The Promise of AI: Application in Education and Health Care Sector

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The field of Artificial Intelligence is experiencing great advances, both rapidly and on a large scale. The various fields that have successful applications of AI to make them better are namely the accessibility sector, agriculture, business operations, consumer convenience, disaster prevention, response to disasters, education, energy, environment, health care, prevention and screening for any health discrepancies as well as, treatment and monitoring of the same, industrial operations, public safety, social good, transportation and so on. All of these fields have enhanced applications of AI presently and will have more in terms of the future as well. But the two fields here of greater importance would be health care and education as they happen to be determinants of the global development. This is why this article will be talking about the various applications in the above mentioned fields.
Let’s begin with education. One of the very primary applications of AI would be dealing with personalization of the maths. Let’s take for instance the IBM, which seems to have developed a new age tool known as the Teacher Advisor. Based on the Watson cognitive computing platform, this tool will reportedly help all the ninth grade math teachers. It would help in developing personalized lesson plans, by analysing common core education standards and student data. This way it will be able to assist the teachers in tailor making personalized instructional material, which would be based on the intelligence levels of the particular students. Other various applications of AI will possibly involve the method of predicting which students would be potential drop outs in particular years, or transforming teacher assistants in automated machines. Artificial Intelligence would seemingly make it easier for all the students to learn new languages as well as, would improve them by providing feedback in real time.

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Let’s move on to health care, the various applications of AI here would include, prevention of loss of vision in Diabetes patients, analysing speech in order to predict Schizophrenia, successfully figuring out how to prevent pancreatic cancer, transforming a microscope in order to diagnose malaria, developing diagnosing techniques in order to diagnose voice disorders and so on. Other applications would be helping of all the diabetes patients in taking smart decisions, streamlining the discovery of drugs, developing robot surgeons in order to make stitches even safer, using artificial intelligence in order to speed the recovery stages of a patient, as well as to speed radiotherapy and lastly increasing participation of people in Clinical Trials, as it would be safer and side effect free.
AI has already begun its work especially in the health sector as a certain stat-up has developed an app, exclusively for patients with Type 2 diabetes. This app basically analyses all the medical records of the patient and then goes on to make personalized recommendations about alterations in their diet, which would help them deal better with their disease. Such developments would ensure a better, healthy and disease free tomorrow for our entire world. These developments have urged many to take up a career in this field. This is why we see a number of data aspirants pursuing professional training courses offered by Imarticus Learning.

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