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April 27, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Why Learning Financial Modelling is a Great Decision? The global economy is ever evolving, it’s good to be on top of your game, a step ahead of the others. If that is your goal, then to get a career boost in the field of finance, learning financial modelling is imperative. it will jumpstart your career in incredible ways. It is good to learnRead More »
April 26, 2017By Sohail Merchant
What is the Importance and scope of corporate finance? One can describe corporate finance as managing financial activities involved in running a corporation. It involves managing the required finances and its sources. The basic role of corporate finance is to maximise the shareholders’ value in both short and long term. Corporate finance understands the financial problems of the organisation beforehand and prevents them. Capital investmentsRead More »
April 25, 2017By Sohail Merchant
What is a Financial Analyst and How do you Become One? If you see yourself as a person working in the financial services industry, Financial Analyst should then be your chosen field, as it is one of the most revered titles in the finance industry. A Financial Analyst is essentially a person who performs financial analysis at a micro and macro level to understand the healthRead More »
April 22, 2017By Sohail Merchant
Career Hacks for all New Graduates – Imarticus Learning There is a quote which goes like, ‘If Shakespeare was still alive in today’s fast paced world, with multiple job opportunities, and he would say “The world is a game and all the men and women are players.” This statement, while it may seem really comic, it is true in terms of the way thingsRead More »
April 20, 2017By Team Imarticus
Why People Are Obsessed towards Trading and not Investment Welcome to the age of instant gratification. The demand for the instant seems to be seeping in every corner of our society. The types of food we eat (the high range of ready to eat meals or the typical fast food chains, instant reviews to the food we eat) you see it all around you,Read More »
April 19, 2017By Team Imarticus
Why Is Professionalism Important at the Workplace Professionalism is perhaps the most misunderstood and over described term in modern times. Therefore, it is difficult to explain the precise expectation clearly. And because we often hear how vital it is to behave “professionally” we go on with our own interpretation of the expected perception. The customary code of conduct is our easiest adaptationRead More »
April 18, 2017By Team Imarticus
Five Reasons Why Big Data is The Right Career Move for you… You cannot achieve tomorrow’s results using yesterday’s methods, and this line is the need to understand and accept the impact of BIG DATA and growing demands of business. Big data means access to big information, leading to abilities in doing things you could not do before. Case in point – a small exercise… Before youRead More »
April 7, 2017By Team Imarticus
Industry Report: FinTech Policies and Principles, E-Commerce Payments The industry of e-commerce came into being sometime in the early 1990’s and from there on it happened to grow really rapidly. With this change, both the business owners as well as customers started using the Internet on a large scale. Both for their own recreational as well as professional purposes. This rapidly changing dynamicRead More »
April 6, 2017By Team Imarticus
A Career Guide to the field of Finance What does having a career in finance mean? It refers to job opportunities in a variety of fields. These fields are namely, Investment Banking, Trading, Financial Advisory, Analytics, Financial Media, Financial Analysis, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Mergers and Acquisitions and so on. One thing common among all of these fields of finance isRead More »
April 5, 2017By Team Imarticus
What is Agile Development and how is it Different from Scrum? Agile development, which is also known as agile software development is a term that is used to describe a set of principles for the development of a software. This is a system where cross-functional teams are supposed to function in a more collaborative manner and assist in the evolvement of solutions and requirements. Developed byRead More »
April 4, 2017By Team Imarticus
Who Can Learn Big Data and Hadoop? Did you know that top tech firms like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have all successfully incorporated Hadoop, as their software programming environments last year? While this may be definitely enlightening, these aren’t the only firms vying for professionals with expertise in Hadoop. Some of the other big names looking for Hadoop professionals are Amazon, eBay,Read More »
April 3, 2017By Team Imarticus
Do you have what it takes to be an Investment Banker? Answers revealed Take the quiz here and come back to see the results! There are no right or wrong answers. We hope this survey helps you find what you really want to do.   All or mostly C’s- Investment Banking is where you want to be! You work well under pressure and love mathematical complexity. Excel isRead More »
April 1, 2017By Team Imarticus
Tips and Tricks to go Cashless This April Taking a break from the clutter, we bring to you a few tips to survive this April! After the historic move to demonetize the highest denomination of currency notes, the government of India is pushing towards a cashless economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has time and again in his numerous public addresses, stressed the importanceRead More »
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