insecure. So many of us tend to ask our relatives, friends, parents as well as neighbours for any kind of information that would help us better our chances of cracking theRead More »
March 16, 2017By Team Imarticus
Book Review: Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think Book Review This illuminating book is co-authored by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier. Viktor, a professor of Internet Governance and Regulations at the Oxford Internet Institute of the Oxford University and Kenneth, who holds the position of Data Editor at The Economist, both have written this book in an argumentative format discussing mainly the thingsRead More »
March 15, 2017By Team Imarticus
Technology and Deal Making – Robot investment banker? If there was one part of Investment Banking that hasn’t changed since Barbarians at the Gate was written is Corporate Finance Advisory. Go into any M&A or Equity Capital Markets advisory office and, apart from the increase in Reuters and Bloomberg terminals, not much has changed. Pitches are often still on that dreaded powerpoint andRead More »
March 14, 2017By Team Imarticus
Big Data to Now Help Fight Illegal Fishing In The News Time and again we have all come across news of the inability of the law enforcers to implement clear and efficient laws in the regard of oceans. This is exactly where we give a chance to the illegal elements to play their card. Illegal fishing has become very common today, both inRead More »
March 13, 2017By Team Imarticus
These Trends are bound to Influence Investment Banking This Year In The News The last six months of the year 2016, were telling of the fact that things would be positively looking up for the field of Investment Banking. It was believed that this change would be led by most of the US banks as a majority of FICC revenues would begin to be recovered.Read More »
March 11, 2017By Team Imarticus
The Promise of AI: The Value of Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Read the previous part here. When it comes to predicting the value of AI, things can get a little vague and confusing. This is mainly because of the wide applications as well as the rapid evolvement of Artificial Intelligence. It is estimated by the Data Corporation, that the market for technologies of or related toRead More »
March 10, 2017By Team Imarticus
Ways to Make an Impact in your Workspace Regardless of the fact that you are a fresher or an old employee, with a lot of experience to back you, one thing is very common among us all. We all want to be heard, be it meetings or presentations or just light gossip during the break hours. Communicating what we want to say isRead More »
March 9, 2017By Team Imarticus
Reasons Why You Should be Studying Hadoop and Python With big data analytics continuing to achieve prominence at a number of software services companies, its popularity is growing to unprecedented levels. As big data analytics happens to offer many perks as well as great packages, it makes for a great choice for anyone looking to pursue a fulfilling career. Armed with certifications from ImarticusRead More »
March 9, 2017By Team Imarticus
Industry Report: Banking in India: Initiatives of the Government Part III Read the previous part of the report here. The chief regulatory body, which is supposed to deal with all the finance and banking related decisions, is the Government of India. In the recent times, this body seems to have taken a considerable amount of decisions in order to strengthen the Indian Banking Sector. Some ofRead More »
March 7, 2017By Team Imarticus
Investment Banking Soon to be Taken Over by Artificial Intelligence Every finance aspirant, at one point or another, envisioned themselves as one among the many professionals in crisp suits and black pencil skirts, walking along the hallowed hallways banks like Morgan Stanley. While some individuals choose the more tried and tested route to achieve this aspiration, like pursuing their MBA, there are many others whoRead More »
March 6, 2017By Team Imarticus
Cost Cutting Initiatives – Case Study It may seem that there has been a certain disequilibrium set to motion in the sphere of financial services in general and Investment Banks in specific. While although a new year is bound to bring about new and encouraging changes, it seems to have dimmed those aforementioned possibilities for the world of Investment. It allRead More »
March 4, 2017By Team Imarticus
Can the Big Data Dilemma be solved by AI? In The News All thanks to the numerous creatively advanced TV shows and movies, exploring the greatness of Artificial Intelligence, we know one thing for sure: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing. But, do we really know how big or what is AI capable of bringing with it, especially in a futuristic dataRead More »
March 3, 2017By Team Imarticus
Signs That You Are An Exceptional Employee In honour of Employee Appreciation Day, we bring to you a special blog on what makes you an exceptional employee.   Every professional who has been or is the part of the Human Resources industry is looking for a great employee. Statistics state that there are about 35% of HR managers who feel that great employeesRead More »
March 2, 2017By Team Imarticus
Demand for Financial Analyst in 2017 Financial Analyst, this position is popularly becoming the most sought after job in the market these days. This holds true with a survey conducted by the U.S Bureau of Labour in the year 2014, wherein the statistics predicted that there would be a 12% growth in the number of financial analyst jobs, in the decadeRead More »
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