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February 21, 2017By Sohail Merchant
The Future of India in the Field of Big Data Analytics The best possible example of the usage of big data analytics can be found in the legendary fictional works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes, as we all know him today through the famous crime detective show, Sherlock is said to be one of the biggest patrons of this concept. The world’s first consultingRead More »
February 20, 2017By Sohail Merchant
The Promises of Artificial Intelligence: Introduction The field of Artificial Intelligence seems to working on a winning streak. In the year 2005, the U. S Defence Advance Research Project Agency, held the DARPA Grand Challenge, which was supposedly held to spur development of autonomous vehicles, basically in order to make self-driven, smart cars. This challenge was taken up and successfully completedRead More »
February 18, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Evolution of Investment Banking The Financial services industry, is one place where change is a constant factor. This is why the most challenging thing for any person or organization in this field, is to ensure that they keep are always on top of their game, adapting and evolving to the various changes. One of the most important tasks, isRead More »
February 16, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Blockchain: The Possible Answer to Trade Finance Modernization Recently, a study was conducted by the capital financial technology giant, C2FO, regarding European treasures. Herein, it was found that 75% of these treasurers are supposedly focussing on investing in trade finance technology, in the following year of 2017. Colin Sharp, who holds the position of senior vice-president, EMEA at C2FO, is of the opinionRead More »
February 15, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Master Machine Learning With Python in Simple Steps There exist a number of free and accessible Python Machine Learning resources in the market today. While it may be true that anyone can begin their learning process, in a hassle free way but, the amount of variety poses a threat of confusion. Many data aspirants undergo a number of apprehensions like deciding which courseRead More »
February 14, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Industry Report: Investments and Developments Part – II [Read Part 1] This report analysis would be mainly dealing with all the key investments and developments in Indian banking sector. Starting from the basic, central level, the RBL Bank Limited, a private sector bank in India, has reportedly raised about Rs. 330 crore as a result of their association with CDC Group Plc. This isRead More »
February 13, 2017By Sohail Merchant
The Potential Of Big Data and Analytics Since the time its popularity hit the roofs, there’s one statement about Big Data that’s remained a constant. “It isn’t about what you know, it is mainly all about what you do, with what you now.” While this may seem as a bit of gibberish to some, industry experts claim that it happens to beRead More »
February 11, 2017By Sohail Merchant
The Most Bizarre Questions That Investment Banks Asked This Year We are all aware about the road to a great career in Investment Banking isn’t complete without the biggest roadblock, which is the interviews. For any freshly minted candidate, there always is a string of common run of the mill questions revolving mainly around their weaknesses, the 5 year plans that they intend to workRead More »
February 10, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Top Cities to Have a Career in Right Now The Parliament of India recently released its Union budget and with the same, there have been a lot of good indications, both for the economy as well as the banking sector. While the country seems to be steadily progressing towards economic growth, the popular vibe among the present generation is an absolute fascination of the west. ThisRead More »
February 9, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Advantages of Online Courses Students these days have been absolutely taken by the immense possibilities that internet has offered to them. One of the biggest breakthroughs, especially in the education industry is the introduction of online courses. Online Courses and Education are like a modern take on the age-old practice of homeschooling. While just like the latter, online educationRead More »
February 8, 2017By Sohail Merchant
R Programming in Business Analytics Data Science as a concept has existed for quite some time, but it’s come into the limelight in very recent times. The whole world is witness to the kind of magic and power, that data analytics generally exudes, as a result of which, it is imperative for every business out there to be able toRead More »
February 7, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Top Reasons To Learn Python While a college education is of the utmost importance, how many times have we seen a self-taught entrepreneur or an innovator pass us by, while we were busy looking for job vacancies? The major difference between that professional and you is that they were able to successfully learn all those industry relevant tools, while youRead More »
February 6, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Industry Report: Banking Sector in India Part – I This article will be principally dealing with the basic understanding about the banking sector, specifically in India and all the aspects and components of the size of the market. According to the Reserve Bank of India, the banking sector in India is believed to be sufficiently capitalized and well regulated. Recent reports state that theRead More »
February 4, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Working in a Boutique vs a Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Firm There has been a lot of news in the media recently about how investment banking fees are at an all-time low and how those multi-million dollar bonuses are about to take a beating. But recently the Financial Times noted how boutique banks like Evercore and Moelis are doing well, and are attracting a great dealRead More »
February 3, 2017By Team Imarticus
For All The Career Oriented Women Out There A few decades ago, the only career a woman could probably be allowed to pursue, was to take home tuition or probably open a day care center. The world has become a lot more in favor of equality and there have been various changes, especially in the professional sphere, when it comes to promotion ofRead More »
February 2, 2017By Team Imarticus
Technology Buzzwords: Buzzword Watch – 2017 There are many buzzwords out there from leading analysts – Gartner Hype Cycle is very popular. IDC, Forrester, Frost & Sullivan etc. make similar predictions. Similarly, is an IT Industry trade body. This is an informal look at interesting concepts that may be worth paying attention to in the year ahead.   Buzzwords: Cryptocurrency: ARead More »
February 1, 2017By Team Imarticus
How Does Facebook Identify Where You Are From Your Profile Photo? We all know that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is strongly passionate about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but how has that impacted our everyday online social life? You may think you’re just uploading a photo, but facebook knows how many people are there, whether you’re outside or inside, and if you’re smiling. The technology thatRead More »
February 1, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Best Books For Financial Modeling A lot of people all over the world believed at one point, that with the advent of the exciting field of technology, books would go on to become entirely redundant. While it is very true that today, the world is a little too addicted (read dependent) upon technology and all things that it has provided,Read More »
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