Life Hacks: 5 Tips to Help You to Crack Interviews

While we all may be extremely talented and confident in our daily lives, the mention of an interview definitely ends up making us feel insecure. So many of us tend to ask our relatives, friends, parents as well as neighbours for any kind of information that would help us better our chances of cracking the interview. But the truth is, that we live in the year 2017 and just a melange of very ordinary tips like ‘be a perfectionist’, or ‘sit straight and look the interviewer in the eye’ are not really going to cut it. This is the reason why we must look for interview tips, which are more like life hacks.

Here’s a list of five such life hacks that are guaranteed to smoothen out your interview process.
1. Research is of utmost importance
While you may think that the above-mentioned hack sounds quite similar to those generic ones, but it’s not. You must research about the company you are going to be interviewed for, but not in the same old way. Take help of the all-powerful Google search engine. All you have to do is register your G-mail account on their service called Google Alerts. There you can put in the keyword for which you require information, in this case the name of your company. What this service does is, it sends you all the latest information about your keyword, on your email id. This way you will be able to follow every highlight and current happening of your company.
2. Prepare a cheat sheet
Yes, we are well aware that carrying a cheat sheet is always against the rules, but then again when it comes to a job interview, that is not the case. Think of the cheat sheet as similar to your visiting cards or C.V, many people happen to share both of these at every interview they go. Now to the more important part, what you must include in your C.V.? All you have to do is include one or two of your accomplishments at your previous jobs. It would be better if one was an individual assignment and the other would be a team assignment. This way you would be able to present a detailed summary of your previous profiles to your potential employer.
3. Exercise helps
Are you prone to nervous jitters before an interview or anything similar? You can solve this worry by literally getting pumped up. Exercising would help loosen your muscles and get your blood moving. Thus you will be able to keep your mind clear and stay focused instead of being consumed by anxiety. If you haven’t got the time to pencil in a work out, then just a brisk walk or rather a few jumping jacks would be more than enough too. Just remember to take a shower after your exercise and you’re good to go.
4. Schedule an interview early in the day
Most of the HR managers take your preference of interview timings, so make sure that you get yourself a morning slot. This is mainly because of the fact that no one can function properly knowing they have an interview in the evening. This way, you would be readily inviting a case of anxiety butterflies by waiting the whole day. Scheduling interviews in the morning or earlier in the day will help you appear more confident and fresh. Change Management Banner
5. Join a course
Many HR Managers today, feel that a number of candidates although educationally prepared, are not prepared for the industry. This is the reason why an increasing number of professionals have begun taking courses that train them to develop industry relevant skill sets.
Imarticus Learning helps candidates with getting industry endorsed training and proper career guidance to crack their interviews with finesse

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