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June 22, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Core Investment Banking Activities That Can Help an Organization to Grow. Investment banks, in the true sense, are financial intercessors, amongst people who need funds and people who can provide funds. They ensure that there is a flow of cash and distribution of capital. In a simple example, they are the bridge that brings together, those who need money to invest in businesses, like factories withRead More »
June 21, 2017By Sohail Merchant
How Retail Banking is Affecting the Industry Retail banks offer financial services for businesses and individuals alike. Essentially, they provide, banking products and services to individual customers, for entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial purposes. Banking significantly has always been on the ‘retail’ side I.e. they raise income from large sources such as retail depositors. So while talking about retail banking, the focus is mostlyRead More »
June 20, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Blockchain Revolution: Prosperity in the Era of the Internet The blockchain is more than technology empowered by Bitcoin, on the contrary, there are many Blockchains, and it is not only limited to financial services companies. Many research firms have termed Blockchain as the next big revolution, most of them wanting to merge Blockchain with the Internet of things. What is Internet of Things (IOT)?Read More »
June 19, 2017By Sohail Merchant
5 Ways to Understand the Importance of Big Data By now it is mostly common knowledge, that Big Data is essentially a large volume of information collected through myriad sources, in various formats, it is also understood that this big data has a key to all future plans and strategies that the company needs to adopt if it truly wants to succeed. True, bigRead More »
June 15, 2017By Sohail Merchant
How is The Blockchain Transformation Helpful? From the many complex definitions, one can derive a simple explanation of the term. To put purely, Blockchain is a technology that records, manages and confirms transactions, where all the participants connected to the transactions hold the entire record of it, through peer-to-peer verification of transactions, as opposed to a centralised platform, where information neededRead More »
June 14, 2017By Sohail Merchant
How can your Business Benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI)? In recent times, one catches a lot of innovations being made in the field of Artificial Intelligence. AI interestingly is not a recent term, but has its origin, from as long ago as the 1950’s. However, it was only during 1980-2000 that Machine Learning under, the umbrella of AI started gaining significance. The most excitingRead More »
June 13, 2017By Sohail Merchant
What are the much-needed Business Facet of Modern Data Integration? There is a great paradigm shift, in the way data information management systems are perceived. And rightly so, as there are massive amounts of data being created every day. The data is moving sinuously in many directions and people want to access that data from all over places. The old methods of integration have becomeRead More »
June 12, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Impact of Blockchain on Financial Services Every now and then, one sees an introduction to new technology. After the outbreak of the ‘Internet’, almost two decades later, a technology that can truly revolutionise the way the financial services industry works has now come into play. The ‘Blockchain’. It is ready to take centre stage and from the looks of it willRead More »
June 9, 2017By Sohail Merchant
IT Professionals and Engineers Need to Re-skill or Perish There are a strong undercurrent and an emotion of turmoil Leverage in the IT sector over the last couple of months. The IT sector is facing a major upheaval, and the dust from the storm for Engineers and IT professionals seems to be far from settling down. Yes, there have been some major layoffs byRead More »
June 8, 2017By Sohail Merchant
How to keep up with The Changing Needs of Customers in Investment Banking Investment banking is a division within the bank, which focuses on capital creation for other organisations. Holding the responsibility to underwrite new debt and equity securities, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and also brokering trades for companies or private sectors. Investment banking also offers guidance to issuers regarding placement of stocks. The common services and approachRead More »
June 7, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Optimise Your Workflow – Tips for Future Data Scientist Data Science is essentially a process of a lot of iteration. To complete a project in data science, one will have to make many changes, consistently during the process while trying new ideas. The first step first, lets us make it clear, especially for the ones who would like to pursue their career in data science,Read More »
June 6, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Why being an IT Professional is not Enough…? Less is more, organisations are undergoing some major restructuring based on this philosophy. IT, in particular, is the department under the scanner, majorly across the year 2017. There is a big shift in the way this department is being viewed by the management. They now want to look at it as a revenue generator andRead More »
June 5, 2017By Sohail Merchant
10 Interesting Facts about Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of focus and attention in the last couple of years. There has been a boom in the innovations that have artificial intelligence at its base. Obviously, the internet has played a crucial role in the development of artificial intelligence enabled services. Machine learning essentially an artificial intelligence technique, hasRead More »
June 3, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Shoe for All Campaign by Imarticus Learning with Greensole Drop Your Used Shoes With Us And Help Children With Shoes For School More than 1.5 billion people, or 24% of the world’s population, are infected with soil-transmitted Helminths infections worldwide which can penetrate the skin through bare feet. What’s more shocking is that over 350 million shoes are discarded each year! Here is howRead More »
June 2, 2017By Sohail Merchant
What is the difference between Retail and Corporate Banking? Banks are no longer places where people would go deposit or withdraw their money and that would be the end of the story. Banks irrespective of their size and span have diversified into many segments. If one has to broadly classify the activities into categories, then they would mostly come under Retail and Corporate orRead More »
June 1, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Future of Big Data Hadoop Developer in India Imagine you are watching television and see adds that are streaming on it, are all relevant? So obviously you are not that interested and start surfing. But imagine if the add that is on the television is of your interest, assume you went to a burger outlet to have a juicy burger and the addRead More »
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